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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

X. Mining Industries—Machinery and Products. — Class 82.—Mining and Metallurgy

X. Mining Industries—Machinery and Products.

Class 82.—Mining and Metallurgy.

358 Alger, J.. Sydney.—Three specimens of malachite, from Peak Downs.

359 Bennett, Captain.—Red oxide copper, Mount Perry.

360 Bennett, Captain.—Copper regulus, Mount Perry.

361 Bennett, Captain.—Chalcopyrites, Mount Perry.

362 Bennett, Captain.—Collection of copper ores, from Mount Perry.

363 Beardmore, F. J. W., Cooktown.—Tin ores, from Granite Crock, Palmer River.

364 Bowen Municipal Council—Block of coal, from the Daintree seam, Bowen River, Leichhardt district, with plan of seam attached.

365 Clarke, D. S.. Cairns.—Samples of tin ore, from the Palmer district, Cape York Peninsula.

366 Couldery, W. H., Gympie.—Collection of gold specimens, from Gympie.

367 Critchley, R., Gympie.—Antimony ore.

368 Dawson, J. B., Boyne River.—30 lb. auriferous tailings, from the Boyne River, Gladstone.

369 Department of Mines, Queensland.-Ores of antimony, galena, chrome, manganese, cinnabar, bismuth, &c.

370 Doctor's Reef, Proprietors Gympie.—Specimens of mundie-stone.

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371 Draper, Rev. W., South Brisbane.—Two pebbles, Derbyshire.

372 Eldred, Captain W. H., Sydney.—Cinnabar, or sulphuret of quicksilver, in granite, sandstone, and calcspar, from his mines, Kilkivan.

373 Eldred, Captain W. H., Sydney.—Cinnabar, in sandstone and calcite, from his Kilkivan mines.

374 Eldred, Captain W. H., Sydney.—Cinnabar, with carbonates of copper in quartz and otherwise, from his Kilkivan mines.

375 Eldred, Captain W. H., Sydney.—Cinnabar, in quartz, from his Kilkivan mines.

376 Fischer, G., Breakfast Creek.—Fire-clay.

377 Friend, H., jun., Gladstone.—Sample of tailings, from the Gladstone district.

378 Glanmire North Gold Mining Co., Gympie—Ten tons of rich auriferous quartz.

379 Gregory, A. C., C.M.G., Brisbane.—Collection of specimens of coal, from various districts of Queensland.

380 Gympie Committee.—16 samples pyrites, from Gympie.

381 Gympie Committee.—Rock cores, extracted by the diamond drill at Gympie.

382 Hodgkinson, W. O., Warden, George Town, Etheridge River.—Geological collection.

383 Hodgkinson, W. O., Warden, George Town.—Geological suite, from Etheridge River, Queensland, showing formation of gold-bearing reef.

384 Hodgkinson, W. O., Warden, George Town.—75 lb. average stone, Papa claim, Etheridge River; yielding 2 oz. 16 dwt. gold per ton.

385 Hodgkinson, W. O., Warden, George Town.—85 lb. average mundic stone, Spero Meliora claim; yielding 4 oz. gold to ton.

386 Hodgkinson, W. O., Warden, George Town.—79 lb. average raw stone; yielding 2 oz. 11 dwt. gold to ton; City of Glasgow prospect claim.

387 Hodgkinson, W. O., Warden. George Town.—79 lb. tailings, Fapa reer; 94 in. do., Spero Meliora; 95 lb. do., City of Glasgow, &c.

388 Hodgkinson, W. O., Warden, George Town.—114 lb. average stone, Better Luck claim; former crushings 2½ up to 7 oz. gold per ton.

389 Hodgkinson. W. O., Warden. George Town.—135 lb. average mundic stone, from Lord Byron reef claim.

390 Hodgkinson, W. O.. Warden, George Town.—108 lb. average stone, Cumberland reef claim.

391 Hodgkinson, W. O., Warden, George Town, Etheridge River-78 lb. blanketings, from Cumberland reef, as above.

392 Hays, W., Townsville.—Copper ores, from the Star River, fifty miles from Townsville.

393 Hill, W. R. O., Warden, Ravenswood.—Collection of galena and silver lead ore.

394 Hunter, Captain R. M., Rockhampton.—Specimens of varieties of marbles, from his quarry, Northumberland Group.

395 Maytown Residents (per P. F. Selheim, Warden).—Column, representing bulk and volume of gold extracted from Palmer River goldfield.

