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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Fijian Exhibits

page 158

Fijian Exhibits.

[The late period at which the Exhibits from Fiji were received in Melbourne, and the necessarily hurried manner in which the various articles had to be arranged in the Court so that it might be opened to the public as early as possible, have prevented the compiler of the Fijian catalogue from attending to the classification of the different products. In order to preserve uniformity between the private and the official catalogues in the order and numbering of the Exhibits, there has been no alteration made in the arrangement.]

1 Paul Joske, Wai Dra, Middle Rewa.—Six stalks sugar-cane, aged 13 months.

2 Verata Plantation, Rewa River.—Six stalks Honolulu cane, aged nine months.

3 Paul Joske, Wai Dra.—Four stalks Honolulu cane, aged ten months.

4 Ellis & Jones, Casi Plantation, Rewa River.—Ten stalks Honolulu cane, aged seven months.

5 John Dodd, Lau Lau, Upper Rewa.—Bundle Honolulu cane, aged ten montns.

6 William Thomas, Wai Mana.—One tub growing cane, aged ten months.

7 T. F. Burness, Raki Raki, Vanu Levu.—Pyramid of leaf tobacco.

8 T. F. Burness, Vanu Levu.—Pyramid of leaf tobacco.

9 T. F. Burness, Vanu Levu.—Pyramid of leaf tobacco.

10 Hon. J. B. Thurston.—One bale cocoanut fibre.

11 Ryder Brothers, Mango Island.—One case cotton, in pod and seed.

12 H. L. Holmes, Bua, Vanua Levu.—One bag arrowroot.

13 H. L. Holmes, Bua, Vanua Levu.—One bag arrowroot.

14 H. L. Holmes, Bua, Vanua Levu.—One bag arrowroot.

15 H. L. Holmes, Bua, Vanua Levu.—One bag coffee.

Commissioners for Fiji.

16 Coloured drawing—Wesleyan French Mission Houses, Lower Rewa.

17 Coloured drawing—Mr. Randall's House, Rewa River.

18 Coloured drawing—Waterston's Mill, Upper Rewa.

19 Coloured drawing—Fijian preparing Cava (native grog).

20 Coloured drawing—Suva, the new Capital.

21 Coloured drawing—Wai Mana, between Suva and Rewa.

22 Coloured drawing—Suva Harbour.

23 Coloured drawing—Road-making between Suva and Rewa.

24 Coloured drawing—Rewa Sugar Plantation Company's Mill.

Fijian Government.

25 Tapa, raw material of native cloth, in different stages.

28 Native baskets, made of cane.

27 Large native basket.

28 Bundle native rope, "dali vau."

28a Turner & Edgerley, Nai Vail Vali Estate-Native axes (very rare).

Fijian Government.

29 Native collection of bêche-de-mer.

30 Oil-horn (a native bean).

31 Large mat, of native make, festooned over ceiling of Court, all in one piece.

32 Grass mats, "rotomaha."

33 Grass mats, "rotomaha."

34 Trophy of tapa (native cloth).

35 Cultivated yams.

36 Uncultivated yams.

37 Taklau mat, made of grass.

38 Native canoe.

39 Bowl, for cava.

40 Bowl, for cava.

41 Native washing-basin.

42 Native dishes.

43 Native dishes.

44 Dyed tapa (native cloth).

45 Cava, green and dried (material from which spirit is made).

46 Baskets used for cooked yams.

47 Native fan, made from balava-tree.

48 F. H. Dufty, Levuka.—Large case, containing photographic views of scenery and inhabitants.

49 William Hennings, Loma Loma.—One case pearl-shells.

50 Fijian Government.—Collection of coral.

51 Commissioners for Fiji.—Sulu, full dress of native lady.

52 Ryder Brothers.—Cocoanut fibre.

53 Fijian Government.—Bundle sassafras bark.

54 P. Stooks, Levuka.—Cava bowls.

55 Ryder Brothers. Mango Island.—Samples of bricks.

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56 Fijian Government.—Fishing-net.

57 Hon. R. B. Leefe, Nananu Island, Viti Levu.—Sample of angora hair (stock originally imported from the Victorian Acclimatisation Society).

58 Fijian Government.—Native fishing-net and basket.

59 Ryder Brothers, Mango Island.—Lemon-grass, from which a beverage is made occasionally, and drunk like tea.

60 Turner & Edgerley, Rewa.—Bricks, from Rewa River.

61 Commissioners for Fiji.—Collection of shells.

62 Ryder Brothers, Mango Island.—Collection of stalactites, pebbles, and samples of soil.

63 Mrs. R. L. Holmes.—One jar preserved ginger.

64 Ryder Brothers.—Sample of copra (inside of cocoanut), as exported.

Fijian Government.

