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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 44

Population of New Zealand, 1878

Population of New Zealand, 1878.

New Zealand, previously divided into largo provinces, was, in 1876, divided into a large number of counties. The census of the colony by counties was taken only in March last year, and an early copy of the preliminary report of this census has been forwarded to us, from which we glean the following results:—The total population of New Zealand, including Chinese and half-castes and persons on shipboard, but exclusive of Maoris, was 414,412. Of these, 247,617 belong to counties and 163,028 to boroughs, which by the Counties Act are not included in counties. The remainder were on shipboard and in the small islands. The North Island had a population of 158,208; Middle Island, 255,757; page 53 Stewart Island, 251; and Chatham Island, 196. The following are the names and populations of the counties, including those of the interior boroughs and excluding shipping:—Mongonui, 1,204; Bay of Islands, 1,489; Hokianga, 419; Hopson, 2,171; Whangarei, 2,906; Rodney, 3,122; Waitemata, 3,424; Eden and boroughs, 32,491; Manukai, 9,152; Coromandel, 2,053; Thames and borough. 10,375; Piako, 34; Tauranga, 1,550; Whakatane, 783; Cook and borough, 2,745; Wairoa, 809; East Taupo, 95; Waipa and part borough, 3,259; Waikato and part borough, 2,460; Raglan, 797; Kawhia, 69; Taranakai and borough, 7,369; Patea, 2,988; Wanganui and borough, 6,308; Rangitikei, 3,690; Manawatu and borough, 5,730; Hult and borough, 25,960; Wairarapa West, 7,163; Wairarapa East, 1,100; Waipawa, 4,721; Hawke's Bay, 9,559; Sounds, 570: Marlborough, 6,117; Kaikoura, 782; Waimea, 13,641; Collingwood, 1,477; Buller, 3,557; Mangahua, 2,970; Gray, 7,767; Westland, 11,606; Amuri, 458; Cheviot, 117; Ashley, 12,842; Akaroa, 4,364; Selwyn, 50,720; Ashburton, 6,123; Geraldine, 13,164; Waimate, 4,269; Waitaki, 11,595; Waikouati, 10,826; Peninsula, 2,195; Taieri, 41,318; Bruce, 6,814; Clutha, 3,731; Tuapeka, 7,109; Maniototo, 2,801; Vincent, 3,937; Lake, 3,533; Southland, 16,315; Wallace, 3,261; Fiord, 13; Stewart Island, 245. The following are the populations of the principal boroughs:—Auckland, 13,758; Wellington, 18,953; Nelson, 6,604; Christchurch, 13,425: Sydenham, 6,510; Dunedin, 22,525; Invercargill, 3,761. 'The provincial districts are still retained for certain purposes, and their populations on the date mentioned were:—Auckland, 82,661; Taranaki, 9,463; Wellington, 51,069; Hawke's Bay, 15,015; Marlborough, 7,557; Nelson, 25,128; Westland, 16,932; Canterbury, 91,922; Otago, 114,469. The number of Maoris has not been taken apparently, but the Chinese have been carefully registered, their number being 4,382, of whom only eight are females. Of this number 3,824 are in the counties, and 558 in the boroughs. There were 1,932 half-castes. The counties are further divided into ridings, these into highway districts, and these, again, into localities varying in population from three or four to a few hundreds. There are, besides, electoral districts, which correspond pretty nearly to page 54 counties; and it would be a good thing if the New Zealanders did not follow the vicious example of the Australian colonies, which have so many divisions for various purposes; one well-considered division of the land into some such units as counties ought to serve for all public purposes; but the counties, pastoral districts, electoral districts, municipal districts, police districts, and census districts of some of the Australian colonies are utterly confusing, and, it seems to us, useless. The copy of the New Zealand census sent us is well printed, and the arrangement is clear and intelligible.