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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 47

Public Schools

Public Schools

are in the hands of the people—free to all, without distinction of race or creed—attendance not compulsory yet—strictly non-sectarian—highest morality inculcated—no religious dogmas or creeds taught—uniform text-books—Public School Fund voted every year by the Provincial Chamber—General Board of Education for the whole Province—a Superintendent of Education, who visits and inspects—School Districts wherever population is sufficient—the people choose every year from among themselves 3 School Trustees to manage schools—Trustees get money from "Public School Fund," on application endorsed by Superintendent of Education—Teachers (3 grades) paid, from 40 to 100 dollars (8l. to 20l. English) a month—appointed or removed by Board of Education—must have certificates of qualification from the Board.

The settler will well know how to estimate the capabilities of this school system. The St. John's (New Brunswick) 'Telegraph' newspaper says—"Let us take care that the young sister province on the Pacific does not lead "New Brunswick in education.'

There are very good church schools and private schools, for both sexes, in several of the larger towns. An education befitting the children of gentlemen can be obtained for both boys and girls at Victoria and New Westminster on reasonable terms.

The following are the terms of a Collegiate School established on the plan of the Grammar Schools in England, viz.:—
  • 4 dollars (l6s. English) per month.
  • French, 1 dollar (4s. English) per month.page 31
  • Boarders, from 30 to 40 dollars (6l. to 8l. English) per month, according to age.

In other good schools the prices are somewhat less.