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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them.

149 Angas, J. H., Farmer, Collingrove.—(1) Purple-straw wheat, (2) white Lammas wheat, (3) Tuscan wheat.

150 Brook, W., Farmer, Woodchester.—(1) Purple-straw wheat, (2) white wheat.

151 Commissioners for South Australia, The.—Wheat; Cape, Scotch, and English barley; Cape oats, rye, and field peas.

152 Cowan, J., & Co., Millers, Adelaide.—Flour.

153 Duffleld, W., & Co., Millers, Gawler.—Flour, roller-made and ordinary.

154 Finck, C., Miller, Greenock.—Flour.

155 Frame, J., Farmer, Mount Barker.—Oats.

156 Giles & Smith, Merchants, Adelaide.—Flour.

157 Harrison, W., & Co., Millers, Port Adelaide.—Flour.

158 Holtze, M., Palmcrston.—Hill rice, ninety-day maize, Egyptian corn, millet, arrowroot.

159 Kneese & Stoneman, Millers, Crystal Brook.—Flour from purple-straw wheat, grown by J. Thyer.

160 Magarey & Co., Millers, Adelaide.—Flour.

161 Paterson, R., Farmer, Smithfield.—Purple-straw wheat.

162 Perryman, J., Fanner, Koolunga.—"Scotch Wonder" wheat.

163 Primrose, J., & Co., Brewers, Adelaide.-Malt.

164 Thomas, W., & Co., Millers, Port Adelaide—Flour.

165 Thyer, J., Farmer, Bclalic.—(1) Callabys purple-straw wheat, (2) Frame's white Tuscan wheat.

166 Venning, W. J., Farmer, Crystal Brook.-(1) Old red-straw wheat, (2) white Lammas wheat, (3) purple-straw wheat.

167 Webb, A. W., Miller, Lyndoch Valley.-Flour (two samples).