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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

High Schools

High Schools.

State schools have a tendency to destroy all but the best grammar schools 87
The State would gain little by buying up existing middle-class schools 88
Teaching given in grammar schools 88
Language 89
Mathematics 89
Geography and history 89
Physical science 89
A different model may be desirable for high schools 89
Subjects that may be profitably omitted from a high school course 89
Greek 89
Latin composition 91
History 91
Ancient history 92
History of Australia 92
Helps to the study of Latin 92
Starting point of high school pupils 93
The study of English 93
English composition 93
The study of French 94
Influences of French and Latin upon style 94
French text books 95
The study of Latin 95
Mathematics 96
Physical science as a branch of education 96
Use of mathematics in education 96
The faculty of observation 96
Uses of the study of botany 97
Use of the study of chemistry 97
High school museums 98
Political geography 98
Physical geography 98
Drawing and music 99
Possible time-table 99
The range of subjects is limited by the capacity of teachers to teach 100
Half-holidays 100
Scheme for the endowment of high schools 100
Qualification of head masters 101
Pay of head masters 101
The schools to be mixed 101
Subsidized schools 101
State scholarships 102
Districts 102
Subjects of scholarship examination 102
Age of candidates 102
Time occupied in examinations 102
Inspection of high schools 102
Agricultural scholarships 103
Scholarships and exhibitions at the University 103
Additional cost where Greek has to be taught 104
Civil Service examination 104
Scheme for Civil Service examination 104
General rules 105
Subsidized high schools 105
Schools in country districts 106
Schools in Melbourne 106page vii
Cost of scholarships or exhibitions 107
Cost of inspection 107
Should grammar schools compete for the prizes of high school education? 107
Middle-class education need not be made quite costless 108
Half-fee pupils may choose their own high school 109
Functions of high school inspectors 109
The head master must be obliged to keep a sufficient staff of teachers 110