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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 43.—Products of the Cultivation of Forests, and of the Trades appertaining thereto

Class 43.—Products of the Cultivation of Forests, and of the Trades appertaining thereto.

171 Auckland Harbour Board, Auckland.—Specimens of Australian and New Zealand timber, showing the action of "Teredo navalis."

172 Bagnall Brothers & Co., Thames.—Sample board of Kahikatea.

173 Beckenham, J., Nelson.—Section of a stump of flowering fuchsia-tree.

174 Blair, W. N.. Dunedin, Engineer-in-Chief for the South Island.—Polished and named samples of New Zealand woods.

175 Campbell, Dr. L., Auckland.—Two slabs of kauri pine.

176 Colonial Museum of New Zealand, Wellington.—Collection of timbers, showing results of experiments for determining strength.

177 Cumming, A., Hokitika.—Slab of mottled silver pine.

178 Denne, J. G., Nelson.—Block of totara wood, suitable for veneering.

179 Fletcher, J. E., Collingwood, Nelson.—Plank of yellow pine timber, and section of same with bark.

180 George, J. C., Taranaki.—Specimens of New Zealand woods, polished and rough.

181 Grayling, W. I., Taranaki.—Tanning, dyeing, and medical extracts.

182 Guthrie, R., Dunedin.—31 samples, polished and named, of New Zealand timbers.

183 Haast, Prof. J. von, Ph.D., F.R.S.—Timbers of Canterbury and Westland.

184 Halcombe, A. F., Fielding. Wellington.—Native ornamental woods. Table top, showing totara knot and honeysuckle (Rewa-Rewa).

185 Hokianga Saw-Mill Co., Hokianga (per Greenfield & Stewart), Wellington.—Four pieces of kauri.

186 Hokitika Local Committee, Hokitika.—Specimens of timber from Westland.

187 Holdship, G., Auckland.—Specimens of large kauri timber.

188 Hornby, J., Picton.—Two planks of rimu, polished.

189 Hornby, J., Picton.—21 specimens of New Zealand woods.

190 Isaacs, E., Auckland.—Kauri timber, showing the natural formation of kauri gum.

191 M'Connon, W., Hokitika.—Totara timber knot.

192 New Zealand Commissioners, Wellington.—Fine specimen of kauri timber.

193 Norrie, W., Cabinetmaker, Auckland.—Ornamental timbers, from New Zealand forests.

194 Otago Museum, Dunedin.—Native timber of Otago. Portion of totara log worked with stone adzes.

195 Robertson & Co., Queenstown, Otago.—Samples of birch totara.

196 Stone, R., Thames.—Veneers of colonial woods.

197 Sullivan, M., Basket Maker, Dunedin.-Six large and six small baskets, made from New-Zealand supplejack.

198 Tapper, R. & A., Invercargill.—Specimens of timber from Southland.

199 Wilding & Ball, Napier.—New Zealand timber and bark, for tanning.