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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Fifth Group.—Raw and Manufactured Products

Fifth Group.—Raw and Manufactured Products.

Products of the Cultivation of Forests and of the Trades Appertaining Thereto.

Class 43.—Specimens of different kinds of forest trees.

Wood for cabinet work, for firewood, and for building. Timber for shipbuilding; staves; cleft timber shingles.

Cork: bark for textile purposes. Tanning, colouring, odoriferous, and resinous substances.

Products obtained from forests: charcoal and dried wood; raw potash; turnery; basket-work; straw-work; wooden shoes, &c.

Products of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, and Spontaneous Products. Machines and Instruments Connected Therewith.

Class 44.—-Collections and drawings of terrestrial and amphibious animals; of birds, eggs, fishes; of cetacea of mollusca, and Crustacea.

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Products of hunting and shooting: furs and skins, hair, bristles, undressed feathers, down, horn, teeth, ivory, bone, tortoise-shell, musk, castoreum, and analogous products.

Products of fishing: train oil, spermaceti, &c. Whalebone, ambergris, shells of mollusca, pearls, mother-of-pearl, sepia, purple, coral, sponge.

Vegetable products of the earth, obtained without culture: mushrooms, truffles, wild fruit, lichens used as dyes, food and fodder; fermented sap; Peruvian bark; useful barks and filaments; wax, resinous gums; india-rubber, gutta-percha, &c.

Traps and snares: fishing lines and hooks, harpoons, nets, bait, and fishing apparatus.

Apparatus and instruments for gathering the products obtained without culture.

Agricultural Products not used for Food.

Class 45.—Textile materials: raw cotton, flax and hemp, scutched and unscutched; textile vegetable fibres of all kinds; wool, washed and unwashed; cocoons of the silkworm.

Various agricultural products used in manufactures, in pharmacy, and for household purposes; oleaginous plants; oil, wax, resin.

Tobacco in leaves or manufactured. German tinder. Tanning and dyeing substances.

Preserved fodder, and substances specially intended for feeding cattle.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products.

Class 46.—Acids, alkalies, salts of all kinds. Sea salt and products extracted from mother water.

Various products of chemistry: wax and fatty substances; soaps and candles; raw materials used in perfumery; resins, tar, and the products derived from them; essences and varnishes; various coating substances; blacking. Objects made of india-rubber and gutta-percha. Dyes and colours.

Mineral waters and natural and artificial aerated waters. Raw materials used in pharmacy. Medicines, simple and made-up.

Chemical Processes for Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, and Dressing.

Class 47.—Specimens of threads and fabrics, bleached or dyed. Specimens of fabrics prepared for dyeing.

Specimens of printed or dyed linen, of printed cotton fabrics, pure or mixed,

Specimens of printed worsted or woollen fabrics, pure or mixed, combed or carded.

Specimens of printed silk fabrics, pure or mixed.

Specimens of printed felt or cloth carpets. Oilcloth.

Leather and Skins.

Class 48.—Raw materials used in the dressing of skins and leather.

Raw hides, salted hides. Tanned, curried, dressed, or dyed leather. Varnished leather.

Morocco and sheepskin; skins grained, shamoyed, tawed, dressed, or dyed. Prepared skins for glove-making. Skins and furs, dressed and dyed. Parchment.

Gutwork: strings for musical instruments, gold-beater's skin, sinews.