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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 47

Beasts of the Chase

Beasts of the Chase.

Various, and in parts very numerous—not dangerous, except the grizzly bear.

The principal ones for food are the black-tailed deer—capital venison, sold by the joint 6 to 10 cents. to 5d. English) per lb.—very numerous everywhere, but not north of Fort George—come upon low lands, or near the coast in winter. Also the Large North-Western Stag, called "Elk"—very numerous page 21 in interior of Vancouver and on the coast of the mainland, up to about 52°, for about 200 miles inland—very good food—as big as a small horse.

The Rein Deer—(Cariboo)—mountainous regions, north of 51° on the coast or 49° inland—plenty in Chilcotin—is also fine food.

Hares abound periodically on mainland east of Cascade Range—found on the Bonaparte.