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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

General Statistics

page 133

General Statistics.

The estimated population is 112,000, the number of males being 60,000, and females, 53,022. Vital statistics:—Births registered in 1879, 3564; deaths, 1688; marriages, 801. The lowest upset price of agricultural land belonging to the Crown, which is more or less timbered, is £1 per acre; and the lowest upset price of pastoral lands, 5s. per acre. Agricultural land, to the extent of 320 acres, may be selected for purchase at £1 an acre, the time for payment extending over 14 years. The board of immigration issue bounty tickets in the colony for the introduction of emigrants from the United Kingdom on the following terms:—Family ticket for a man, his wife, and children under 12 years of age, £15; ticket for single female, £5; and for single man, £10. The London agents are also empowered to issue warrants for land in the colony; and the immigration board are empowered to grant land certificates to any immigrants from Europe and India who have come out at their own cost, entitling them to select 30 acres of land for themselves, 20 for their wives, and 10 for each child.

The value of the imports during 1879 was £1,267,475, and of exports £1,301,097.

There are 167 miles of railway opened. The main roads are maintained by Government, the branch roads being under the control of road trustees, locally elected. There are 731 miles of telegraph lines, not including 133 miles belonging to the Tasmanian Main Line Railway Company. The post-offices or receiving houses number about 200, the most important of which are also money-order offices. An electric cable connects Tasmania with Australia and New Zealand, and also, rid Port Darwin, with India and England. There is also rapid and regular steam communication between Tasmania and the neighbouring colonies.

Letters posted in 1879 1,963,798
Letters received in 1879 1,844,772
Newspapers posted in 1879 1,609,494
Newspapers received in 1879 1,313,189
Deposits £1,983,594
Savings banks 298,202
Tonnage of vessels inward 189,087
Tonnage of vessels outward 192,808
Tonnage of vessels belonging to Tasinanian ports 18,820
Principal Exports of Colonial Produce for the Year 1879.
Article. Quantity. Value.
Bark 5,813 tons £30,800
Butter and cheese 127½ cwt. 595
Fruit—Green 142,252 bushels 151,802
Fruit—Jam 3,915,881 lb. 151,802
Grain—Wheat 15,090 bushels 4,242
Grain—Oats 109,086 bushels 15,726
Grain—Barley 8,412 bushels 2,428
Hides—Skins 1,022,892 12,811
Hides—Leather 2,183 packages 12,811
Hops 558,622 lb. 26,572
Live stock—Horses 137 7,180
Live stock—Cattle 5 225
Live stock—Sheep 938 31,324
Oatmeal 209 tons 7,347
Oil (sperm) 245 tuns 13,810
Timber 59,713
Vegetables 9,475 tons* 39,474
Potatoes 9,475 tons* 39,474
Wool 7,385,002 lb. 407,227
Gold 38,895 oz. 145,723
Tin—Ingots 4,316 tons 300,203
Tin—Ore 247 tons 300,203