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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 46

Report of the Orkney and Zetland Association for 1881

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Report of the Orkney and Zetland Association

Edinburgh: Printed by Crawford & M'Cabe, 15 Queen Street.

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Twelfth Annual Report of The Council of the Orkney and Zetland Association.

The Objects of the Association are
1.The Encouragement of Friendly Intercourse Amongst the Members; and
2.The Advancement of Education in the County by the Distribution of Prizes, Bursaries, or Otherwise.

Extract Rule VIII.—'Every Ordinary Member shall, on admission, pay the sum of Five Shillings for the year in which he is admitted, and thereafter an Annual Subscription of Five Shillings during the Membership. Every Honorary Member shall contribute Ten Shillings Annually to the Funds of the Association, or in lieu thereof a single payment of Three Guineas. A single Payment of One Guinea shall constitute a Lady an Honorary Contributor. The Annual Subscriptions shall be payable on st January in each year. Donations will be received from all who are interested in promoting the objects of the Association.'

The Council beg to submit their Twelfth Annual Report for the year to December 1881.

The number of Members on the Roll at the close of last year (1880) was 126. Of these eleven have resigned, one has left the country, and one has been removed by death, while there has been an addition of five new members, making the total number page 4 now on the roll 118,—consisting of twenty-one honorary life members, twenty-two honorary members, and seventy-five ordinary members.*

The ordinary income has been £52, os. 7d., and the expenditure has been £38, 17s. 3d., leaving a credit balance on the year of £13, 3s. 4d. The Funds now amount to £286, 13s., being £13 3s. 4d. more than was reported last year—consisting of Capital Fund £200, 11s. 7d., including £69, 9s. raised specially for the School Bursaries, and Ordinary Fund £86, 1s. 5d.

The Book Prize Examinations for 1881 were held in the month of April. The number of competitors was 149, against 79 last year, and prizes of the value of £7, 4s. 4d. were awarded to pupils of 14 schools. The Council regret that Kirkwall is not among the schools sending pupils this year. Mr Leask's Report, with the names of the prize-takers, and numbers of marks that they obtained, is appended.

Suggestions were received from the Secretary of the Orkney Teachers' Association, objecting to the Council reverting to the old syllabus, and these were submitted to Mr Leask, but he expressed his opinion that the action of the Council was correct, and this was amply borne out by the number of pupils who attended the Examination.

Further suggestions have since been received from the Orkney Branch of the Educational Institute of Scotland, as to the Examinations which will be considered by the Council and the Examiner for the ensuing year.

The Council are under great obligation to Mr Leask for the care and trouble which he has taken in the examination of the various papers; the increase in the number of pupils competing, likewise affords them much satisfaction. Mr Leask has, at the request of the Council, now that he has removed to Edinburgh, kindly consented to join in their ordinary labours, in which his practical experience will be of the greatest value.

The Secretary Mr Trail, regrets to find that, from various reasons, it is impossible for him to continue in office, and has therefore given in his resignation. He has pleasure in reporting page 5 that Mr John Davie of the Standard Assurance Company, has consented to take the post

Mr Arthur Laurenson, Local Secretary at Lerwick, has also been compelled to intimate his resignation, but the Society have been fortunate in securing as his successor Mr James M. Goudie, Montfield.

The School Bursaries for Orkney and Shetland respectively, which are presently held by Mr Andrew Eunson and Mr James Rose, will be open for competition this year, which will be held on a day to be afterwards fixed.

They recommend that the Office-Bearers be as follows:—(See list prefixed.)

  • The Twelfth Annual General Meeting of the Association was held in No. 5 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, on Friday, 31st March 1882, Mr Brotchie of Swannay, in the chair.
  • Mr Robertson, for the Secretary, having read the Report by the Council, on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr Goudie, it was approved of.
  • The Chairman moved the election of office-bearers, as recommended in the Report, and a vote of thanks to the Secretary, Mr Trail, on retiring, and to the Treasurer, Mr Shand.
  • Mr Goudie moved a vote of thanks to Mr Laurenson, Local Secretary in Shetland, on his retirement, for his long services, which was unanimously adopted.
  • The meeting terminated with a vote of thanks to the Chairman.
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Report on the District Prize Examinations of the Orkney and Zetland Association, by Nathaniel Leask, Esq., M.A., Headmaster of Abbey Park School, St Andrew's.

