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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

V. Raw and Manufactured Products

V. Raw and Manufactured Products.

Class 43.—Products of the Cultivation of Forests and of the Trades appertaining thereto.

56 Botanic Gardens.—Collection of Queensland timbers, by Walter Hill, Colonial Botanist, and Director of Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.

57 Government of Queensland.—Ornamental stand, with 142 cups turned and polished, illustrating the varieties of indigenous timber.

58 Government of Queensland.—Ornamental stand, with turned and polished cups and drops, illustrating 133 varieties of indigonous timber.

59 Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.—Barks, medicinal and tanning.

60 Cooke, W. D., West wood.—Collection of native woods, polished.

61 Gordon, J., Townsville.—Mangrove bark.

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62 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Timbers: collection of polished specimens, useful and ornamental, collected and prepared by exhibitor.

63 Petrie, J.. Brisbane.—Timbers: cedar board and piece yellow-wood.

64 Pettigrew, Hon. W., M.L.C., Brisbane.—Trophy of mouldings, illustrative of varieties of Queensland woods.

65 Queensland Commission.—Timbers, polished.

66 Queensland Government.—Trophy of wood panels, polished, showing varieties of Queensland timbers.

67 Queensland Government.—Cross section of Queensland kauri pine, grown at Noosa, cut 12 feet from the ground.

68 Rockhampton Committee.—60 varieties of new native timbers.

69 Rockhampton Committee.—Collection of indigenous timbers of the Rockhampton district (50 varieties), polished.

70 Spence, D., Cairns.—Collection of indigenous woods.

71 Sturgess. H., Rockhampton.—Trophy of turnery work, executed to display indigenous timbers.

72 staiger, K. T., F.L.S., Brisbane.—Duboisia leaves (dried, loose, and pressed).

73 staiger, K. T., F.L.S.—Pterosigma viscum (Queensland bitter bark), 10 lb., with preserved twigs of the tree.

74 staler, K. T., F. L. S.—Alstonia constricta (quinine bark), 15 lb.

Class 44.—Products of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, and Spontaneous Products, Machines and Instruments connected therewith.

75 Alder, A., Brisbane.—Natural history specimens—"In Extremis" (group, native bear and wedge-tail eagle).

76 Alder, A., Brisbane.—Natural history specimens—"No Laughing Matter" (group, carpet snake and laughing jackasses.

77 Alder, A., Brisbane.—Natural history specimens—"A Surprise at the Mid-day Camp" (group of three wallabies),

78 Alder, A., Brisbane.—Natural history specimens—"The Successful Piscator" (white-bellied sea eagle, with bream).

79 Alder, A, Brisbane.—Natural history specimens—Two lyre-birds.

80 Alder, A.—Moreton Bay turtle, preserved with shell complete.

81 Blakeney, C. J., Brisbane.—Autographs of celebrated men.

82 Boyd, A. J., Brisbane.—Collection of aboriginal curios.

83 Coxen, Mrs. C., Brisbane.—Six birds, mounted by the late Charles Coxen, C.M.Z.S.

84 Coxen, Mrs. C.. Brisbane.—One case male and female bower-birds and playground (Chlamydo-dera nuchalis).

85 Coxen. Mrs. C., Brisbane.—One case spotted bower-birds (C. mainluba)—two males, with playground.

86 Coxen, Mrs. C., Brisbane.—Regent birds (Seri-culus melonus)—two males in full plumage, two youngmales, one female, bower and ornamentation.

