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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41



For schools having an average attendance under 100 the staff provided by the proposed regulations is more liberal than that allowed in England and Scotland; is equivalent to that provided in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Auckland, and Canterbury; and is less liberal than that provided in Ireland.

In the case of schools with an average attendance between 100 and 500 the proposed Victorian scale is more liberal than those of England and Scotland, New South Wales and Auckland, and is less liberal than those of South Australia and probably Queensland; the Victorian regulation allows one assistant and one pupil-teacher for every 100, while the English and Scotch codes allow that additional staff for every 120. The regulations in force in New South Wales allow about the same staff for every 140, and the Auckland code allows two pupil-teachers or junior assistants for every 100. On the other hand, in South Australia an assistant and two pupil-teachers are allowed for every 100 pupils, and in Queensland an assistant is allowed for every 70.

In regard to schools with an attendance exceeding 500 a comparison can be made with England and Scotland only, as schools of this size are unknown in Ireland and the colonies before referred to, except where they serve some other purpose besides that of the ordinary public school (i. e., they serve as normal or model schools, &c.).

The proposed regulation provides a more liberal staff for schools between 500 and 1,000 than the English and Scotch codes, though the difference is not so great as in the schools below 500.

For a school of 1,000 the proposed Victorian regulation would require a staff of eight assistants and thirteen pupil-teachers, while the requirements of the English and Scotch codes would be met by a staff of four assistants and fifteen pupil-teachers or five assistants and thirteen pupil-teachers.

By Authority: John Pints, Government printer, Melbourne.

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