65 Native nuts, for tanning.

66 Native rope, "mangi mangi."

67 Native rope, "dali-ni-viti."

68 Fishing-net and basket.

69 Trophy of tapa (native cloth made from bark).

70 Model of native temple, made of fibre.

71 J. W. Meaden.—Case of South Sea Island shells.

72 Fijian Government.—Roll of cocoanut sinnett.

73 M. H. Fraser, Tai Levu.—Preserved bananas.

74 Ryder Brothers, Mango Island.—Two boxes sunbeam bananas.

75 M. H-Fraser.—One box tapioca.

76 M-H. Fraser.—Four bottles dilo-nut oil.

77 Ryder Brothers.—Two bottles turmeric.

78 Ryder Brothers.—Two bottles ground coffee.

79 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle dried ginger.

80 Ryder Brothers, Mango Island.—Three bottles candle-nut oil.

81 Ryder Brothers, Mango Island.—One bottle dilo-nut oil.

82 Ryder Brothers, Mango Island.—Two bottles cocoanut oil.

83 Jacob Storck, Rewa.—One bottle ground coffee.

84 J. A. Boyd, Waidau, Ovalau.—One bottle edible seaweed.

85 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle guano.

86 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle dried cava.

87 L. S. Smith, Pioneer Mill, Rewa.—One bottle sugar.

88 Commissioners for Fyi.—One bottle sugar (DR in diamond).

89 L. S. Smith, Rewa.—One bottle sugar.

90 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle cava.

91 Jacob Storck, Rewa.—One bottle arrowroot.

92 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle cinnamon.

93 Captain Barrack, Sava Sava Bay.—One bottle turmeric.

94 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle dilo-nuts.

95 T. F. Burness, Raki Raki.—One bottle tapioca.

96 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle coral lime.

97 T. F. Burness, Raki Raki.—One bottle peanuts.

98 D. Waterston.—One bottle sugar (DW in diamond).

99 J. H. Peterson, Taviuni.—Two tins ground coffee.

100 Ryder Brothers.—Eight bundles dried bananas.

101 E. M'Pherson.—Six packets arrowroot, and two bags.

102 Shand & Crowe, Rewa.—Green ginger.

103 Ryder Brothers.—Three large double cocoa-nuts (a natural curiosity).

104 Ryder Brothers.—Cultivated yams.

105 Henry Cave, Levuka.—Ivory nuts.

106 G. M'Evoy, Cicia, Lomo Lomo.—One bottle copra.

107 Henry Cave, Levuka.—One bottle candle-nuts.

108 G. M'Evoy.—One bottle cotton-seed.

109 Ryder Brothers.—One tin copra.

110 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle coffee.

111 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle tapioca.

112 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle coffee.

113 J. H. Peterson, Taviuni.—One bottle coffee.

114 Ryder Brothers, Mango.—One bottle coffee.

115 T. E. Fisher, Taviuni.—One bottle arrowroot.

116 J. H. Peterson.—One bottle coffee.

Commissioners for Fiji.

117 One bottle sugar (TB/ 2536).

118 One bottle broken rice (M H over XX, P under).

119 One bottle broken rice.

120 T. E. Fisher, Taviuni.—Two bottles arrowroot.

121 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle mace.

122 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle nutmegs.

123 M. H. Fraser.—Four bottles cocoanut oil.

124 Captain Barrack.—Three bottles bird's-eye chillies.

125 Ryder Brothers.—One bottle coffee.

126 Ryder Brothers.—Five bottles limejuice.

127 Fyian Government.—Three native water-basins.

128 Ryder Brothers.—Sample of green ginger.

Fijian Government.

129 Native head-dress.

130 Turtle-shaped water-bottles, made of clay.

131 Native water-bottles.

132 Vessels for boiling water.

133 L. S. Smith, Pioneer Mills.—Green ginger.

Fijian Government.

134 Raw arrowroot.

135 Native fungus.

136 Ryder Brothers, Mango.—Maize.

137 T. F. Burness.—Copra.

Fijian Government.

138 Native dyes and war-paints.

139 Candle-nuts, in the shell.

140 Native gum, "mak a dree."

141 Two native pillows, " moce."

142 R. L. Holmes, Bua.—Sample of maize.

143 R. L. Holmes, Bua.—Sample of dried ginger.

144 R. L. Holmes, Bua.—Sample of copra.

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145 D. Waterston, Kade Bua.—One bottle Kande coffee (DW in diamond).

