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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

III. Furniture and Accessories

III. Furniture and Accessories.

Class 17.—Cheap and Fancy Furniture.

45 Brice, R., Sawyer, Adelaide—Octagon loo-table, inlaid with 8000 pieces of colonial woods.

46 Buttery Brothers, Upholsterers, Adelaide.—Davenport, made of Huon pine.

47 Francis, W. S., Glcnelg.—Ornamental firescreen, composed of about 100 species of cones, chiefly South Australian.

48 Fraser, H., Adelaide.—Three marble mantelpieces.

49 Gay, P., Adelaide.—(1) Table, inlaid with 30,000 pieces South Australian woods; (2) chest of drawers, with 17,000 pieces ditto; (3) wardrobe.

50 Glassford, Miss A. C., Semaphore.—Fancy frames, brackets, &c.

50a Graham, F. W., Yankalilla.—Tables inlaid with South Australian woods.

51 Herring, E. N., Adelaide.—(1) Mantelpiece of Italian marble, carving designed and executed by colonial-bred workmen; (2) marble mantelpiece, do.

52 Landsberg-, Mrs., Kapunda.—Wool-work picture, representing Mary, Queen of Scots, abdicating the Crown.

53 Pratt, W. A., Tinsmith, N. Adelaide.—(1) New cooking apparatus, (2) "Little Wonder stove, (3) cooking-stove, (4) gasfitter's torch.

54 Watson, G. G., Adelaide.—Table, inlaid with colonial stones, after Masonic design.

55 West-Erskine, W. A. E., Adelaide.—(1) Room-cooler, (2) coal scuttle and scoop combined, (3) bedroom ventilator.

Class 20.—Pottery.

56 South Australian Brick Co., Brompton.—Fire-bricks, plain and fancy white; pressed and slop red bricks.

Class 21.—Carpets, Tapestry, and other Stuffs for Furniture.

57 Commissioners for South Australia, The.—Drawingroom hearthrugs and mats, made of skins of colonial animals.

58 Landsberg, Mrs., Kapunda.—Crochet quilt.

59 Neelsen, J. P., Upholsterer, Adelaide.—Curled horse-hair.

Class 23.—Cutlery.

60 M'Lean Brothers, Rigg & Co., Wholesale Ironmongers, Adelaide.—Knives, corkscrews, and other cutlery of South Australian manufacture.

Class 24.—Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' "Work.

61 Steiner, H., Goldsmith and Silversmith, Adelaide.—Ornamental ware, in sterling silver.

Class 26.—Clocks and Watches.

62 Perryman, Mrs. E. M., Adelaide.—Marine clock, striking ships' bells.

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Class 27.—Apparatus and Processes for Heating and Lighting.

63 Brown, O.. C.E., Adelaide.—Model of patent ventilator and chimney-top, for preventing down-draught and creating upward current of air.

64 Chambers, A. O., Manufacturer, Adelaide.—Two "Perfect Cure" washing-machines.

65 Fischer, A., Plumber, Adelaide.—" Star" washing-machine.

66 Gerner, P.. Cooper, Adelaide.—Two of Hutton's washing-macnines.

67 Gray, W. F., Plumber and Galvanised-iron Worker, Adelaide.—Model of ventilator used in the South Australian public schools.

68 Simpson, A., & Son, Manufacturers, Adelaide.—(1) Bedsteads, (2) patent stoves, (3) portable copper, (4) wine strainer, (5) patent oven, &c.

69 West-Erskine, W. A. E., M.P., Adelaide-Patent ventilator and room-cooler.

Class 28.—Perfumery.

70 Burford, W. H., & Sons, Soap and Candle Makers, Adelaide.—(1) Toilet soaps, (2) silversmiths' and emery soaps.

Class 29.—Leather-work, Fancy Articles, and Basket-work.

71 Bennet, R.H.. Mail Driver, Morgan.—Emu eggs, carved and painted.

72 Commissioners for South Australia, The.—Basket-work, consisting of chairs, music-holder, and fruit-stands.

73 Cox, Miss E., Hampstead.—Bead-work on velvet (four pieces).

74 Crabb. Miss B. A., North Adelaide.—Poonah painting—front of pole fire-screen.

75 Fiveash, Miss M. E., North Adelaide.-Flower painting on white velvet table-top.

75a Malpas, W. H., Adelaide.—Specimens of turnery.

76 Nelson, Mrs. & Miss, Port Adelaide.—Ornaments worked in seeds.

77 Tannert, O. E., Basket Manufacturer, Adelaide.—Basketware.

78 Tilney, Miss M. A.. Music Teacher, Adelaide.—Collection of colonial seaweed, in leather-work frames.

79 Wadham, W-, Auctioneer, Adelaide.—Shell, work basket.