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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

New Zealand Manufactures in Native Timbers, with Description Thereof

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Guthrie & Larnach's New Zealand Timber and Woodware Factories Company, Limited,

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Printed At "Daily Times Office, Dunedin Rattray and Bond Streets.

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Selections the Company's Manufactures now Exhibited.

Class II.—Furniture.


The cabinet, consisting of 8508 pieces of New Zealand Woods, has an elliptic top, in the centre of which is an enlarged copy of the old Provincial Seal of Otago, N.Z., and on the sides are carved ferns copied from nature. Over the principal mirror, in the hack of the cabinet, are six panels of totara-knot, moki. pukaki, and figwood, studded with moki buttons. The border round the mirror is inlaid with pepperwood and goai. Supporting the centre glass are two carved brackets of rimu inlaid with moki, and having centre-pieces of silver pine. Under the glass there are a series of arches, supported by turned pilasters, and these are thrown out in relief by gilding. Below the arches is a shelf made of rimu, and under this there are four mirrors framed with riwa-riwa and moki. The top of the cabinet proper is of rimu, tastefully moulded and carved. The enclosed portion is made of riwa-riwa. The doors have each panels of moki, inlaid with fine lines of totara, and the centres of the doors are made from broadleaf burr. The mouldings of the panels consist of riwa-riwa, moki, and bog manuka. There is also a large amount of ornamental work about the cabinet, and specimens of mottled kauri, figwood, and goai are placed in conspicuous positions.

II.—Drawing Boom Suite.

In 12 pieces, from New Zealand silver birch, ebonized and gilt. &c., upholstered in crimson and gold brocatelle; consisting of settee, lady's and easy chairs, six small chairs, three-seat ottoman, and mirror, 60in. x 40in.

III.—Japanese Cabinet.

Five feet six inches, from New Zealand silver birch, ebonized and gilt.

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IV.—Bedroom Suite.

From rimu, and mottled kauri, with totara mouldings, upholstered in Poucean silk damask; 12 pieces, consisting of circular head canopy bedstead, French wardrobe, washstand, toilet table, lady's couch, lady's easy chair, four small chairs, commode, and towel horse.

V—Chest of Drawers.

In mottled kauri, rimu, white pine, totara, and riwa-riwa.

VI.—Door and Door Frame.

Ten feet by seven feet, with samples of parqueterie-work; pillars and styles of rimu, panels of ribbon wood, and mouldings of riwa-riwa.

VII.—Tubs and Buckets.

Nest of three tubs, in the following combinations of native woods: Reel and white pine, riwa-riwa and white pine, ribbon wood and red pine.

Nine buckets, in rimu and ribbon wood, totara and white pine, ribbon wood and white pine, rimu and ribbon wood, totara and ribbon wood, totara and white pine, riwa-riwa.

The Company has also manufactured the following show cases:—In Department II.. The Mosgiel Woollen Factory Company's show counter and case; Sargood, Son, and Ewan's show case for boots; McLeod Brothers' show case for candles.?

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Guthrie and Larnach's New Zealand Timber & Woodware Factories Company, Limited,

Bush Mills: Kauri—Pararaha and Whatipu (Auckland Province); Red, Black, and White Pines, &c.—Kew (Southland); Catlin's and Owake Mills (Otago).

The Manufacturing Department comprises the production of Furniture of every description, Doors, Sashes. Tubs, Buckets, Joiner-Work, Wheelwrights' Material, Turnery, Sawing, Planing, and Moulding; Ridging, Spouting, &c., and the Company's Factory is admittedly the most extensive and complete Woodworking Establishment in the Australian Colonies, if not, indeed, in the World.

The Importations of the Company, in all branches of its trade, are the most extensive in the Colony, and the stocks are unequalled for variety and completeness.

The Timber Supplies are drawn from five bush mills, owned by the Company throughout the Colony, producing kauri, white, red, and black pine, totara, and a variety of other woods; and the Company's fleet of 15 vessels is constantly engaged on the coast in its trade.

The Premises in Dunedin occupy an area of 60,000 square feet, affording a floor space of 120,000 square feet, which is apportioned as follows:—Factory and Offices, 61.000 feet; Hardware Department (four floors), 26,200 feet; Furniture Department (four floors), 22,400 feet; Woodware Department (four floors), 10,400 feet; General Buildings, 25,000 feet; in addition to which the Timber Yards cover an area of 3 acres in extent.

The Capital of the Company is £250,000, in 50,000 fully paid-up shares of £5 each, nearly all of which have been allotted, and the profits hitherto earned have been equal to 21 per cent, per annum, out of which dividends at the rate of 12½ per cent, per annum have been declared, and the balance carried to reserve fund. In accordance with a resolution adopted at the last General Meeting of Shareholders, held on March 3rd last, it was decided to offer the unallotted shares to the public, at such times as the Directors might decide upon, prior to the next General Meeting, at 20s. premium on the following terms, viz., 20s. on application, 20s. on allotment, and the balance by four, payments of 20s. each, at intervals of three months. Applications to be made at Head Office and Branches.

Printed at "Otago Daily Times" Office, Rattray-St., Dunedin.