396 Miller, H. C., Etheridge.—Massive specimens, from prospect claim, Lord Byron reef.

397 Miller, H. C-, Port Darwin.—Agates, from Cave Creek, Gilbert River.

398 Miller, H. C-, Port Darwin, Queensland.—Collection of gold-bearing ores of copper, lead, iron, &c., from various reefs of Etheridge district.

399 Miller, H. C., Port Darwin, Queensland.—Rock specimens of granite, &c., from various reefs in the Etheridge district.

400 M'Donald. J., St. Helena.—Collection of manufactured tinware.

401 Moffatt, D. & J., Brisbane.—Waterstown coal.

402 Morgan Brothers, Charters Towers.—Richgold specimens, containing 70 oz. 10 dwt. gold, Caroline prospect claim.

403 Mount Orange Copper Co., Mackay.—Copper ore.

404 Nicholls Leasehold, Proprietors, Gympie.—Goid, in quartz.

405 Palmer, E., Cloncurry River.—Minerals and aboriginal curios.

406 Peak Downs Copper Mining Co.—Refined and precipitate copper.

407 Pearce & Co., Gin Gin.—Silver ore.

408 Pearin, J., Brisbane.—Rich gold specimens from Nos. 7 and 8 Monkland Reef, Gympie.

409 Petrie, J., Brisbane.—.Specimens of hard and freestone.

410 Petrie, J., Brisbane.—Fire-clay

411 Petrie, J., Brisbane.—Silica powder, for polishing.

412 Queensland Commission.—Trophy of Queensland tin, in ingots and other forms, Stanthorpe.

413 Queensland Commission.—Trophy of Queensland copper, in cakes and other forms.

414 Queensland Commissioners.—Column, representing gold raised in Queensland from 1868 to 1879, inclusive, amounting to 3,244,777 oz.

415 Queensland Government.—Auriferous specimens, containing ores of copper, iron, lead, and zinc, from tropical Queensland.

416 Queensland Government.—Gold in various forms or occurrence, in quartz, in mundic, limonite, thread gold; gold in calcspar, &c.

417 Queensland Government.—Gold and zinc, Black Jack reef, Ravenswood.

418 Queensland Government.—Polished sections of gold and quartz.

419 Queensland Government.—Polished sections of limonite, quartz, and gold.

420 Queensland Government.—Rich gold leader in quartz, tropical Queensland.

421 Queensland Government—Granite (red, grey, and green), polished and crude.

422 Queensland Government.—Polished sections of ores containing gold, sulphide of copper, &c.

423 Queensland Government.—Alluvial and reef casing gold, from places in tropical Queensland.

424 Queensland Government.—Massive block of antimony, from the Neardie mine, Burnett district.

425 Queensland Government.—Massive block of galena, 122 oz. silver to the ton, and slighty auriferous, from the Yarrol mine, Dawes' Range.

426 Queensland Government.—Polished block of cinnabar and calcite.

427 Queensland Government.—Carboniferous sandstone, from Ipswich coal measures.

428 Queensland Government.—Red oxide and copper ores; also, native copper, from the Cloncurry River.

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429 Queensland Government.—Copper sulphide with zinc blende (two massive specimens), from the Kennedy district.

430 Queensland Government.—Polished section, chalco-pyrites.

431 Queensland Government.—Malachite and chalco-pyrites, Mount Perry.

432 Queensland Government.—Black oxide and green carbonate of copper, Mount Perry.

433 Queensland Government.—Antimony ore, from "Hungry Hill."

434 Queensland Government.—Dendritic oxide of manganese, Star River.

435 Queensland Government—Silicate of iron, from Eskdale, Burnett district.

436 Queensland Government.—Manganese ore, from Queensland and New Caledonia.

437 Queensland Government.—Cobalt ore, from New Caledonia.

438 Queensland Government.—Nickel ore (silicate), from New Caledonia.

439 Queensland Government.—Alluvial bismuth, from Queensland, showing free gold.

440 Queensland Government.—Zinc blende, from New South Wales and Queensland, the former showing free gold.

441 Queensland Government—Wolfram, from Victoria and Queensland, the latter auriferous.

442 Queensland Government—Iron ores, from island of Elba, Tuscany, Cornwall, Tasmania, New South Wales, New Caledonia, and Queensland.

443 Queensland Government—Marmatite, from Italy.

444 Queensland Government.—Carbonate of lead, very fine crystals, pure and white, from Peel-wood, New South Wales.

445 Queensland Government.—Reef gold in every form of occurrence, in thread and in leaves, and in combination with tourmaline, agate, &c.

