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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 44

Forest Tree Culture

Forest Tree Culture.

Any person, male or female, being a subject of Her Majesty by birth or naturalization, and having attained the age of eighteen years shall be entitled to be entered for one quarter-section or less quantity of unappropriated Dominion lands as a claim for forest tree planting.

Application for such entry shall be made in the forms prescribed in the Dominion Lands' Act, which may be obtained from the local agent, and the person applying shall pay at the time of applying an office fee of ten dollars for which he or she shall receive a receipt and page 56 also a certificate of entry, and shall thereupon be entitled to enter into possession of the land.

No patent shall issue for the land so entered until the expiration of six years from the date of entering into possession thereof; and any assignment of such land shall be null and void, unless permission to make the same shall have been previously obtained from the Minister of the Interior.

At the expiration of six years the person who obtained the entry, or, if not living, his or her legal representative or assigns shall receive a patent for the land so entered, on proof to the satisfaction of the Local Agent, as follows :—

1. That eight acres of the land entered had been broken and prepared for tree planting within one year after entry, an equal quantity during the second year, and sixteen additional acres within the third year after such date :—

2. That eight acres of the land entered had been planted with forest trees during the second year, an equal quantity during the third year, and sixteen additional acres within four years from the date of entry, the trees so planted not being less than twelve feet apart each way :—

3. That the above area, that is to say, one-fifth of the land, has, for the last two years of the term, been planted with timber, and that the latter has been regularly and well cultivated and protected from the time of planting. The entry of a quarter section for preemption in connection with homestead may be substituted in whole or part for one for tree planting.