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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 47



Houses—commonly wooden, some brick and stone. Saw-mills in principal places—Nanaimo, New Westminster, Hope, Yale, and Lytton district; Lillooet and Clinton district; Kootenay and Columbia district. Ordinary prices of sawn wood (lumber), outside mining districts, delivered at the mill:—
  • Dressed flooring per mille feet 20 dollars (4l. English).
  • Dressed cedar per mille feet 35 dollars (7l. English).
  • Dressed white pine per mille feet 40 dollars (8l. English).
  • Dressed maple per mille feet 50 dollars (10l. English).
  • Rough cedar per mille feet 25 dollars (5l. English).
  • Rough white pine per mille feet 30 dollars (6l. English).
  • Rough maple per mille feet 40 dollars (8l. English).
  • Rough lumber per mille feet 12.50 dollars (2l. 10s. English).
  • (The measure is a foot—12 inches square and 1 inch thick.)
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Cost of wooden house depends, of course, on size and finishing. Three-roomed cottage, 500 dollars (100l. English). Rents of cottages range from 5 dollars (1l. English) to 25 dollars (5l. English) per month. Opportunities are frequently available to workmen for purchasing a building lot and erecting a cottage, to be paid for by easy instalments. In the country, rents are much lower than in towns, and, besides, there is often the advantage of a garden, and keep of a cow, pigs, and poultry. For temporary accommodation, a man often puts up the one-roomed house, called a "shanty." Country settler, not near saw-mill, puts up a log house. Neighbours will help. Cost about 30 dollars (6l. English). Build for sunshine—avoid low ground. Have flowers, and also books for the children's sake. Successful settlers often speak of the happy days in the old log house.

Materials for brick and stone houses plentiful—cost not excessive. Bricks made in many places—Victoria and New Westminster, &c.—cost, 10 dollars (2l. English) per thousand at the kiln. Fireclay not found.