446 Queensland Government—Pink topaz, from Liberia; emeralds, from Brazil and Ireland; amber, from Prussia.

447 Queensland Government.—Red granite of the Gilbert, and green granite of Ravenswood goldfields.

448 Queensland Government.—Idocrase, from Piedmont, Italy; epidite, from ditto; garnets and diopside, Southern Alps.

449 Queensland Government—Noble opal in matrix rock, in massive blocks, from Barcoo River, Bulloo River, and Cooper's Creek.

450 Queensland Government.—Noble hyalite or "dewdrop" opal, matrix of the noble hyalite; red chrysolite, from Nanango.

451 Queensland Government.—Aqua-marine top.tz, from Madagascar; ditto, gigantic variety; aqua-marines, from Queensland, &c.

452 Queensland Government.—Amethysts, from Germany, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

453 Queensland Government—Yellow topaz, from Brazil; beryl, from Stanthorpe; rubies, from New Caledonia; sapphires, from New South Wales.

454 Queensland Government—Diorite greenstone (or lowleude), Twenty-mile Creek, Gilbert gold district.

455 Queensland Government—Antimony ore, from New Caledonia, New Zealand, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

456 Queensland Government.—Cinnabar, or sulphurite of mercury, in granite, calcspar, and sandstone, from New South Wales and Queensland.

457 Queensland Government.—Galena, from Western Australia, Italy, South Australia, N.S. Wales, Queensland; the latter showing free gold.

458 Queensland Government.—Collection of ores of silver, from Nevada, California, Italy Europe, Queensland, &c

459 Queensland Government—Molybdenum ore, from Ipswich, Queensland.

460 Queensland Government.—Chrome ore, from New Caledonia.

461 Queensland Government—Agates, jaspers, cornelians, onyx, chalcedony, sardonyx, from Victoria River (of Stokes), in N.-W. Australia, &c.

462 Queensland Government.—Alabaster (a satin spar), Italy; green tourmaline, in white dolomite, from Mount St. Gothard.

463 Queensland Government.—Stone axe (extinct), aborigines of Darling Downs.

464 Queensland Government.—Oxides, silicates, sulphides, carbonates, and chloride of copper and native metal, from various parts.

465 Queensland Government.—Fossil, from carboniferous sandstone, quarried near Brisbane.

466 Queensland Government—Bone fossil (encrusted with lime crystals), from the bone caves, Mount Gambier, South Australia

467 Queensland Government—Lode tin in various forms, from Bohemia, Cornwall, Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

468 Queensland Government—Spinifer, Gympie; actinocrinite, Dawson River; and corals, Broken River.

469 Queensland Government.—Fossils (supposed to be the roots of a reed), Logan River.

470 Queensland Government.—Oriental agates of the ribbon, drop fortification, banded, other varieties, from Burnett and Gilbert Rivers.

471 Queensland Government.—Matrix of the Burnett River agate.

472 Queensland Government.—Quartz pebbles, from Stanthorpe; and rock crystal, from New Caledonia

473 Queensland Government.—Yellow sapphire. Burmah; onyx, black and white; Queensland sardonyx; red and white ditto, ditto.

474 Queensland Government—Gold in calcspar and diorite, Gympie.

475 Queensland Government.—Golden pyrites, from Gympie, Charters Towers, Morinish, &c.

476 Queensland Government.—Statuary marble, Carrara, Italy.

477 Queensland Government.—Polished statuary marble, Ravenswood.

478 Queensland Government.—Polished black fossil marble, from the Broken River, tropical Queensland.

479 Queensland Government.—Steatite, Kilkivan.

480 Queensland Government.—Turkey stone from Dungog, New South Wales; Turkey stone, for hones, &c., from the Paterson River.

481 Queensland Government—China clay (kaolin), New South Wales.

482 Queensland Government.—Antimony regulus, Victoria.

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483 Queensland Department of Mines.—Refined lead and antimony.

484 Roberts, W. B., Pikedale.—Tailings, from Pikedale gold reef, Darling Downs

485 Rockhampton Committee.—Marble, limestone, oolite, freestone, copper ore, ingot and precipitate of copper.

486 Rockhampton Committee.—Six specimens marble, from Percy and other islands on the Queensland coast.

487 Selheim, P. F.. May town.—Stream and load tin, from the Etheridge district.

488 Selheim. P. F., Warden, Maytown.—Miscellaneous specimens of ores and rocks.

489 Selheim, P. F., Maytown.—Gold in quartz, from Palmer River.

490 Selheim, P. F., Maytown.—Collection of rich quartz specimens, showing gold of high assay, from Palmer River reefs, Cape York Peninsula.

