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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 43.—Products of the Cultivation of Forests, and of the Trades appertaining thereto

Class 43.—Products of the Cultivation of Forests, and of the Trades appertaining thereto.

20 Barker & Gull, Guildford, Western Australia.—One log sandalwood, exhibited as a curiosity, the branches having re-united.

21 Bird, P., Saw Mills, Canning.—Pieces of black butt and she-oak, and logs of jarrah, seasoned.

22 Bunbury Timber Co.. Bunbury.—Railway sleepers, jarrah log exposed to the sea 35 years. (Exhibited outside, near the Fernery.)

23 Clinch, J., Berkshire Valley, Western Australia.—Two dozen bell yokes, made from sandalwood.

24 Convict Department, Western Australia.—Collection of specimens of the principal timbers of the colony.

25 Convict Department. Western Australia.—Large show-table; quantity of turned articles, made from native woods.

26 Davies, M. C., Bunbury.—Trophy jarrah and karrie timber, for ship and boat building, harbour and jetty works, railway sleepers, &c. (Outside.)

27 Davies, M. C., Bunbury.—Seven specimens karri timber, exposed 34 years in salt water between wind and water.

28 Davies, M. C., Bunbury—Piece old rail and post, standing 22 years.

29 Davies. M. C., Bunbury.—Specimens bankshee white cedar, paper bark.

30 Davies, M. C., Bunbury.—Specimens natural twisted walking-sticks.

31 Government of Western Australia, The.—One box zamia wool, used for upholstering purposes.

32 Jarrahdale Timber Co., Jarrahdale.—1Trophy jarrah timber, piles, sawn timber for cabinet-makers.bridge work, and railway sleepers. (Outside.)

33 Knight, W. G., Albany.—One log sandalwood, grown in the southern district.

34 Lambe, J., Bunbury.—Red-gum, used for tanning (½-cwt.).

35 Martion, W. E., Fremantle.—Sample of manna.

36 M'Kail. J.. & Co., Albany.—Round jarrah pile, cut 42 years; used as jetty pile in Princess Royal Harbour, King George's Sound.

37 Monger, J. T., York.—Three pieces of morrell-wood, suitable for wheelwrights' work, waggon-building, &c.

38 Monger. J. H., Perth.—Sandalwood (Santalum cygnorum), as prepared for shipment. There is a considerable export trade in this wood.

39 Muir, D. R., & Sons. Albany.—One felloe of cart-wheel, in use for upwards of 30 years; and two spokes for wheels, of yate wood.

40 Powell. E. B., Albany.—Specimen of she-oak, used for furniture making.

41 Public Works Department, Perth.—Canopy, erected to show jarrah and other timber in the rough.

42 Public Works Department.—Jarrah pile, after 43 years' exposure in the sea, at Swan River.

43 Public Works Department.—Log of jam-wood (Acacia acuminata). This wood takes a high polish, and is suitable for cabinet-work.

44 Ranford, B. B., Fremantle.—Black wattle bark from Canning district; very superior for tanning purposes.

45 Ranford, B. B.—Manna bark, from the Avon district.

46 Ranford, B. B.—Red-gum, used for tanning.

47 Sherratt, T., Albany.—Log of karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor), sawn into three pieces; from a tree cut down 40 years, and buried in ground since 1846.

48 Western Australian Timber Co., Lock-ville.—Plank jarrah, plank tuart (Eucalyptus), plank jarrah.

49 Whitfield, G., Toodyay.—Black-boy resin (3 boxes).