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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

X. Mining Industries—Machinery and Products. — Class 82.—Mining and Metallurgy

X. Mining Industries—Machinery and Products.

Class 82.—Mining and Metallurgy.

185 Bishton, W.—Freestone.

186 Butler, P., Hobart.—Freestone, from Brighton.

187 Butler, R. W., Hobart.—Freestone, from Taylor's Bay.

188 Coote, A., M.H.A., Hobart.—Coal, from Mount Nicholas and Fingal.

189 Commissioners for Tasmania, Hobart.—Building-stone trophy and marbles; freestone, from Both well.

190 Commissioners for Tasmania, Launceston.—Cabinet of minerals.

191 Commissioners for Tasmania, Launceston.—Tin, from Mount Bischoff, in a trophy.

192 Crawford, H., Evandale.—Horse shoes.

193 Dooley, J. M., Latrobe.—Minerals.

194 Edgell, H., Launceston.—Slate.

195 Gillon, J., & Sons, Hobart.—Freestone, from Kangaroo Point (see trophy outside, near Fernery); grindstones; limestone, from Bridgowater.

196 Glover, C. A., Huon.—Honestone.

197 Gregory, J., Hobart.—Freestone, from Hester-combe.

198 Gould, R., Longford.—Granite and freestone, grindstone, pipeclay, sharpening-stones.

199 Hainsworth & Shirt, Latrobe.—Fossils, metallic and non-metallic specimens.

200 Hawson, E., Hobart.—Tin ore, from Mount Heemskirk.

201 Hyatt & Son, Hobart.—Brass cupboard and other locks.

202 Kermode, W. A., Mona Vale.—Freestone of two descriptions.

203 Lavers, Rev. J., Longford.—Fossils.

204 Lawson, G., Longford.—Petrified woods.

205 Lyell & Gowan, Melbourne.—Tasmanian slate.

206 Moir, J. G., Queenborough.—Shot trophy.

207 Nolan, J., Latrobe.—Dysodile.

208 Pearson & Downie.—Freestone, from Spring Bay.

209 Rayner, E., Bridgewater.—Limestone and fossils, from Bridgewater.

210 Reilly,—, Latrobe.—Coal, from Tarleton quarry.

211 Reynolds, E., Hobart.—Freestone, from Providence Valley.

212 Richards, T. M., Ross.—Freestone, from Ross; grindstone.

213 Risby, J. E., Hobart.—Coal, from Brum Island.

214 Robinson, R., Okehampton.—Freestone, from Okebampton.

215 Scott, D. P., Pieman River.—Gold.

216 Scott, J., M. H.A.—Flint weapons of aborigines.

217 Shaw, B., Launceston.—Fossils.

218 Shield, R., Hobart.—Trophy of freestone, from Teatree.

219 Simson, A., Launceston.—Alluvial gold.

220 Smith, J., Westwood.—Minerals.

221 Smith, J. N., Circular Head.—Minerals.

222 Stieglitz, P., Launceston.—Coal.

223 Thorpe, H., Hobart.—Tin ore, from Mount Hcemskirk.

224 Town Surveyor, Launceston.—Road metal