491 Simpson, A., Clifton, near Warwick.—Specimens of coal.

492 Smellie & Co., R. R.—Moulding sand.

493 Staiger, K. T., F.L.S.—Chrome colours, prepared from Ipswich ore by exhibitor.

494 Staiger, K. T., F.L.S.—A jet pin, made by Mackie, from Ipswich jet coal.

495 Sutton, J. W.,Brisbane.—Collection of Queensland and foreign mineral ores, including gold, silver, lead, copper, tin, antimony, &c.

496 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Gypsum from the Warrego, Western Queensland. Plaster-of-Paris can be made from this.

497 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Steatite, Brisbane.

498 Trustees Queensland Museum.—China clay (kaolin), Stanthorpe.

499 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Native salt, Herbert River, tropical Queensland.

500 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Native soda, from Warrego River, Western Queensland (containing 56 per cent, carbonate of soda).

501 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Garnet sand, Cape York Peninsula (impalpable silicious powder, a substitute for emery).

502 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Plumbago, Stanthorpe.

503 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Four specimens polished marbles.

504 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Specimens of rose, white, black, yellow, and other marbles, from Calliope River, Gladstone.

505 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Specimens of black and white statuary marbles, from Warwick.

506 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Two diamonds, from Stanthorpe; two red chrysolites, from Nanango.

507 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Basaltic matrix of Gilbert River agates.

508 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Three specimens of topaz, from Stanthorpe.

509 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Calcspar, from Kilkivan.

510 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Common salt, from Mulligan River, Cape York Peninsula (97 per cent, pure chloride of sodium).

511 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Two diamonds, Stanthorpe; two blood-red garnets, one polished opal, one crystal of topaz.

512 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Diorites and serpentines, of Queensland.

513 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Native copper, from Cloncurry and Keelbottom mines, in tropical Queensland.

514 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Stone axe (aboriginal), from Kangaroo Point, Brisbane; incipient and unfinished ditto, from Port Denison.

515 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Five palœozoic coal fossils

516 Trustees Queensland Museum.—One lepidodendron, Clarke River.

517 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Section of fossil tree.

518 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Ammonites, from Walsh River, Cape York Peninsula.

519 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Hyalite, from Darling Downs; crystal of calcite.

520 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Chrome iron ore, haematite, tin specimens, copper pyrites, malachite, azurite, ruby copper, bismuth.

521 Trustees Queensland Museum.-Matrix rock of bismuth, Stanthorpe.

522 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Opal, from the Bulloo River; semi-opal, from Spring-sure.

523 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Amethyst, from Logan River; garnets in chlorite state, Cloncurry River.

524 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Fossil wood (polished), tropical Queensland.

525 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Collection of copper ores, some gold-bearing; malachite, with red tile ore.

526 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Amethyst, from Logan River.

527 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Garnets and chiastolite, Cape York Peninsula.

528 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Gold in oxide of bismuth, Cloncurry River.

529 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Specimens of coal.

530 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Hematite (magnetic iron), molybdenite, and other ores.

531 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Palœozoic fossils.

532 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Metallic copper, felspar, green carbonite, copper ore, crude antimony, serpentine rock.

533 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Fossils, from the cretaceous formation.

534 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Freshwater shells, melinia, physa, &c. These shells are found with our extinct animals, Queensland.

535 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Freshwater shells of present day, representing same genera of above-mentioned fossil shells.

536 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Rock specimens, as under?—Two melaphyris, with amygdaloid silicious deposits in the hollows.

537 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Fossil wood, large trunk; leophites and crioceris; metallic copper.

538 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Copper ores, from Mount Perry, Peak Downs, and Toromeo.

539 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Galena, oxide manganese, antimony, garnets, gold specimens, clay iron ore (with iron smelted therefrom).

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540 Tyrel, J. de P., M.L.A., Stanthorpe.—Section showing the strata of alluvial tin mine at Stanthorpe. to scale.

541 Tyrel, J. de P., M.L.A., Stanthorpe.—Stick of smelted tin, Stanthorpe.

542 Tyrel, J. de P., M.L.A., Stanthorpe.—Stream lode tin ore

543 Tyrel, J. de P., Stanthorpe.—Six ingots tin.

544 Whitley, W., Burrum, Maryborough.—Specimen block of coal, from seam 4 feet thick, 115 feet from surface.

545 Wills, K. H., Mackay.—Clay.