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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

V. Raw and Manufactured Products

V. Raw and Manufactured Products.

Class 43.—Products of the Cultivation of Forests and of the Trades appertaining thereto.

49 Barrett, J., Launceston.—Willows.

50 Bridges, J., Hobart.—Willows, for basket-making.

51 Commissioners of Tasmania.—Specimens of Tasmanian timbers.

52 Douglas, A., M.H.A., Launceston.—Veneers of Tasmanian woods.

53 Elliott, G. B.—Blackwood plank.

54 Firth, J., Launccston.—Wattle-bark.

55 Grubb Brothers, Hobart.—Wattle-bark, in three stages of preparation.

56 Hooper, G., Hobart.—Huon pine, for veneers.

57 Jones, J., Launceston.—Willows.

58 Laing, J., Launceston.—Veneers.

59 Macquarie, L., Hobart.—Whaleboat of Huon pine, fitted for use, with bomb-gun, lances, lines, tubs, &c.

60 M'Gregor, Hon. A., Hobart.—Casks made from blackwood, by Johnston and Burgoyne.

61 Mills, P., Launceston.—Ornamental woods.

62 Mitchell, Miss, Lisdillon.—Gum from Oyster Bay pine-trees.

63 Risby, J. E., Hobart.—Trophy of Tasmanian hardwood timbers. (Sec trophy outside, near Fernery.)

64 Rout, W. J., Launceston.—Brushware.

65 Royal Society of Tasmania.—Veneers of Tasmanian woods, 27 species; and specimens of timbers.

66 Scott, D. P., Pieman River.—Specimens of woods.

67 Smith, J., Westwood.—Four pieces of pine, from the River Forth.

68 Stephens, T., Hobart.—Ten specimens of woods of Tasmania.

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69 Tat low, A., Circular Head.—Blackwood oil staves.

70 Waugh,—, Launceston.—Fret-work frames.

71 Wignall, B., Hobart.—Willows, for basket-making.

Class 44.—Products of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, and Spontaneous Products. Machines and Instruments connected therewith.

72 Birchall, A., Launceston.—Furs of silver-grey opossum, muff of black swan-down, seal-skins.

73 Blyth, H. W., Campbelltown.—Case of birdseggs-

74 Collins, D., Evandale.—Stuffed birds.

75 Dean, E., Marchington.—An owl.

76 Gardner,—, Deloraine.—Black opossum rugs, grey opossum rugs.

77 Gleadow, R. S—Native tiger, eagle, and opossum.

78 Gunn, J., M.H.A., Hobart.—Deer's head.

79 Hull, H. T., Swansea.—72 species of Tasmanian birds' eggs.

80 M'Gregor, Hon. A., M.L.C., Hobart.—Sperm oil.

81 Morant. Mrs., Brighton.—Opossum rug, from opossum tails.

82 Reed, F. H., Launceston.—Case of birds' eggs.

83 Rout, W. J., Launceston.—Hair.

84 Royal Society of Tasmania, Hobart.—Tasmanian devils, male and female.

85 Templar, W., Perth.—Muffs, victorine and cuffs of Angora wool.

86 Thomas, T. W., Launceston.—Mountain ducks.

87 Walden, J., Launceston.—Seal-skins, seal oil, yola oil, yola tallow, marine shells.

Class 45.—Agricultural Products not used for Food.

88 Archer, J., Panshanger.—Wool.

89 Archer, R. J., Panshangcr.—Wool.

90 Cox, J., Clarendon.—Wool.

91 Croome, G—Wool.

92 Gibson, J., Bellevue.—Wool.

93 Gibson, W., & Son., Perth.—Wool.

94 Grueber, S.,.jun., Avoca.—Wool.

95 Headlam, C., Eggleston.—Wool.

96 Jones, R., Campbelltown.—Wool.

97 Keach, G. W., Chiswick, Ross.—Wool.

98 M Kinnon, D., Dalness.—Wool.

99 Parramore, G., Ross.—Wool.

100 Parramore, T., Ross.—Wool.

101 Taylor, D., Macquarie.—Wool.

102 Thirkell, G. F., Darlington Park.—Wool.

103 Toosey, J. D., jun., Cressy.—Wool.

104 Walden, J., Launceston.—Wool.

Class 46.—Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products.

105 Murray, W., Glenorchy.—Candles and soap.

106 Pregnell, J., Hobart.—Candles, white and coloured.

107 Royal Society of Tasmania, Hobart-Oil, distilled in 1866 from blue-gum leaves (Eucalyptus globulus).

108 Simpson, G., Hobart.—Soap and candles.

Class 48.—Leather and Skins.

109 Brown, W., Longford.—Leather and skins.

110 Button, W. B., Leven.—Leather and skins.

111 Newton & Son, Cressy.—Leather and skins.