I have now the pleasure to report to you in general terms the results of the recent District Prize Examinations. There were 149 Candidates, compared with 79 last year—the increase, no doubt, being due to the return on the part of the Association to the former programme of Examination, in which History was ranked among the Special Subjects, instead of among the Common Subjects, as last year. It is evident a large proportion of the Candidates, who at present take History alone as a Special Subject, would be excluded from Competition if this branch were classed with the Common Subjects. In the special Subjects 141 Candidates took History, 23 Latin, 21 Mathematics, and 14 French. The total number of marks assigned to the Common Subjects was 214, and to the Special Subjects 200—making a grand total for both Common and Special Subjects of 414 marks. The highest Candidate obtained 329 marks, and there were 23 Candidates who obtained upwards of 60 per cent, of the total marks. As the age of the Candidates varies from 11 to 16 years, there are necessarily great inequalities in the papers, and I have no doubt the Council of the Association well consider the age in awarding the Prizes. Some of the papers done by the younger boys are of great merit, and indicate skilful and careful training on the part of the teachers, as well as diligent application on the part of the pupils. As a rule, the papers were neatly written and well arranged.

I hope in future years to see an increase in the number of Candidates taking Latin, French, and Mathematics, as Special Subjects.

Nathaniel Leask.

John A. Trail, Esq., W.S.,

Secretary of the Orkney and Zetland Association.
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Proceeding on the Report of the Examiner, the Council awarded prizes as follows:—
No. of Marks.
Special Prize to the candidate having the highest number of marks over the County, awarded to—
Alexander M. Laughton, South Ronaldshay, 329

First Class Prizes.

Ann Linklater, 300
James Manson, 300
James Omand, 290
Alexander Taylor, 286
George Robertson, 285
South Ronaldshay.
Isabella Wards, 301
R. Walker, 261
John Stewart, 259
John Spence, 259
Jane Wishart, 257
Margaret Gunn 261
Thomas Oman, 257
James Spence, 249
John Clouston, 251
Elizabeth Reid, 244
John Muir, 272
George Peace, 256
Mary Anderson, 240
William Smith, 255
Williamina M. Spence, 229


John Corrigall, 272
Helen Wingate, 271
Alice Wald 267
John Wingate, 262
Ann Scott, 240
South Ronaldshay.
James W. Wishart, 236
Alexander Horne, 230
Catherine R. M'Lachlan, 227
Jane Annal, 183
Thomas Thomson, 175
Jemima Sinclair, 148
Jessie Hourston, 239
Margaret Muir, 236
Robert Gillespie, 222
James Robertson, 205
Janet Learmonth, 165
John Anderson, 211
Joseph Brass, 172
Mary Ann Kirkness, 165
Mary Ann Linklater, 153
Barbara B. Croy, 186
Joseph Macgregor, 156
Margaret Isbister . 149
James Kirkpatrick, 143
Magnus Yates, 206
Janet Green, 194
Ellen Sinclair, 175
Andrew Morrison, 168
Magnus Nicholson, 164
Jemima Williamson, 163
Grace Matthewson, 163
J. T. Moffat, 139
Peter Laing, 134
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General Abstract of the Accounts of the Association for the Year 1881.

CHARGE. To Funds on hand at 31st December 1880, . . . . £273 9 8 " Annual Subscription of The Earl of Zetland, £2 2 0 " Annual Subscription of Colonel Balfour, . . 1 0 0 " Subscriptions of Honorary Life Members . . 6 6 0 " Annual Subscriptions of Honorary Members, 10 10 0 " Do. do. of Ordinary Members, 19 5 0 " Interest on Bank Account, . . . . . 0 7 7 " Do. on Deposit with National Bank of India, 5 0 0 " Do. on Deposit with National Bank of New Zealand, . . . . . . . 7 10 0 52 0 7 Total Charge, £325 10 3 DISCHARGE. By Account for Book Prizes, . . . . . . . £7 4 4 " Bursaries awarded to Andrew Eunson and James Rose, . 20 0 0 " Account for Printing—Annual Report, Examination Papers, Notices, etc., and Paper, . . . . . . 6 14 6 " Sundry Expenses—Postages, etc., of Secretary. Treasurer, and Local Secretaries, . . . . . . 4 8 5 " Rent of Room for Meetings, . . . . . . 0 10 0 £38 17 3 " Funds on hand, viz.:— Deposit with National Bank of India, Ld., as per Receipt, . . . . . £100 0 0 Do. with National Bank of New Zealand, Ld., do., . . . . . . 150 0 0 Balance on Account current with Union Bank of Scotland, . . . . 36 13 0 286 13 0 Total Discharge, £325 10 3 JAMES SHAND, Treasurer.

