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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 47

Trade in Tinned Meats

Trade in Tinned Meats.

Looking to the future, the facts stated at page 72 are important in view of one growing trade alone—namely, tinned meats. The following imports of this article into England are from distant Australia, though the consumption has been mainly hitherto among the middle classes:—
Cwts. £
1865 Nil. value Nil.
1866 91 value 321
1867 6,722 value 18,820
1868 16,316 value 45,688
1869 32,214 value 94,260
1870 80,636 value 231,860
1871 260,133 value 671,452
1872 352,023 value 906,680

The effect of this has, of course, been to raise the price of beef and mutton in the colonies very considerably.

The meat companies paid from 10 to 15 per cent, profit in 1871. In addition to the meat, they sell concentrated meat-juice, tallow, marrow, tongue, hide, bones, horns, hoofs, &c.,

There is probably more active speculation in the cattle business of the United States than in any other business, but I will here state last year's prices in two of the greatest markets, namely, Chicago and St. Louis, in order to assist the British Columbian cattle-farmer in estimating his own comparative position. The prices are paper money, not gold:—