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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

English History

English History.

1. Give some account of the Roman invasions of Britain, and especially of the conquests of Agricola.

Mention the provinces into which the island was divided by the Romans.

When, and for what reason, were the Roman legions withdrawn from Britain?

2. From what parts of Europe did the Teutonic invaders of Britain come? Give a short sketch of their gradual spread over the island.

About what time were they finally united under one sovereign?

3. Explain the meaning and origin of the last syllabic in each of page 29 the following names: Oak-ham, Nant-wich, Ever-ton, Hamp-stead, Whit-by, Aln-wick, Ayles-ford, Rox-burgh, Sus-sex, Miln-thorpe.

4. Give some account of
William Caxton. The Court of Star Chamber.
John Wyclif. The Five Milé Act.
The Pilgrim Fathers. The Battle of Culloden.

5. Trace the descent of Henry IV. from Henry III.: of James I. from Henry VII., and of Queen Victoria from George I.

6. Enumerate, with dates, the sovereigns of England during the 16th and 18th centuries: and in connection with each reign mention one leading event, and one eminent person.