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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 42

14.—True or False?

14.—True or False?

"Hold fast that which is true."

That is the question. "It is the duty of every one to ask himself this question." But, alas! a too frequently neglected duty. That s where the great error lies. Young men have not the courage or patience to "work out" the answer, and they too often run to Paine, Bradlaugh, Voltaire, or some other oracle for the key; and how they hide that key in their bosoms, and cherish it, while they keep calling on others to follow Freethought, to exercise their reason, and never to accept a dogma unexamined. The precept is good, but the practice will out; and the key is invariably sought for, or recommended—the Freethought oracular key—and there self-examination ends and slavish credence commences. They then for ever call out "a search for the true," with the oracular key in their embrace, which has locked up their freedom.