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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

Are all Unbelievers

Are all Unbelievers

in the ignorant dogma of inspiration. Why should we think that Thomas Paine was afraid to die? and why should the American people malign the memory of that great man? He was the first to advocate the separation from the mother country. He was the first page 14 to write these words: "The United States of America." Think of maligning that man! He was the first to lift his voice against human slavery, and while hundreds and thousands of ministers all over the United States not only believed in slavery, but bought and sold women and babes in the name of Jesus Christ, this infidel, this wretch who is now burning in the flames of hell, lifted his voice against human slavery and said: "It is robbery, and a slaveholder is a thief: the whipper of women is a barbarian; the seller of a child is a savage." No wonder that the thieving hypocrite of his day hated him?

I have no love for any man who ever pretended to own a human being. I have no love for a man who would sell a babe from the mother's throbbing, heaving, agonised breast. I have no respect for a man who considered a lash upon the naked back as a legal tender for labor performed. So write it down, Thomas Paine was