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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Supplementary Regulations, Order D.—District Boarding Schools Among the Agricultural Population

Supplementary Regulations, Order D.—District Boarding Schools Among the Agricultural Population.

1. To encourage the industrial training of young persons, resident in district boarding-schools among the agricultural population, and in boarding departments connected with the undenominational public schools, a sum not exceeding £50 per annum will be allowed in aid of the expenses of such industrial departments or trade-classes as shall be open with the consent of the Government, provided that no allowance shall be given for any industrial department or trade-class which is not daily attended by a satisfactory number of young persons of suitable age.

Regulations regarding Pupil Teachers.

1. Candidates for the office of pupil teacher, whether male or female, shall be not less than thirteen years of age.

2. Candidates shall satisfy the Superintendent-General of Education of their character and qualifications.

3. Candidates, when approved, shall be attached to some school, in which the arrangements and appliances appear to the Superintendent- page 12 General of Education to offer facilities for the proper training of young persons in schools management.

4. Pupil teachers on admission shall receive an allowance not exceeding £12 per annum, which allowance, after the completion of one year's satisfactory service, shall be augmented to £18 per annum; and this shall continue to be the annual allowance during the rest of their time of service.

5. The term of service of a pupil teacher, shall, as a rule, be three years, but may be extended to five years, subject to the approval of Government.

6. The engagement shall be considered to be between the pupil teachers and the managers of the school in which they are trained, and shall be made, in writing, for such a term of service, and in such a manner as are approved by the Government.

7. In any case where the managers do not conduct a school in a manner satisfactory to the Government, and under fit and competent teachers approved by the Superintendent-General of Education, it shall be the duty of the Superintendent-General of Education, with the consent of the Government, to discontinue all allowances for pupil teachers in such a school, after having given not less than three months' notice thereof to the managers of such school.

8. The principal teacher of a school to which pupil teachers are attached shall give to the pupil teachers special instruction during not less than four hours weekly, with a view of preparing them to pass the examination for the elementary teacher's certificate.

9. For every pupil teacher who obtains the elementary teacher's certificate, an allowance of .£10 shall be given to the principal teacher; and this allowance shall be augmented to £15 in each case where the pupil teacher obtains the certificate with honours; provided that the Superintendent-General of Education is satisfied that such principal teacher has actually given to the pupil teacher the special instruction required.