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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

X. Mining Industries—Machinery and Products

X. Mining Industries—Machinery and Products.

Class 81.—Apparatus and Processes of the Art of Mining and Metallurgy.

443 Brunner Coal Co., Grey River.—Fire-clay retort for gas-making, and other fire-clay goods.

444 Climo, W., Thames.—Specimens, illustrating a chlorine process for obtaining gold from tailings.

445 Hector, J.. M.D., C.M.G., F.R.S.—Plans and sections of coal and other mines of New Zealand.

446 Hokitika Local Committee, Hokitika.—Model of mining claim—" Morning Star" (Ross).

Class 82.—Mining and Metallurgy.

447 Austin Kirk Co. Limited, Christchurch.—Fire-clay, raw and prepared.

448 Bank of New Zealand.—Specimens from the New Zealand goldfields; models of ingots of gold and silver, as exported.

449 Bay of Islands Coal Co., Auckland.—Block of coal, from Kawa Kawa Colliery, Bay of Islands.

450 Birley, P., Engineer's Smith, Auckland.—Wrought-iron work—Fuchsia on a stick, leaves and flowers.

451 Black, G. T., Akaroa, Canterbury.—Red ochre, from Okute Valley, Little River.

452 Boult, P., Queenstown.—Copper ore, from Moke Creek, Wakatipu.

453 Boyd, G., Auckland.—Specimens of fire-clay and puzzolana.

454 Brunner Coal Co., Greymouth.—Specimens of coal.

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455 Coal Pit Heath Coal Mining Co. Limited, Grcymouth.—Coal.

456 Comer, R., Thames.—Block of gold-bearing quartz (300 cwt.).

457 Douglas, G. B., Macetown, Otago.—Quartz-reef specimens, from Macetown.

458 D'Urville Island Copper Mining Co. Limited.—Specimens of copper ore, from D'Urville Island.

459 Edgar, J., Queenstown.—Specimen of fossilised fern roots and leaves, from Lake Wakatipu.

460 Edwards, E. R., Thames—Specimens of gold-bearing quartz, from Thames.

461 Edwards, E. & R., Thames.—Pigments and minerals.

462 Ford & Ogden, South Malvern, Canterbury.—Samples of clays, ironstone, manganese, marble, glass-sand.

463 Gardiner, W., Moke Creek, Queenstown.—Specimens of copper ore, from Moke Creek.

464 Gardiner, W., Moke Creek, Wakatipu.—Specimens of copper ore.

465 Graham, R., Wai Wera, Auckland.—Tako, found at Kotorua Hot Lakes. Paint formerly used by Maoris.

466 Greig & Hunter, Builders, Christchurch.—Specimens oi granite and greystone, from the Pat Hills.

467 Hacket, T. R., Nelson.—Copper ore; chrome ore, with accompanying rock; and preparations of chrome.

468 Hacket, T. R., Nelson.—Steatite.

469 Hokitika Local Committee, Hokitika.—Sample of coal, from Paringa, Westland.

470 Hon. Minister of Public Works, Wellington.—Rough castings of railway wheels, manufactured from Taranaki iron-sand.

471 Hooper and Dodson, Nelson.—Sample of coke.

472 Ingram & White, Oxford West, Canterbury.—Block of native chalk, taken from the surface at View Hill, Oxford.

473 Invercargill Local Committee, Invercargill.—Specimens of stone.

474 Irvine, F. W., Maungatapu, Nelson.—Chrome iron ore.

475 Jackson, H. D., Nelson.—Specimens of silver ores and copper.

476 Johnston Brothers, Aniseed Valley, Nelson.—Specimens of galena and silver ore; also of zinc blende, from Collingwood.

477 Johnston Brothers, Aniseed Valley, Nelson.—Mineral ores, hematite paint, products of ores.

478 Kaitangata Coal Co., Kaitangata, Otago.—Samples of coal, ordinary seam.

479 Lessee's Orepuki Coal Reserve, Orepuki, Southland.—Specimens of shale.

480 Low, W., Maori Point, Shotover.—Specimen of specular ironstone, from Shotover.

481 Macfarlane, D., Jackson's Bay.—Copper ore, coal, and limestone.

482 M'llraith. J. A., Malvern Hills, Canter-bury.—Fire-clay, bricks, brown coal, glass-sand, mineral paint, &c.

483 Munro, G., Dunedin.—Sample of pottery-clay and vases, blocks of Kakonui stone.

484-5 New Zealand Commissioners, Wellington.—Auriferous quartz.

486 New Zealand Commissioners, Wellington.—Trophy, representing the total quantity of gold exported from New Zealand.

487 New Zealand Hematite Paint Co.. Nelson.—Hematite raw ore, calcined ore, and paint.

488 Nelson Local Committee, Nelson.—Blocks of marble and coal, steatite.

489 Pawa Rika Lithographic Stone Co., Westland.—Slab of lithographic limestone.

490 Peache. A. E., Mount Somers. Canterbury.-Block of freestone, from Mount Somers.

491 Plant, W., Thames.—Crude gypsum from White Island, Tauranga; plaster-of-Paris made from same.

492 Port Chalmers Quarrying Co., near Dunedin.—Obelisk of Port Chalmers bluestone.

493 Roding River Copper Mining & Prospecting Co., Nelson.—Copper and chrome ores and hypersthene.

494 Smith, E. M., New Plymouth.—Taranaki iron-sand, in various stages of manufacture; septaria.

495 Smith, E. M., New Plymouth—Collection of minerals, &c.

496 Stansell, J. B., Christchurch.—Specimens of iron ore, and small ingot, from Para Para, Nelson.

497 Stansell. J. B., Christchurch.—Sample of glass-making sand.

498 Stansell, J. B., Christchurch.—Pottery-clay.

499 Tatton, J. W., Nelson.—Chrome iron ore.

500 Thompson. T. J., Bluff.—Specimen of eurite.

501 Vivian-J. M., New Plymouth.—Specimens of iron-sand, soil used as flux, and brick prepared for smelting.

502 Waipori Antimony Mining Co.. Waipori near Dunedin.—Samples of antimony, from the Company's mine.

503 Warren, W.. J.P., Queenstown.—Copper ore, found between Lake Wakatipu and the West Coast.

504 Westport Colliery Co., Wcstport.—Coal.

505 Williams, C. J., Thames—Specimen of silver-lead ore, from Tararu Creek.

506 Wilson, W., Christchurch.—Coal and stone.

507 Worthington. J.S., Queenstown.—Specimens of iron-sand.

508 Wright & Vincent. Hamilton, Auckland-Specimens of New Zealand clays.