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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 47

Winter Care of Stock

Winter Care of Stock.

Nothing strikes a British Columbian farmer more, who visits Eastern Canada, New England, or even Scotland, than the enormous haymows on the farms, and the small number of cattle to eat them. The cost of rearing cattle in some of these countries exceeds their value when reared. It must cost ten times as much to winter an animal in these countries as in British Columbia at present; and the value of the animal when sold to the butcher, is not largely different in the two places.

The winter food question is not a very important one in Vancouver Island. Some shelter, protection from excessive rain, and a dry bed are what cattle need in winter in Vancouver Island more than stored food. The undergrowth in the neighbouring forest generally enables cattle to find food for themselves; still it is best (and particularly as you get north from Victoria) to have a moderate supply of hay and straw for winter food, if only to entice the cattle to approach the homestead. They then drop manure within reach, and

The average prices of wheat, barley, and oats, in England and Wales, for 3 years ending 1872, were—
Wheat, about 2½ cents per lb. (6s. 8d. per bushel).
Barley about 2 cents per lb. (4s. 6d. per bushel).
Oats about 1¾ cents per lb. (2s. 11d. per bushel).

Agricultural implements cost about one-third more in British Columbia than in England page 45 become tame. A dry bed is important. With so much wood at hand, rough sheds can easily be built. The roof may be "shakes" (splitwood). Ferns cut in early summer and stored, or branches of firs, make beds. If the site is exposed, and the locality is one affording a sale for fire-wood, piles of firewood will afford protecting walls. Milk cows and calves, or sick cattle, may want closer sheds. When all is said upon this subject, cattle require very much less attention in winter in Vancouver Island than in England and Scotland. A little care will make them even improve between December and April.

These remarks on Winter food, or care of stock, apply to the whole West Cascade Region of the province.

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Part of Columbia-street, New Westminster. From a photograph.

Part of Columbia-street, New Westminster. From a photograph.