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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them.

299 Banks, E. H., Christchurch—Grain, seeds, pearl barley, peas, beans, oats, &c.

300 Butel, P., & Co., Arrow, Otago.—Wheat and flour.

301 Capper, J., Wellington.—Potato flour.

302 Chambers, J., Te Mata, Havelock, Napier.—Rye-grass seed.

303 Clayden, S-, Wakefield. Nelson.—Barley, grown on newly broken-up land after oats.

304 Cleave, R., Invercargill.—perennial rye grass seed.

305 Coe, J., Lake Ellesmere, Canterbury.—Varieties of wheat. Chevalier barley, oats, peas, and one sheaf champion wheat.

306 Cuddon. W.. Christchurch.—Pale malt, porter malt, amber malt (own manufacture).

307 Cunningham, P., & Co., Christchurch.—Several varieties of wheat, oats, barley, beans, peas, and grass seed.

308 Dudley, C. T., Irwell, Canterbury.—Wheat, grown on exhibitor's farm.

309 Duncan & Son, Christchurch.—Farm and garden seeds.

310 Dwyer, M., Frankton, near Queenstown.—Sample of red wheat.

311 Fleming, Gray & Co., Invercargill.—Oatmeal pearl barley, wheat, flour.

312 Harley, T., Nelson.—Hops and malt.

313 Harley & Sons, Raglan Brewery. Nelson-Barley and malt made from a similar sample.

314 Hoadley & Lyon, Napier.—Meadow fescue.

315 Hoadley & Lyon, Napier.—Rye-grass seed.

316 Holdaway, L. D. T., Richmond, Nelson.—White Tuscan spring wheat.

317 Hudson, R., & Co., Dunedin.—Flour.

318 Hudson. R., & Co., Dunedin.—Hudson's infants' food.

319 Irvine, W., & Co., Palmerston, Otago.—Oatmeal.

320 Kelty, W., Tapanui, Southland.—Cereals.

321 King, G-., & Co., Christchurch.—Wheat, barley, oats, beans, peas, &c.

322 Manning, S.. & Co., Christchurch.—Colonial malt and barley.

323 Marshall & Copeland, Dunedin.—Sample of malt, sample of barley.

324 M'Gill, Peter, Tokomairiro, Otago.—Oatmeal and flour.

325 M'Intyre, D., West Clive, Hawke's Bay.—Malt.

326 Metherell Brothers, Havelock, Napier.—Flour.

327 Mitchell, J., Invercargill.—Barley.

328 Moir, W., & Co., Southbrook Mills, Canterbury.—Oatmeal (fine, medium, and coarse).

329 Moore, A., & Co., Christchurch.—Wheat, oats, barley.

330 Palmer, C. A., Wainea West, Nelson—Sample of hops,

331 Pannell, G., Christchurch.—Wheaten flour.

332 Paul, J. & E., Spring Creek, Marlborough.—Barley.

333 Preston, J., Palmerston, Otago.—Perennial rye-grass seed.

334 Reid & Sons, Invereargill.—Sample of rye-grass seed.

335 Royse, Stead & Co., Christchurch.—Wheat, oats, barley, oatmeal, colonial malt.

336 Sumpter, G., Oamaru.—Sample of oats.

337 Surman, T., & Co., Invercargill.—Malt and barley.

338 Tanner, T., Riverslea, Havelock, Hawkc's Bay.—Rye-grass seed.

339 Tilly. T. C., Agent for the Melanesian Mission. Auckland.—Sample of arrowroot prepared by the mission at Norfolk Island.

340 Vile, J., Masterton, Wellington.—Varieties of wheat and oats; flour, rye-grass seed.

341 Ward & Co., Christchurch.—Colonial malt.

342 Western District Agricultural & Pastoral Association, Riverton, Southland.—Cereals.

343 Wilkin, R., & Co., Christchurch.-Cocksfotgrass seed (Dactylis glomerata), rye-grass seed, perennial (Lolium pcrenne).

344 Wilson, Harraway & Co., Dunsdin.—Samples of flour from Oamaru wheat.

345 Woods, W. D., Christchurch.—Flour, sharps, bran, semolina.