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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Sixth Group.—Machinery, Apparatus, and Processes used in the Mechanical Industries

page 9

Sixth Group.—Machinery, Apparatus, and Processes used in the Mechanical Industries.

Agricultural Implements and Processes used in the Cultivation of Fields and Forests.

Class 49.—Plans of culture, distribution, and management of crops. Apparatus and works for agricultural engineering, draining, irrigation, &c. Plans and models of farm buildings.

Tools, implements, machines, and apparatus used in husbandry, sowing and planting, harvesting, preparation and preservation of crops.

Various agricultural machines worked by horse-power or by steam.

Carts and other rural means of transport.

Locomotives, engines, and horse-powers.

Manures, organic or mineral.

Apparatus for the physical and chemical study of soils.

Plans of different systems of re-planting, managing, and cultivating forests.

Apparatus used in the cultivation of forests, and in the trades appertaining thereto.

Apparatus used in the manufacture of tobacco.

Apparatus and Processes used in Agricultural Works, and in Works for the Preparation of Food.

Class 50.—Apparatus used in agricultural works: manufacture of artificial manures; of drain pipes; cheese factories, dairies; apparatus used in preparing flour, fecula, starches, oils; apparatus used in breweries, distilleries, sugar manufactories and refineries; workshops for the dressing of textile materials; silk-worm nurseries, &c.

Apparatus used in the preparation of alimentary products, mechanical appliances for kneading and baking; apparatus used in making pastry and confectionery.

Apparatus for the manufacture of vermicelli, macaroni, &c. Machines for making sea biscuits. Chocolate machines. Apparatus for roasting coffee.

Apparatus for making ices and cool drinks; manufacture and preservation of ice.

Apparatus used in Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Tanning.

Class 51.—Laboratory utensils and apparatus.

Apparatus and instruments used in assays for industrial and commercial purposes.

Processes and apparatus used in the manufacture of chemicals, soaps, and candles.

Processes and apparatus used in the manufacture of essences, varnishes, and articles made of india-rubber and gutta-percha.

Processes and apparatus used in gasworks.

Processes and apparatus used in bleaching.

Processes used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products.

Processes used in tanyards, and in leather dressing.

Processes and apparatus used in glassworks, and in china and earthenware manufactories.

page 10

Machines and Apparatus in General.

Class 52.—Separate pieces of machinery: bearings, rollers, slide-bars, eccentrics, toothed wheels, connecting-rods, cranks, parallel joints, belts, funicular apparatus, &c. Gearing, spring and catch work, &c. Regulators and governors.


Machines for counting and registering. Dynamometers, steam gauges, weighing machines. Gauges for liquids and gas.

Machines used for moving heavy weights.

Hydraulic machines for raising water, &c.; norias (chain pumps), scoop wheels, hydraulic rams, &c.

Hydraulic engines, water wheels, turbines; hydraulic lifts; centrifugal, steam, and other pumps.

Accumulators and hydraulic presses.

Steam engines. Boilers, steam generators, and apparatus appertaining thereto.

Apparatus for condensing steam.

Machines set in motion by the evaporation of ether, chloroform, ammonia, or by a combination of gases.

Machines set in motion by gas, hot air, and compressed air.

Electro-magnetic machines. Windmills and panemones. Air balloons.

Machine Tools.

Class 53.—Travelling circular saw benches, self-acting, for breaking down heavy timber. Machines for boring timber used in fencing.

Engines and tools for preparing wood for the workshop. Machines for making casks.

Machines for catting cork, Lathes, boring and planing machines. Slotting, drilling, and shaping machines. Screw-cutting engines and riveting machines. Various kinds, of tools used in machine workshops.

Tools, engines, and apparatus for pressing, crushing, working-up, sawing, polishing, &c. Special tools and engines used in various trades.

Apparatus and Processes used in Spinning and Rope-Making.

Class 54.—Hand-spinning apparatus. Separate parts of spinning apparatus. Machines and apparatus used in the dressing and spinning of textile materials. Apparatus and processes for the subsidiary operations appertaining thereto; for drawing, winding, twisting, throwing, dressing. Apparatus for separating the qualities and numbering the thread.

Materials used in rope manufacture. Round, fiat, tapering cables; cord and twine, wire ropes, cables with wire core, rope matches, quick-matches, &c.

Apparatus and Processes used in Weaving.

Class 55.—Apparatus used in the preparation of materials for weaving: warping mills, spooling (winding) machines. Card-making for the jacquard looms.

Hand looms and mechanical looms for the manufacture of plain fabrics, Looms for the manufacture of figured and brocaded stuffs: damask looms, electric looms.

Looms for the manufacture of carpets and tapestry.

Mesh weaving looms for the manufacture of hosiery and net. Apparatus for making lace. Apparatus used in the manufacture of lace-work.

page 11

High warp looms and different modes of preparing the bobbins for weaving. Accessory apparatus: machines for fulling, calendering, figuring, watering, measuring, folding, &c.

Apparatus and Processes for Sewing and for Making-Up Clothing.

Class 56.—Ordinary implements used by tailors and seamstresses. Sewing, quilting, hemming, and embroidering machines.

Implements for cutting out materials and leather for making garments and shoes.

Machines for making, nailing, and screwing boots and shoes.

Machines for the application of india-rubber.

Apparatus and Processes used in the Manufacture of Furniture and Objects for dwellings.

Class 57.—Machines for cutting veneers. Turning webs, vertical and circular saw frames, shingle cutters, &c.

Machines for cutting the mouldings and beadings of frames, the squares of inlaid floors, furniture, &c. Lathes and other apparatus used in carpentering and cabinet-making.

