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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 44



If any person or persons undertake to settle any of the public lands of the Dominion free of expense to the Government, in the proportion of one family to each alternate quarter section, or not less page 55 than sixty-four families in any one township, under the Homestead provisions of the Act hereby amended, the Governor in Council may withdraw any such township from public sale and general settlement; and may, if he thinks proper, having reference to the settlement so effected and to the expense incurred by such person or persons in procuring the same, order the sale of any other and additional lands in such township to such person or persons at a reduced price and may make all necessary conditions and agreements for carrying the same into effect.

The expenses, or any part thereof, incurred by any person or persons for the passage money or subsistence in bringing out an immigrant, or for aid in erecting buildings on the homestead, or in providing farm implements or seed for such immigrant, may if so agreed upon by the parties, be made a charge on the homestead of such immigrant, and in case of such immigrant attempting to evade such liability by obtaining a homestead entry outside of the land withdrawn under the provision of the next preceding section, then and in such case, the expense incurred on behalf of such immigrant, as above, shall become a charge on the homestead so entered, which, with interest thereon, must be satisfied before a patent shall issue for the land: provided as follows:

(a.)That the sum or sums charged for the passage money and subsistence of such immigrant shall not be in excess of the actual cost of the same as proved to the satisfaction of the Minister of the Interior;
(b.)That an acknowledgment by such immigrant of the debt so incurred shall have been filed in the Dominion Lands Office;
(c.)That, in no case, shall the charge for principal money advanced against such homestoad exceed in amount the sum of two hundred dollars;
(d.)That no greater rate of interest than six percent, per annum shall be charged on the debt so incurred by such immigrant.