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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Periods of Vacation in Schools Connected with the Department of Public Education

Periods of Vacation in Schools Connected with the Department of Public Education.

  • Schools re-open Monday, 12th January; break up Thursday, 25th March.
  • Schools re-open Monday, 5th April; break up Thursday, 24th June.
  • Schools re-open Monday, 19th July; break up Thursday, 23rd September.
  • Schools re-open Monday, 4th October; break up Thursday, 23rd December.

The occasional holidays are Ascension day, Whit-Monday, the Queen's Birthday, and every Saturday.

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The Standards of Attainments, under which the Deputy Inspectors of Schools are instructed to classify Scholars in Elementary Schools, after inspection and examination, are published for the information of Teachers of Schools in connection with this Department; so that they may group the children as nearly as possible in accordance with the requirements of each.

Langham Dale, Superintendent-General of Education.

Requirements. Standard I. Standard II. Standard III. Standard IV.
Reading Narrative in Monosyllables. Narrative from an Elementary Reading Book. Any ordinary Narrative. Any ordinary Narrative fluently and correctly.
Writing Write on Slate Figures and Monosyllables. Write short Sentences to Dictation, and transcribe Passages from a Printed Book. Write an ordinary Passage, dictated slowly. Write freely to Dictation.
Arithmetic Simple Addition and Multiplication Table. Any example in Simple Rules. Compound Rules (Money) Practice, Proportion, and Vulgar Fractions.
Geography Outlines of Descriptive Geography. Descriptive Geography generally.
Grammar Elements of Grammar, Parts of Speech, Composition of a Sentence, &c.

Note.—The Deputy-Inspectors report specially on the higher subjects of Instruction.