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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Letts's Australasian Diaries for 1880

Letts's Australasian Diaries for 1880,

Caution!—The public are cautioned against buying any imitations of Letts's Diaries. None are genuine unless they bear the words "Letts's Diary" legibly printed on the cover or title page. The same caution is necessary in regard to Lett's Office and Household Calendars.

In ordering, it is only necessary to give the number and the ruling, whether for Mems. or for Cash.

Cloth-Bound Diaries—Strongly bound.

Ruled for cash or mems., contains Slate Tablet for Memoranda, monthly and annual cash summary, blank pages for cash accounts, list of Stamp duties, Customs' Tariff, London Bankers, Postal and Telegram Rates to the Colonies and principal Continental Towns, Commercial Summary for past year, and much other information.

Foolscap Size, dimensions of cover, 13 by 8.

No. 41* One Day to a page, cloth 17s. 6d. A
No. 52 Two Days to a page 12s. 6d. D

Letter-Paper Size, dimensions of cover, 10 by 8.

No. 1* One Day to a page, cloth, with Index 62s. 6d. A
No. 2 Two Days to a page, divided perpendicularly 10s.
No. 2h, Two Days to a page, divided horizontally 10s, D
page 12

Note-Paper Size, dimensions of cover, 7¾ by 5.

No. 8* One Day to a page, cloth, with Index 8s. A
No. 9 Two Days to a page 7s. D
No. 10-11 Combined, A Week in an opening (3 dast on left, 4 on right page) 4s. 6d. B

Small Note Size, dimensions of cover, 6¼ by 3¾.

No. 12 Enlarged, Two Days to a page, eloth (in lock-up leather case, 8s.) 4s. D

Letts's Official Calendar & Reminder—Tablet No. 1, 1s. 3d.; No. 2, 2s. 6d.; No. 3, 3s. 6d.

Pocket-Book Diaries—No. 18, leather tuck, 3s. 6d.; No. 17., do., 3s. 6d.; No. 20, do., 2s.

250 Office Memo. Slips, in Registered Suspending Case, obviating the necessity of stringing the slips. Price 1s. 6d.

Rough or Scribbling Diaries.

Contain Almanack, List of Stamp Duties, Customs Tariff, Postal Regulations, Telegram Rates, List of London Bankers, and many useful Tables.

Foolscap Size, 12¾ by 8. Pattern of Ruling.
No. 31. A Week in an opening, with space for Sundays, 1s. 6d., interleaved blotting 3s. 6d. B
No. 32. A Week on a page, with space for Sundays, 1s. 3d., interleaved blotting 2s. 6d. F
No. 37. A Week on a page, entirely now cover, in colors, interleaved blotting 1s. 6d.
Letter-Paper Size. 10¼ by 8.
No, 43. One Days on a page, cloth back 5s 6d., interleaved blotting, cloth 7s. 6d. A
No, 44. Two Days on a page, cloth back 2s. 6d., interleaved blotting, cloth 4s. B
No, 44. A Week in an opening, with space for Sundays, 1s. 4d., interleaved blotting 3s. B
Note-Paper Size, 8¼ by 5.
No. 35. A Week in an opening, with space for Sundays, 1s., interleaved blotting 2s. B
No. 36. Six Days on a page, interleaved blotting paper 1s. 6d.

Registered Suspending Rack, with 500 Sheets Waste or Curl Paper.

* No. 51 was used by Dr. Livingstone; Nos. 51 and 1 are the best for Gentlemen's use.

Best large edition for Ladies' use.

See Diagrams on page 4.