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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48


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"The Key" is an abridged summary of spirit teaching received during the last ten years. Small portions, such as that relating to Re-incarnation, are entirely the result of thought, some of a recent date, and others that were carried to a conclusion long before I knew anything of importance connected with Spiritualism, and when I thought there was no certain evidence of any future conscious existence for mankind, but only a bare possibility of such being the case. I need not say that all similar ideas have happily left me long ago. The present publication is intended principally for those who read history, and who therefore will be able to understand the historical allusions. If another edition is required I shall endeavour to explain those passages more fully.

The term "jonnuck" (a provincialism) is used occasionally through the book because it is the only English word that thoroughly expresses the idea of friendly self-assertion.

I had intended to have collected in one place in this book all those portions of manuscript that referred to similar subjects, and had marked them to be so transferred; this, however, could not be done by the compositors without re-writing a great portion of the copy. Not having the time at disposal, the work is published in a less connected form than it otherwise would have been.

I am yours, &c.,