Edinburgh, 10th February 1882.—I have examined the foregoing Accounts for the year ended 31st December 1880, and have found the same correctly stated and vouched; the balance due on the Capital Account being £200, 11s. 7d., and that on the Ordinary Fund, £86, 1s. 5d., of which sums £100 is lodged on Deposit Receipt with the National Bank of India (Limited), £150 on Deposit Receipt with the National Bank of New Zealand (Limited), and the balance, £36, 11s., at the credit of the Association's Account current with the Union Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh.

P. Place,


page 10

List of Members at 31st December 1881.

I.—Honorary Life Members.

  • The Right Hon. the Karl of Zetland.
  • The Hon. John Charles Dundas of Papdale, Lord-Lieutenant of Orkney and Zetland.
  • Colonel David Balfour of Balfour and Trenabie.
  • Major-General F. W. T. Burroughs of Veira, C.B.
  • D. Deuchar, Harlaw, Hope Terrace, Edinburgh.
  • The Hon. Lord Gilford, Granton House, Edinburgh.
  • William Hawley, Frederick St., Edinburgh.
  • Samuel Laing of Crook. M.P.
  • Nathaniel Leask, M.A., Abbey Park, St Andrews.
  • Rev. William Leask, D.D., 34 Sandringham Road, Kingsland Road, London.
  • James D. Marwick, LL.D., City Clerk, Glasgow.
  • John Pender, M.P., Mount Street, Manchester.
  • William Peterson, Highland Road, Upper Norwood, London.
  • John S. Peterson, Merchant, 6 Queen Street, Melbourne.
  • Basil Sievwright, Solicitor, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Robert Stout, Solicitor, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • George Hunter Thoms, Sheriff of Caithness, Orkney, and Zetland, 52 Great King Street, Edinburgh.
  • John A. Trail, M.A., LL.B., W.S., Edinburgh.
  • J. W. H. Trail, Professor of Botany, Aberdeen University.

II.—Honorary Members.

  • Robert Baikie, M.D., of Tankerness, 55 Melville Street, Edinburgh.
  • Rev. Alex. Bayne, Tingwall.
  • Roben Bell of Lunna, Sheriff-Substitute, Falkirk.
  • Robert Brotchie of Swannay, 5 John's Place, Leith.
  • Major T. M. Cameron of Garth, Lerwick.
  • Harry Cheyne, W.S., Edinburgh.
  • John Cheyne, Sheriff-Substitute. Dundee.
  • T S. Clouston, M.D., Royal Edinburgh Asylum.
  • David Flett, S.S.C., 57 Castle Street, Edinburgh.
  • L. F. U. Garriock, Gibliston House, Scalloway.
  • Andrew Gold, Chamberlain to the Earl of Zetland, Kirkwall.
  • Captain John Harrison, 3 Bowater Place, Blackheath, Kent.
  • Arthur J. Hay, Merchant, Lerwick.
  • G. H. B. Hay of Hayfield, Lerwick.
  • R. G. W. Irvine, Banker, Kirkwall.
  • Joseph Leask of Sand, Lerwick.
  • Samuel Reid of Braebuster, Kirkwall.
  • R. M. Smith, Bellevue Cres., Edinburgh.
  • John Spence, Riverside, Walton-on-Thames.
  • George Stewart. Merchant. Bath St., Leith.
  • John Walls, S.S.C., 33 Heriot Row, Edinburgh.
  • Rev. John M. Webster, M.A., Row.

III.—Ordinary Members.

