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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 3.—Grants in Aid and Course of Instruction

Class 3.—Grants in Aid and Course of Instruction.

1. Schools, not in towns or villages, at eligible stations among the agricultural population, approved by the Government, shall be allowed a sum of £30 per annum in aid of the salary of the teacher, on a guarantee being furnished by the managers, to the satisfaction of the Government, that for three years their annual contribution towards the teacher's salary shall be at least equivalent to the grant in aid. In districts where the distance of farms from each other prevents the assembling of the scholars at one central locality, a grant not exceeding £45 per annum will be made towards the salary of the teacher having charge of two school stations; the grant being made on the same conditions as before named, and the number of scholars at the two stations being not less than that required by Government in other eases before granting aid, and school being kept at each station for such time as the Superintendent-General of Education shall approve; only one such itinerant teacher, however, shall be aided in a field-cornetcy.

2. Where the number of scholars in daily attendance appears to the Superintendent-General of Education to require the services of assistant teachers, a grant not exceeding £15 per annum, in aid of the salary of each assistant teacher, will be made by the Government, on a guarantee being furnished by the managers of the school that with this aid the salary of such assistant shall be at least £30 per annum, and shall be duly paid; provided that in schools attended by both boys and girls one female teacher, whether principal or assistant, shall be employed whenever circumstances permit.

3. The course of instruction in third-class schools shall include, at least, reading, writing, and elementary arithmetic.

4. The instruction during the ordinary school hours shall, as far as practicable, be given through the medium of the English language, within twelve months after the first establishment of the school.