Machines for stamping and burnishing. Machines and apparatus for working stucco, papier-maché, ivory, bone, and horn.

Machines for pointing, carving, and reducing statues; for engraving, engine-turning, &c.

Machines for making bricks and tiles; machines for making artificial stones.

Machines for sawing and polishing hard stones, marbles, &c.

Apparatus and Processes used in Paper-Making, Dyeing, and Printing.

Class 58.—Materials and products of the manufacture of pulps for making paper, of wood, straw, alpha, &c.

Processes and products of the bleaching of wood fibre.

Apparatus for making paper by hand and by machinery. Apparatus for pressing, glazing, watering, embossing, and ruling paper. Machines for cutting out, paring, stamping paper, &c.

Apparatus for bleaching and dyeing, and for the preparation of paper and tissues.

Apparatus for printing paper-hangings and tissues. Machines for engraving cylinders for printing.

Materials, apparatus, and products of type-founding, stereotypes, &c.

Machines and apparatus used in typography, stereotyping, copper-plate printing, autography, lithography, chalcography, pan iconography, chromo-lithography, &c. Machines for setting-up and sorting types. Printing of bank notes, postage stamps, &c.

Machines, Instruments, and Processes used in Various Works.

Class 59.—Coining presses.

Machines for making buttons, pens, pins, envelopes; packing machines, brush-making machines, machines for making cards, capsules; for affixing lead seals to merchandise; for corking bottles, &c.

Tools for, and processes of, making clocks, toys, marqueterie, baskets, &c,

Machines for binding books. Writing machines.

page 12

Carriages and Wheelwrights; Work.

Class 60.—Separate parts of wheels and carriages: wheels, tires, axles, axle-boxes, ironwork, &c. Springs and various methods of hanging carriages.

Different systems of harnessing. Brakes.

Wheelwrights' work: waggons, tumbrils, drays, and other vehicles for special purposes.

Carriages: public, state, and private carriages; sedan chairs, litters, sledges, &c.; velocipedes.

Harness and Saddlery.

Class 61.—Various articles used for carriage horses and saddle horses; pack-saddles, saddles, bridles, and harness for saddle horses, beasts of burden, and draught horses; stirrups, spurs, whips.

Railway Apparatus.

Class 62.—Separate parts: springs, buffers, brakes.

Permanent way: rails, chairs, crossings, switches, fish plates, turn tables; buffers, feeding cranes, and tanks; optical and acoustic signals.

Permanent way for tramways.

Rolling stock: waggons for passengers, for carrying earth, goods, cattle; locomotives, tenders.

Self-moving carriages; locomotives, for roads.

Special tools and machines for the maintenance, repair, and construction of railways.

Apparatus for inclined planes and self-acting planes; apparatus and engines for atmospheric railways; models of engines, of systems of traction, of apparatus appertaining to railways.

Models, plans, and drawings of platforms, stations, and engine houses, and other buildings necessary for the working of railways.

Telegraphic Apparatus and Processes.

Class 63.—Appliances for telegraphs based on the transmission of light, sound, &c.

Apparatus for the electric telegraph, posts, wires, stretchers, &c.

Batteries and apparatus for sending and receiving messages.

Bells and electric signals.

Telegraphs for military purposes. Objects appertaining to telegraphy: lightning conductors, commutators, prepared paper for printing messages and for sending autographic messages.

Special apparatus for pneumatic telegraphy.

Apparatus and Processes of Civil Engineering, Public Works, and Architecture.

Class 64.—Building materials: stone, wood, metals; ornamental stone; lime, mortar, cements, artificial stone, and concrete; asphalte; roofing tiles, bricks, paving tiles; slates, pasteboard, and felt for roofing.

Apparatus and products of processes used in the preservation of wood. Apparatus and instruments for testing building materials.

Apparatus for earthworks, excavators. Apparatus used in building yards. Tools and processes used by stone dressers and cutters, masons, carpenters, tilers, blacksmiths, joiners, glaziers, plumbers, house painters, &c.

page 13

Locksmiths1 work; locks, padlocks, railings, balconies, banisters, &c.

Apparatus and engines used in making foundations; pile drivers and pile work, screw piles, pumps, pneumatic apparatus, dredging machines, &c. Apparatus used in hydraulic works connected with harbours, canals, rivers; machines used in reducing stones, quartz, or other hard substances.

Apparatus used in the supply of water and of gas. Apparatus used in the maintenance of roads, plantations, and public walks.

Models, plans, and drawings of public works; bridges, viaducts, aqueducts, drains, canal bridges, dams, weirs, &c.

Lighthouses. Public buildings for special purposes; buildings for civil purposes; mansions and houses for letting; workmen's towns, industrial dwellings, &c.

Navigation and Life-Saving.

Class 65.—Drawings and models of slips, graving docks, floating docks, &c.

Drawings and models of vessels of all kinds, sea-going and for rivers. Models of the systems of ship-building adopted in the navy.

Boats and barges.

Materials for the rigging of ships.

Flags and signals. Apparatus for the prevention of collisions at sea. Buoys, beacons, &c.

Apparatus for swimming, diving, and life-saving; floats, swimming belts, &c. Diving belts, cork jackets, nautilus life-belts, &c. Submarine boats; apparatus for saving life at sea, rocket apparatus, life-boats, &c. Apparatus of all kinds used for saving life from fires and other accidents.

Pleasure boats, yachts, &c.

Materials and Apparatus for Military Purposes.

Class 66.—Military engineering and fortifications.

Artillery, gun-carriages, and weapons and projectiles of every kind.

Military equipment, clothing, and encampments.

Military transport service.

Military topography and geography.