  • John Allardice, Teacher. Lerwick.
  • William Brodie, 9 Picardy Pl., Edinburgh.
  • James Brotchie, Merchant, Leith.
  • J. G. C. Cheyne, Secretary, Scottish Widows' Fund, Glasgow.
  • James Copland, H.M. Register House, Edinburgh.
  • James Cromarty, Bankburn, South Ronaldsay.
  • Wm. Cromarty, Berridale. So. Ronaldsay.
  • John Cursiter, Merchant, Kirkwall.
  • John Davie, Standard Life Assurance Company, Edinburgh.
  • Thomas Dishington, 5 Laverock Bank Terrace, Trinity.
  • Tames Donald, Banker, Kirkwall.
  • James Drever, Factor. Harris.
  • George Elgin, 12 North St Andrew Street, Edinburgh.
  • T. Fun son, Merchant, Quality St., Leith.
  • William Firth, Secretary. North British Rubber Company, Edinburgh.page 11
  • Robert Flett, Ship Agent, Kirkwall.
  • J. K Galloway, Solicitor, Lerwick.
  • P. Garriock, Commission Agent, Lerwick.
  • Thomas Gifford, Busta, Shetland.
  • Gilbert Goudie, 39 Northumberland Street, Edinburgh.
  • James M. Goudie, Montfield, Lerwick.
  • James T. Goudie,Manufacturer, Glasgow.
  • A. M. Sutherland Græme, yr. of Græmes-hall, Holm.
  • Rev. William Harens, M.A., London.
  • A. Cunningham Hay, Merchant, Lerwick.
  • B. H. Hossack.
  • Captain Robt. Hossack, Bonnington, Leith.
  • T. B. Howrie. 28 Glassford St., Glasgow.
  • Rev. J. S. W. Irvine, St Margaret's Hope.
  • P. W. Jamieson, P. and O. Navigation Company, London.
  • Arthur Laurenson, Leog House, Lerwick.
  • Gilbert Laurenson, Inland Revenue, Ler-wick.
  • J. B. Leask, 1 Union Street, Leith.
  • Henry Leask of Swartland, Boardhouse, Stromness.
  • D. F. Leith, Teacher, Stromness.
  • W. C. Liddle, Writer, Kirkwall.
  • George Linklater, Teacher, Bressay.
  • Rev. Jacob Linklater, M.A., New Deer, Aberdeenshire
  • J. S. Linklater, Merchant, 14 Summerside Street, Bonnington, Leith.
  • James C. Logic, M.D., Ward House, Morpeth.
  • James S. S. Logic, M.D., Kirkwall.
  • Alexander Macgregor,. Solicitor, Lerwick.
  • W. K. Mackay, National Bank of Scotland, Leith.
  • Arthur Morison, Scottish Provident Institution, Edinburgh.
  • Samuel Mullay, Edinburgh Gas Company, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.
  • W. T. Norquay, Union Bank of Scotland, St Margaret's Hope.
  • Peter Peace, Union Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh.
  • John Rae, Stationer, Stromness.
  • A. Macbeth Robertson, Zetland Villa, Dumfries.
  • George Robertson, Merchant, Leith.
  • John Robertson, Merchant, Lerwick.
  • John Robertson, Jun., Merchant, Lerwick.
  • Thomas Robertson, Inland Revenue Office, Edinburgh.
  • J. B. Rosey, Merchant, Stromness.
  • Arthur Sandison, Town Clerk, Lerwick.
  • C. Sandison, Publisher, Lerwick.
  • Peter Sievwright, Actuary, 12 Danube St., Edinburgh.
  • William Sievwright, Solicitor, Wellington, N. Z.
  • James Shand, Union Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh.
  • J. A. Shearer, Grocer, Stromness.
  • Major A. V. Smith Sligo of Inzievar, Drummond Place, Edinburgh.
  • Rev. W. Spark, Kirkwall.
  • James Spence, Banker, Stromness.
  • John D. Spence, Scottish Widows' Fund, Edinburgh.
  • Robert Spence, M.B., Burntisland.
  • T. W. L. Spence, General Board of Lunacy, Edinburgh.
  • John Stewart, Merchant, Bath Street, Leith.
  • Robert Stout, Postmaster, Lerwick.
  • Thomas Stout, Writer, Glasgow.
  • R. C. Traill, Merchant, Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh.
  • William Traill, M.D., of Woodwick, St Andrews.
  • Rev. R. Walker, Parsonage, Lerwick.
  • D. F. Wishart, 14 Greenhill Terrace, Edinburgh.
  • Rev. T. D. Wingate, The Manse, Stromness.
  • W. A. Young, Leith Engine Works, Leith.

Honorary Lady Contributor.

  • Mrs Edmondston of Buness, Shetland.

* Note.—The Life Subscription received from one Honorary Life Member being in addition to his ordinary subscription for the year, does not appear in this Account, but will be shown in next year's Statement.