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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 44

'I.—Wheat Crop

'I.—Wheat Crop.

1. Cultivation—namely: Ploughing, double-furrow, done by contract, per acre £0 9 0
Three liarrowings at 10d., usual rate 30 acres per day 0 2 6
Rolling once 0 1 6
Seed, 1¼ bushels per acre 0 5 0
£0 18 0
2. Harvesting: Cutting, binding, stooking and stacking, per acre 1 0 0
3. Threshing: Average crop of 32 bushels per acre, contract price for machine, including all charges 0 15 0
4. Carting to railway station 0 5 0
£2 18 0
Say an average of £3 per acre.
'Sometimes large blocks of land are ploughed and cropped by contractors, who reap the crop for their own benefit, and pay a money rent per acre, varying from 25s. to 35s., according page break


page 46 to circumstances. The crop is threshed on the ground, and the straw is left to the proprietor for fodder, in addition to the rent. The average of straw is tons to the acre. The contractors find all accommodation and keep for themselves and their horses.