146 D. Waterston, Kade Bua.—One bottle Kande coffee (DW in diamond).

147 D. Waterston, Kado Bua.—One bottle Kande coffee (DW in diamond).

148 Fijian Government.—Sample of coffee.

149 Commissioners for Fiji.—Native fan.

150 J. M'Ewan & Co.—Eight boxes cigare, Fijian leaf (1693), manufactured in Melbourne.

151 J. M'Ewan & Co.—Eight boxes cigars, Fijian leaf (1692), manufactured in Melbourne.

152 T. F. Burness, Raki Raki.—Leaf tobacco.

153 Ryder Brothers, Mango.—One bottle candle-nuts.

Samples of Native Timber, collected by Jacob Storck, Esq., Rrwa, and exhibited by W. F. Parr, Esq., Levuka:-

154 Makita.

155 Terminalia.

156 Davota.

157 Yasi-dina.

158 Damana.

159 Tomana.

160 Vutu-ni-vei-kasl.

161 Tavola.

162 Bua.

163 Vesi.

164 Dilo.

165 Balabala.

166 Lauci, or candle-nut.

167 Balo.

168 Yasi kavika.

169 Premna.

170 Kau vula.

171 Tiri, or common mangrove.

172 Bau.

173 Black yasi.

174 Dakua.

175 Bua.

176 Kau karo.

177 Bau.

178-9 Damana.

180 Dakua.

181 Mako.

182 Dabi.

183 Mavu.

184 Yao.

185 Yarsi vulu.

186 Nuganuga, or Christmas-tree of Fiji.

187 Dogo.

188 Sacau.

189 Vure.

190 Dilo.

191 Dakua.

192 Uto, or bread-fruit tree.

193 Malamata.

194 Koka.

195 Moli kuru kuru.

196 Dakua.

197 Cassia bark.

198 Dilo.

199 Dogo.

200 Nui, or cocoanut.

201 Kau solo.

202 Vivi.

203 Vasi.

204 Bau.

205 Damana.

206 Moefi.

207 Dakua.

208 Mula mula.

209 Kau vula.

210-11 Vasi.

212 Damana.

213 Mountain pine.

214 Dakua planks.

215-16 Racana.

Samples of Native Timber, exhibited by Ryder Brothers, Mango Island:—

217 Tavola.

218 Bread-fruit.

219 Bau.

220 Doi.

221 Vasi.

222 Dilo.

223 Savui.

224 Damana.

225 Baca.

226 Nau vau.

227 Asi.

228 Bua bua.

229 Moli.

230 Sandalwood.

231 Nanui, or cocoanut.

232 Vetau.

233 Ryder Brothers, Mango Island—Pyramid of sea-island cotton.

234 M'Evoy & Kelsall, Island of Cicia.—Pyramid of sea-island cotton.

235 Hon. J. E. Mason, Taviuni.—Pyramid of sea-island cotton.

236 J. H. Peterson, Taviuni.—Pyramid of sea-island cotton.

237 Henry Hulton, Taviuni.—Pyramid of sea-island cotton.

238 F. Spence, Levuka.—Collection of ferns.

239 Ryder Brothera—Vau bark (used for tying).

240 Ryder Brothers.—Collection of cotton, showing various stages of manufacture.

241 M'Evoy & Kelsall, Cicia.—Sample of cotton, in seed.

Rewa Plantation Co.

242 Sample of rum.

243 Sample of rum.

244 Sample of rum.

245 Sample of rum.

246 Sample of sugar.

247 Sample of sugar.

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248 Sample of sugar.

249 Sample of sugar.

250 Sample of sugar.

251 Sample of sugar.

252 Collection of native weapons and costumes, &c., exhibited by Sir Arthur Gordon and the Government of Fiji.

253 Captain Hill, Rambi.—Two bales coir.

254 Captain Hill, Rambi.—One case copra.

255 Captain Hill, Rambi.—One case coir.

256 Captain Hill, Rambi.—One case candle-nute.

257 Gibbs & Swayne, Vatuboro, Lower Drekiti.—One package copra.

258 Gibbs & Swayne, Watuboro, Lower Drekiti.—One bag maize-cobs.

259 Gibbs & Swayne, Vatuboro, Lower Drekiti.—One bag maize (shelled).

260 Muir Brothers, Navo Nadi.—One package maize.

261 Muir Brothers, Navo Nadi—One package beans.

262 Muir Brothers, Navo NadL—One package arrowroot (native).

263 Muir Brothers, Navo Nadi.—One trophy maize-cobs.

264 A. Busch & Co., Levuka.—One bale kidney cotton.

265—Levick, Esq., Loma Loma.—One case copra.

266 J. E. Mason, Taviuni.—One bag coffee.

267 J. E. Mason, Taviuni.—Four bottles coffee (hulled).

268 J. E. Mason, Taviuni.—Copra.

269 J. E. Mason, Taviuni.—Cotton-seed.

270 Blatchford & Scott, Nadi.—Hams from crossbred angora goat.

271 Blatchford & Scott, Nadi.—Maize and white beans.

272 Commissioner for Fiji.—One bale kidney cotton.

273 Commissioner for Fiji.—One bag copra.

274 Mrs. John Harman-One picture.

275 G. Morgan & Co.—Dilo-nut oil.

276 Miss Hennings.—Piece of embroidered tapa.

277 G. W. Thomas.—Drawings.

278 Commissioner for Fiji.—Collections of coral

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