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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

VI. Machinery—Apparatus and Processes used in the Mechanical Industries

VI. Machinery—Apparatus and Processes used in the Mechanical Industries.

Class 49.—Agricultural Implements and Processes used in the Cultivation of Fields and Forests.

119 Commissioners for South Australia, The.—Bone-dust and guano.

120 Dobbie, A. & J., Machinists, Adelaide.—Patent broadcast seed-sower.

121 Martin, J., & Co., Gawler.—Damp weather reaping-machine, with patent bearings and axles; ordinary reaping-machine; chaff-cutters, &c.

122 Mellor Brothers, Machinists, Adelaide.—(1) Double plough, fitted with patent wheels and axles; (2)pony reaping-machine.

123 Ramsay, J. G., & Co., Machinists, Mount Barker.—Reaping-machines (two sizes).

Class 60.—Apparatus and Processes used in Agricultural Works, and in Works for the Preparation of Food.

124 Adams, E. J.,Cooper and Vat Builder, Adelaide.—(1) Box churn, (2) oval chum, (3) oval miniature 500-gallon cask, (4) miniature vat, &c., &c.

125 Gerner, F. K., Cooper, Adelaide.—Cheese vats.

126 Moody, T., Cooper, Adelaide.—(1) Churn, (2) curd milk.

127 Warren & Hogarth, Stockholders, Mount Crawford.—Model of wool scourer.

128 Williams & Dixon, Machinists, Adelaide.—Grape-mill.

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Class 52.—Machines and Apparatus in general.

129 Bird, J., Brassfounder, Adelaide.—Collection of brassfounders' ware.

130 Hooker, J.f Machinist, Adelaide.—(1) Boiler plates, (2) iron castings.

131 Smith, C. A., Machinist, Adelaide.—Specimens of machinery work.

Class 54.—Apparatus and Processes used in Spinning and Rope-making.

132 Tamlin & Coombe, Rope Manufacturers, Adelaide.—Manila and New Zealand hemp rope.

Class 60.—Carriages and Wheelwrights' Work.

133 Barlow, T., & Sons, Coachbuilders, Adelaide.—Landau carriage.

134 Cottrell, T. L., Coachbuilder, Adelaide.—Excelsior jump-seat buggy; Parisian phaeton; spring park barouche.

135 Ray, W. H., Coachbuilder, Adelaide.—Spider buggy.

136 Starnes, W., Coachbuilder, Kent Town.—Spider buggy, with lock under.

Class 62.—Railway Apparatus.

137 Hossack, D., Machinist, Adelaide.—Model of Manscll's patent railway-carriage wheel.

Class 64.—Apparatus and Processes of Civil Engineering, Public Works, and Architecture.

138 Allen, J., Willunga.—Roofing-slates.

139 Commissioners for South Australia, The.—Building-stone.

140 Crozier, J., Adelaide.—Gypsum.

141 Frew, J., Mount Gambier.—Freestone (white and grey), and red dolomite.

142 Gawler & Willaston Lime Co., Gawler.—Lime.

143 Priest, T., Mintaro.—Flagstones.

144 Tocchi, A, Yorketown.—Plaster-of-Paris and silt works; gypsum, and plaster-of-Paris (8s. 6d. per bag of 1½ cwt.).

145 Turner, J., Farmer, Mount Torrens.—Limestone.

146 Vernon, C., Adelaide.—Plaster-of-Paris.

Class 65.—Navigation and Life-saving.

147 West-Erskine, W. A. E., Adelaide.—Model of chain breakwater.

Class 66.—Materials and Apparatus for Military Purposes.

148 Downes, Col., R.A., for Military Department of South Australia.—Models of projectiles, cartridges, and Moncrieff battery.