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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

As to the Nature of the Godhead

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As to the Nature of the Godhead.

The thinking power that has created and now rules, and for all eternity will continue to rule, the vast universe, is at the present time mainly composed of myriads of units that have been procreated on those worlds which were set aside during long past ages for the purpose of spirit nurseries, or breeding grounds, of which this earth is but one amongst millions. It is true that there was a vast benevolent and excessively intelligent power previously existing, and that many of the grandest ideas of the progressive creation were initiated by this all-loving progenitor of the present spirit world. Among other vast plans was that of the division of the thinking and acting power into male and female; in the original being, the union of the two principles had been constant until the plan of procreation of fresh individualities was considered necessary for the increase of the intelligence, and thereby happiness, of the spirit world. These ideas are perhaps dimly shadowed forth in the Hindoo, Jewish, and other inspired writings, under the symbols of God brooding on chaos, &c. All that was necessary for us nurslings to know, or perhaps all that we can understand in this state, has been ages ago taught to our forefathers; and whether we shall ever (even in the spirit world) be thoroughly able to comprehend the first initiation of mind and matter is perhaps a doubtful question; we know sufficient to render thanks for the great kindness whereby we are capable of admittance amongst the glorified, and also for our original creation; let us, therefore, be modest, thankful, and content with our lot, confident that if we do our duty in this life we shall be received on an equal footing in the spirit world amongst those of a similar mental and moral character, and also that true friendships are eternal, and that as we improve our descendants and successors in earth life, so do we render possible greater happiness and intellectual power in the world of spirits. Yes, but some may say, the efforts of even all the inhabitants of this little world can hardly influence the happiness of that vast spirit life even so much as does a drop of water added to the ocean. Nevertheless, let us try, and what little we can do will be thankfully accepted; yes, they say, even thankfully accepted by that supreme and wonderful power that can, if necessary, crush our very earth into nothingness in an instant. And will they do so? After carefully training and teaching mankind from the pre-historic times up to our present state of semi-civilisation, is it possible that supreme reason can so far stultify itself as to break up and throw away its labour when the result is nearly gained? No, no; I cannot think so. The end of this Christian dispensation may have, and I believe has, arrived; the end also of that evil power alluded to by Christ when he spoke of "the world, the flesh, and the devil;" but not the end of the material world. No, rather the commencement of the Age of Reason, instead of that of hard-bought spiritual and formal teaching through which our forefathers and our-selves also have waded. With all due humility, let us not forget that as we improve man here, so do we raise the intellectual and loving power of the Godhead.