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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 42


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"Neither now nor yesterday, began These thoughts."

"A sound mind is better than the gift of tongues."—Carson.

"Watch the errors of your times and neighbourhood."—Leifchild.

We must follow, not the spirit of the age, but the Spirit of God."—Neander.

"Every undue presumption has one lameness or another accompanying it; it is truth alone which is square and safe."—Owen.

"If a truth be established, objections are nothing; the one is founded on our knowledge, and the other on our ignorance."—Butler.

"The things most misunderstood are the things which are revealed most clearly."—Angus.

"It is right that everyone should express his deep and honest convictions in charity."—Cumming.

"The opinion prevails rather extensively in this generation, that it is the duty of Christians to avoid controversy; this, however, appears to me to be sacrificing truth to peace."—Dr. Carson.

"I patronise religious controversy, not because it may occasion a little present disturbance, but as an agency calculated to produce, eventually, the harmony which is based on sound, comprehensive knowledge."—Prof. R. Wilson.

"I believe that to unlearn what has been taught in the schools of human theology is exceedingly difficult." "The truth is the golden treasure, and however, wherever, and from whomsoever it is obtained, it will enrich and bless the possessor."—Dr. J. Burns.

"It is always most pleasant at any time to harmonize with the great mass of mind around us; but we think it one of the strongest proofs we can give of our affection and regard for our fellowmen, to tell them where we think them wrong."—Burnet.

"Some are disposed to depricate all such discussion as the one on which I am now entering, under the common designation of unprofitable controversy. That it is controversy, I admit; that it is unprofitable controversy, I deny. Controversy is a work from which no well constituted mind should shrink."—Dr. Wardlaw.

"It is truth, Divine truth, you should be in search of. Criticism is legitimate; and like every other means of bringing out truth, only in reality valuable, as it contributes to that end."—Ibid.

"Take no opinion, pursue no course of conduct on trust, be biased neither by passion nor prejudice, in faith or practice; but believe and act on substantial evidence and sound principles, and in such a course be inflexible."—Cogswell.

"This test is a sort of experimentum crucis to false propositions, and has detected many."—Taylor.

"It has been observed that although the theorems of Euclid are universally admitted, if they had any reference to subjects in which the interests and passions of men are concerned, they would undoubtedly have been controverted."—Haldane.

"I know I can say nothing which has not been better said by better men; but every additional witness may be of use in a disputed cause."—J. C. Ryle.