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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

VI. Machinery—Apparatus and Processes used in the Mechanical Industries

VI. Machinery—Apparatus and Processes used in the Mechanical Industries.

Class 49.—Agricultural Implements and Processes used in the Cultivation of Fields and Forests.

241 Duncan, P. & D., South British Iron Works, Christchurch.—Double and single-furrow ploughs.

242 Maydwell, D., Christchurch.—Bone-dust (fine, medium, and coarse).

243 Moorhouse, T. C., Christchurch.—Superphosphate of lime and artificial bone manures.

244 Reid & Gray, Dunedin.—Double-furrow plough, with swivel coulters; set of iron zigzag harrows, assortment of machine-made castings.

245 Walker, J., C.E., Thames.—Designs for farm buildings.

Class 50.—Apparatus and Processes used in Agricultural Works, and in Works for the Preparation of Food.

246 Arnold, E., Kuripenui, Wellington.—Revolving beehive, to obtain honey without destroying the bees.

247 Bagnall Brothers & Co., Thames.—Bar-framed beehive.

248 Burt, A. & T., Dunedin.—Brewers' refrigerator, mashing-machines, bottling-syphon, and corking-machine.

249 Ellis, T., Wanganui.—Butter-churn.

Class 52.—Machines and Apparatus in general.

250 Burt, A. & T., Dunedin.—Water-engine and various pumps, pipes, &c.

251 Bush, Capt. H., Thames.—Model of new form of double-purchase blocks.

252 Crow, A., Dunedin.—Working model of beam-engine, by exhibitor.

253 Dungan, P. J., Timaru.—Box-mangle, for which a patent has been applied for.

254 Thomson, T., Bluff Harbour.—Washing-machine.

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Class 58.—Apparatus and Processes used in Paper-making, Dyeing, and Printing.

255 Ffrost, J. W., Wellington.—Rubber stamps.

256 Puschel, Jauncey & Co., Christchurch.—Paper pulp, papier-maché, and short stuff, from New Zealand flax.

257 Stansell, J. B., Christchurch.—Half-stuff and papier-machté, manufactured from New Zealand flax.

Class 60.—Carriages, and Wheelwrights' Work.

258 Moor, W., & Sons, Christchurch.—Circular-fronted brougham.

259 Robin, J., & Co., Dunedin.—Landau.

Class 61.—Harness and Saddlery.

260 Brown, C., & Son, Invercargill.—Riding saddle, with improved knee-pad.

261 Dunbar, A., Christchurch.—Saddles (ladies', gents', and steeplechase).

Class 62.—Railway Apparatus.

262 Alves, J., Dunedin.—Working model of A Ives' patent aerial tramway, with specimen full-size clip and hanger.

263 Reid & Duncan, Civil Engineers, Dunedin.—General plan and details of wire-rope railway.

Class 63.—Telegraphic Apparatus and Processes.

264 Hayes, J. E., Lambton Quay, Wellington.—Electric office indicator, invented by exhibitor for use in Banks, Insurance, Government, or Merchants' offices. The indication is given by simply turning the side of the plate (which should be fixed to the table) uppermost, which bears the word required to be indicated.

Class 64.—Apparatus and Processes of Civil Engineering, Public Works, and Architecture.

265 Alves, J., Dunedin.—Silt elevator and carrier.

266 Boyd, G., Newton. Auckland.—Bricks.

267 Brown, S., Wellington.—Model of Cape Farewell Lighthouse.

268 Burnside, H., Dunedin.—Model of the residence of Hon. R. Campbell, Otekaika.

269 Burt, A. & T., Dunedin.—Brass castings and brass-work, consisting of fittings, valves, hydrants, branch-pipes, couplings, &c.

270 Canterbury Marble Co. Limited, Christchurch.—Nine pieces of marble.

271 Daniel, W., Orcti, Southland.—Specimens of stone from quarry at Dipton.

272 Ellis, J. C., Merivale. Southland.—Two exhibits of easily-worked, durable building-stone.

273 Haast, Prof. J. von, Ph.D., F.R.S.—Building-stones from Canterbury.

274 Hacket, T. R., Nelson.—Specimen of marble.

275 M'Caffrev, E., Sculptor, Queenstown.—Free-stone, dressed and partly dressed.

276 M'George, L. D., Clyde. Otago.—Plan of suspension-bridge over River Clutha.

277 M'Lennan, W., Dunedin.—Working model of self-discharging silt-barge.

278 Munro, G., Dunedin.—Specimens of New Zealand marble.

279 Munro, G., Dunedin.—Hydraulic cement in its native state.

280 New Zealand Commissioners, Wellington.—Carved panels of an ancient Maori house.

281 Oamnru Stone Co.. Oamaru.—Stone column, with capital; obelbk block.

282 O'Connor, E, C.E.. Hokitika.—Plans and photographs of Nelson Creek water-race.

283 O'Neill, C-, Wellington—Artificial Caithness flagging, patented by the exhibitor.

284 Stansell, J. B., Christchurch.—Specimen of marble.

285 Thomson, T., Bluff Harbour.—Method of lifting weights.

Class 65.—Navigation and Life-saving.

286 Blackett, J., Marine Engineer, Wellington.—Lighthouse chart of New Zealand.

287 Foster, W., Christchurch.—Life-saving vest, which can also be used as an air-cushion.

288 George, T., Dunedin.—Plans and soundings of Otago Harbour.

289 Hargreaves, T., Nelson.—Model wave-power machine.

290 Holliday, Captain J., Wellington.—Plan of Wellington Harbour.

291 Luxford, G. H., Wellington.—Model of a Maori canoe.

292 Lyttelton Harbour Board, Christchurch.—Plan of Lyttelton and Inner Harbour, showing the harbour improvements.

293 Lyttelton Harbour Board, Christchurch.—Model of Lyttelton Harbour.

294 M'Lennan, W., Dunedin.—Working model of boat with propeller, convertible into life-boat, pleasure-boat, &c.

295 Thomson, T., Bluff Harbour.—Models of ships' compasses, ships' anchors, wind-power, water-power.

296 Union Steam Shipping Co., Dunedin.—Models of steamers "Rotomahana" and "Wakatipu," and others.

297 Warburton, P. S., Palmerston North.—Canvas boat, to fold up (for one person).

298 Waymouth, J., Auckland.—Models of five celebrated yachts, and five modified from same.