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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

I.—Engineers' Class (Mr. Jackson's)

I.—Engineers' Class (Mr. Jackson's).

The number of students enrolled at the beginning of the session was twenty-six (26), which was maintained for several nights. It then dropped to 24, by-and-bye to 20, 19, 18, which was the number at the close of the session. The average attendance has been nearly 22, which, satisfactory as it is, would have been still better had not death removed two of my most constant students—viz., J. Caldwell and W. Chisholm. The students were arranged in two classes—junior and senior—and the work done ranged from the most elementary questions in mechanics and engineering to such advanced problems as would be set at a Board of Trade. Second and First Class Examination.—Both divisions were likewise drilled in those parts of arithmetic indispensible to the working out of engineering and mechanical problems, as, for example, the extraction of the square and cube roots, management of decimals, and the reduction and conversion of the three scales of temperature—Fahrenheit, Centigrade, and Reaumur. In addition to the class work, two practical demonstrations of the steam indicator were given—the one at Messrs Guthrie and Larnach's Factory, and the other at the Otago Foundry. These were nighly appreciated. Throughout the session the students were most respectful in their demeanour to myself, and earnest in the work of the class. Some of them have attained a very fair knowledge of the subjects gone over, showing considerable natural talent for scientific work such as should induce them to aim at a still higher standard of attainment. The prizes have been awarded partly for regularity of attendance and general excellence, and partly by competitive examination. At the beginning of the session our work was much impeded on account of bad light—indeed on one occasion we had to send out for candles. On this being represented to Mr Kirkcaldy and Mr Ferguson, they took steps to introduce gas, after which there were no grounds of complaiut on this score. In a city like Dunedin, where there are many hundred mechanics, an engineering class should present a much longer class-roll, and I shall be glad to see an improvement in this respect next session.

Prize Lists—Senior Class: Michael J. Moloney, 1; John Scott, 2; John Rose, 3; John M'George, good conduct and regular attendance. Junior Class: John Davis, 1; Robert Dickie, 2; Michael D. Dunne, 3; Alfred Perry, good conduct and regular attendance.