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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

V. Raw and Manufactured Products

V. Raw and Manufactured Products.

Class 43.—Products of the Cultivation of Forests and of the Trades appertaining thereto.

20 Captain China, Selangor.—Specimens of woods (35 kinds).

21 Government, The, Straits Settlements, Singapore.—Specimens of forest trees, canes, rattans, sticks.

22 Government, The, Perak.—Malay mats.

23 Guthrie & Co., Singapore.—Rattans—thick indragiri, lootie-jambi, Siak, indragiri, pulai, bandjermassin, passir, sega bolongan.

24 Johor, H.H. the Maharaja of; G.C.M.G., K.C.S.I., Johor.—22 specimens of forest trees, mats.

25 Magalhaens, J., Penang.—Woods (24 specimens).

26 Ong Keng Hoon, Malacca.—Raja's mat, made by Malays; sleeping mats.

27 Paterson, Simons & Co., Singapore.—Specimens of rattans.

28 Penang Sugar Estate Co. Limited, Penang.—95 specimens of woods.

29 Resident, H.B.M.'s, Selangor.—36 specimens of woods.

30 Westerhout, J. E., Malacca.—Basket-work, wooden sandals, rombongs.

Class 44.—Products of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, and Spontaneous Products. Machines and Instruments connected therewith.

31 Foo Tye Sin. Penang.—Fish maws, guttapercha, india-rubber.

32 Gilflllan, Wood & Co., Singapore.—Vegetable tallow; teel seed, black Siam; tallow seed, large and small Siak, and large Pontianak.

33 Government, The, Selangor.—Damar, batu, Mata kuching, daging and matee: gutta, as it exudes from tree; kayu garoo (species of lucerne).

34 Guthrie & Co., Singapore.—Gums—copal, Damar, Benjamin No. 1. Palembang; Damar batu, Siam stick-lac, dragon's blood; gutta-percha (13 samples); lambas gutta-puteh, Trenggânu puteh, gutta-balum. £utta-susie, india-rubber; teel seed, black and Saigon; vegetable tallow seed, large and small Pontianak, largo and small Siak; ground-nuts.

35 Inche Mahomed Syed, Singapore.—Bird, snares.

36 Koh Seang Tat, Penang.—Fish maws, edible birds' nests, copra.

37 Onderneming, Deli, Sumatra.—India-rubber.

38 Paterson, Simons & Co., Singapore.—Gums—copal (light and dark). Benjamin, Damar; gutta-percha (red and white), from Borneo, Sumatra, and Malay; isinglass.

39 Rolland. J. B., Kesang, near Malacca.—Ornithological collection.

40 Tan Hoon Guan, Malacca. _ Damar mata kuching.

40a Tan Tek Guan, Malacca.—Cocoanuts.

41 Westerhout, J. E., Malacca.—Damar batu.

Class 45.—Agricultural Products not used for Food.

42 Deli & Langkot Cigar 8s Cigarette Co. Limited.—Cigars—Little Devils, La Préciense, General Pel, General von Heyden, Trabucos.

42a Guthrie & Co.. Singapore.—Gambier—Block, Java cube No. 1, Rhio cube No. 1, Rhio edible and edible fancy, Singapore, Malacca, and Siak.

43 Koh Seang Tat, Penang.—Refined cocoanut oil.

44 Onderneming, Deli, Sumatra.—Gambier, tobacco.

45 Ong Keng Hoon. Malacca.—Gambier.

46 Read, W. H., Rhio.—Gambier.

47 Tan Tek Guan. Malacca.—Dye-roots, indigo; oils—gurjon, cocoanut.

48 Westerhout, J. E., Malacca.—Pineapple fibre.