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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them.

178 Atherton, J. .Rockhampton—Purple arrowroot, (lewt.; value, £8 Ss.).

179 Atherton, J., Rockhampton.—Tapioca (8 lb. 4 oz.; value, 14s.).

180 Baker. T., Maryborough.—Arrowroot, white and purple.

181 Baker, T., Maryborough.—Collection of starches from wheat, maize, arrowroot (two kinds), potatoes (three kinds), rice, plantains, and yams.

182 Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.—Collection of arrowroot, &c.—West Indian and East Indian; and cassava, sweet and bitter; tapioca and zamia.

183 Burnett, J., Brisbane.—Sample of tapioca.

184 Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.—30 varieties of sugar-cane, in stools, showing their growth, age, and habit.

185 Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.-Rye, 35 bushels per aere; grown by R. F. Walker, Toowoomba.

186 Botanic Gardens. Brisbane.—Oats, 45 bushels per acre; grown by R. F. Walker, Toowoomba.

187 Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.-Collection of roots (ground-nut, sweet potatoes, yams, ginger, and taro).

188 Castles, W., Pimpama.—Arrowroot (purple), in bulk.

189 Castles, W., Pimpama.—Arrowroot (purple), different process.

190 Castles, W., Pimpama.—Arrowroot (purple), in packets (price, £34 per ton; in bulk, £25 per ton).

191 Cribb, J. B., Gatton.—One bag maize.

192 Grimes, G. & S., Brisbane.—Arrowroot (56 lb), in packets and bottles.

193 Kates, F., Allora.—Wheaten flour, 1st quality.

194 Kates, F., Allora.—Wheaten flour, 2nd quality.

195 Kates, F., Allora.—Wheaten meal.

196 Kates, F., Allora.—Maize meal.

197 Kates, F., Allora.—Buckwheat meal.

198 Kates, F., Allora.—Rye meal.

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199 Lahey & Sons, Pimpama.—Arrowroot trophy, containing one ton, in packets grown and manufactured by exhibitors.

200 Lahey & Sons, Pimpama.—Two glass bottles, containing samples of above.

201 Lahey & Sons, Pimpama.—Purple arrowroot (Canna edulis).

202 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Trophy of rice in sheaf, grown near Brisbane by exhibitor.

203 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Paddy rice.

204 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Dressed rice, grown and prepared by exhibitor.

205 Macpherson, A, Brisbane.—Glass case, containing varieties of rice, in ears, and sample of grain.

206 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Rye.

207 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Broom millet, grown by exhibitor.

208 M'Dowall, W., Oxley.—Bag maize.

209 O'Leary, A., Warwick.—Maize, bag small.

210 O'Leary, A., Warwick.—Maize, bag large.

211 Oxenford, W. R., Coomera.—Rice, grown on alluvial scrub land, without irrigation, average yield two tons per acre.

212 PettigTew, Hon. W.—Ground rice.

213 Robson, R. T., Laidley.—Bag maize.

214 Strong, J., Rocky Waterholes.—Maize, small yellow, snelled (4 bushels).

215 Wilson, J. T., Swan Creek, Warwick.—Wheat (2 bushels), propagated from Talavera wheat; early, hardy, not subject to rust.