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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

New Zealand Railways

page 13

New Zealand Railways.

Amberley-Kingston Section.

June 30th, 1878-79. Miles Open. PASSENGERS. MERCHANDISE 1st & 2nd Class Passengers. Season Tickets. Total Passengers. X's Luggage and Parcels. Total Coaching. Rents and Commissions. Miscellaneous Goods. Total Merchandise. Recoveries. Gross Total. 736 Totals. 241,756 7 9 5494 16 9 247,251 4 6 17,511 9 2 264,762 13 8 5231 13 8 11,588 18 1 295,518 1 3 312,338 13 0 259 2 6 577,360 9 2 1879-80. Miles Open. PASSENGERS. MERCHANDISE. 1st & 2nd Class Passengers. Season Tickets. Total Passengers. X's Luggage and Parcels. Total Coaching. Rents and Commissions. Miscellaneous Goods. Total Merchandise. Recoveries. Gross Total. 755 Totals. 245,153 14 8 6006 6 2 251,160 0 10 21,567 12 7 272,727 13 5 5990 12 3 14,858 2 10 304,162 15 5 325,011 10 6 1165 14 9 598,904 18 8

Comparative Statement of Earnings, Twelve Months ending 26th June, 1880.

page 14
June 30th, 1878-79. 464,583 Number. 1st Class. PASSENGERS. 1,583,415 Number. 2nd Class. 2,047,998 Number. Total. 5016 Number. Season Tickets. 186,709 Number. Parcels and Dogs. 1360 Number. Carriages. 5987 Number. Horses. 6822 Number. Cattle. 175,768 Number. Sheep. 12,379 Number. Pigs. 236,754 Tons. Minerals. 32,305 Tons. Firewood. 95,349 Tons of 500 sup-feet. Timber. 303,410 Tons. Grain. 34,713 Tons. Wool. 213,463 Tons. General Merchandise. 1879-80. 460,241 Number. 1st Class. PASSENGERS. 1,418,076 Number. 2nd Class. 1,878,317 Number. Total. 4450 Number. Season Tickets. .. Number. Parcels and Dogs. 1691 Number. Carriages. 6711 Number. Horses. 6154 Number. Cattle. 162,520 Number. Sheep. 14,846 0 Number. Pigs. 206,661 Tons. Minerals. 29,979 Tons. Firewood. 129,834 Tons of 500 sup-feet. Timber. 229,885 Tons. Grain. 35,670 Tons. Wool. 258,374 Tons. General Merchandise.

Comparative Return of Passenger and Traffic, Twelve Months ending 26th June 1880.

page 15
Commissioner of Railways Office, M.I., Dunedin,

The Chairman, Chamber of Commerce, Dunedin.

Sir,—I have the honor to supplement the statements I have already furnished you as to the traffic on the Middle Island Railways of New Zealand with the following figures collated from the Dunedin Traffic Manager's Report, for four-weekly period ending 24th July last.

On the Dunedin Section, extending, as you are doubtless aware, from Clinton to Palmerston, inclusive, and dealing with the Lawrence Outram and Walton Park Branches, increases are shown in the values of the traffic both outwards and inwards for the period in question, as compared with the corresponding period of last year, as follows, viz.:—
Outwards Traffic—
Increase in Goods £495 18 2
Less decrease in Passengers 82 17 7
Nett Increase £413 0 7
Inwards Traffic—
Increase in Parcels 32 3 10
Increase in Goods 2925 0 2
Total increase 2957 4 0
Total increase, Outwards and Inwards £3370 4 7

This increase in values may be considered a very gratifying one, as it results not less from longer distances over which goods are carried than from greater quantities forwarded, and this, I take it, can be looked upon as an indication of reviving trade. The most notable of the increases in the inwards traffic are in grain and general merchandise. The latter item shows a large increase both outwards and inwards, as you will see from the figures annexed.

Outwards Tonnages.—Increase—
Coals and Minerals 1107 Tons
Grain 297 Tons
General Merchandise 1273 Tons
Total 2677 Tons

A slight decrease took place in outwards timber traffic.

Inwards Tonnages.—Increase.
Minerals 668 Tons
Timber 91 Tons
Grain 1729 Tons
General Merchandise 987 Tons
Total 3475 Tons

A decrease of 767 tons took place in coal inwards.

The quantity of native coal forwarded on the Section during the period was as follows:—
From Kaitangata District 3202 Tons
From Green Island District 3150 Tons
Total 6352 Tons
page 16
And for corresponding period last year as follows:—
From Kaitangata District 2171 Tons
From Green Island District 2644 Tons
Total 4815 Tons
being an increase of 1537 tons.

The traffic at Port Chalmers for the period and for corresponding period of last year is stated below. You will observe a very considerable increase in the quantities. There is, however, a notable decrease in the quantity of imported coal—500 tons—which, taken in conjunction with the large increase in native coal stated above, clearly indicates a growing preference for the native article; and that this preference is not entirely a local one may be gathered from the fact of the decrease of 733 tons in coal inwards on the Section, thus showing that the extra quantity forwarded has been to stations north of Palmerston and south of Clinton.

Porat Chalmers.

Imports and Outwards Traffic—
1880. Tons. 1879. Tons.
Minerals 963 439
Timber 10 134
Wool 7
General Merchandise 3436 1920
Coal 2129 2677
Total tons 6545 5170

being an increase of 1375 tons, wholly in minerals and general merchandise.

Exports and Inwards Traffic—
1880. Tons. 1879. Tons.
Minerals 189 435
Grain 1402 323
Timber 40 13
Wool 65 76
General Merchandise 543 408
Coal 90 110
Total tons 2329 1365

being an increase of 964 tons, wholly in grain and general merchandise.

These increases for the Dunedin Section are of more value when I state that they are a continuation of similar increases in the previous period, as compared with corresponding period of last year, and give me considerable encouragement in looking forward to the probable result of the working for the year, which I feel almost assured will be very much more favorable than any of its predecessors.

I have the honor to be, Sir, Your obedient Servant,

Wm. Conyers,

Commissioner of Railways, M.I.