87 Coxen, Mrs. C., Bulimba, Brisbane.—Pair of nautilus shells, carved; also cowries.

88 Crate, J. S., Brisbane.—Collection of vegetable sponges, colvandoth or bitter cucumber; also seed of same.

89 Diggles, S., Brisbane.—Cabinet collection of Queensland beetles and butterflies (£250).

90 Digfgles, S., Brisbane.—One case foreign beetles.

91 Diggles, S., Brisbane.—Two volumes—"Birds of Australia."

92 Gulliver, T. A., Thornborough.—Collection of native birds from the Norman River.

93 Hartmann, C. H., Toowoomba.—Collection of insects injurious to trees and plants.

94 Johnstone, R., Sub-Inspector, Herbert River.—Collection of aboriginal weapons and utensils.

95 Palmer, Hon. A. H., M.L.A., Colonial Secretary of Queensland.—Collection of native implements and aboriginal curios.

96 Palmer, Hon. A. H., Colonial Secretary of Queensland.—Collection of New Guinea curiosities.

97 Palmer, Hon. A. H.—Two mummies, from the coast of New Guinea.

98 Parbury, Lamb & Knox, Sydney.—Collection of pearl shell, from the Torres Straits fisheries.

99 Pilcher, G. L., Secretary School of Arts, Rockhampton.-Six cases entomological specimens, found near Rockhampton, preserved by exhibitor.

100 Queensland Government.—Collection of coral, from the Great Barrier reef.

101 Queensland Government.—Collection of shells

102 Queensland Government—Four rams' heads, preserved and mounted by A. Alder, taxidermist, Brisbane.

103 Queensland Government.-One stuffed dugong or sea cow (Halicore Australis), estimated to be 40 years old when caught.

104 Queensland Commission-—Scented iron-bark gum leaves, from Maytown; and essence extracted therefrom.

105 Rockhampton Committee.—Natural history specimens.

106 Rainbird, J., Bowcn.—Collection of land and marine shells (£6 10s.).

107 Robinson, W. R., Toowoomba.—Queensland scrub birds.

108 Sachs, F. L., Brisbane.—Mummy, from Central Queensland.

109 Sandrock, G. F., Bowen.—Collection of coral and shells.

110 staiger, K. T., F.L.S., Brisbane.—Collection of Queensland spears, shields, swords, nullah nullahs, and other aboriginal curios.

111 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Native cats, water rat, scrub wallabies, opossum, &c., mounted by A. Alder, Brisbane.

112 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Collection of conchologic specimens.

113 Trustees Queensland Museum.—One pair of Aquita andax (wedge-tailed eagle), mounted by A. Alder, Brisbane.

114 Trustees Queensland Museum.-Stuffed specimen of Ceratodus Forsferii, with preserved lung; and contents of stomach.

115 Wickham, G. J., Rosenthal.—Opossums' fur, 1½ lb., the produce of two opossums.

116 Williams, A., Eight-Mile Plains, near Brisbane.—Cinnamon bark, from 4-year-old trees.

Class 45.—Agricultural Products not used for Food.

117 Botanic Gardens. Brisbane.—Indigenous pasture grasses and fodder plants.

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118 Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.—Collection of fibres.

119 Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.—Gum resins.

120 Bridgman, R., Mackay.—Collection of tobacco, manufactured from leaf grown in Queensland.

121 Corten, C. G., Glenora, Rockhampton.—Tobacco, grown and manufactured by exhibitor.

122 Cribb & Foote, Ipswich.—Sample of cotton, ginned, grown near Ipswich.

123 Cribb & Foote, Ipswich.—Sample of cotton in the boll, grown near Ipswich.

124 Hocker, J. H., Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.—Tobacco leaf.

125 Jones, A., Cawarral, Rockhampton.—Tobacco leaf.

126 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Collection of Queensland indigenous grasses, dried and mounted on frames by exhibitor.

127 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Specimens of Queensland indigenous grasses, growing in tubs.

128 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Perennial ryegrass, two varieties of New Zealand grasses, red clover, prairie grass, and Italian grass.

129 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Specimens of dried prickly comfrey and white and grey millet, in sheaves.

130 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Varieties (two) dried jute plants—Corchorus capsularis, 13 feet long; Corchorus oliotaris, 14 feet long.

131 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Glass case, containing wax figure, dressed with fibres collected and manufactured by exhibitor.

132 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Textile fabric, made from the inner bark of the Ficus macro-phylla.

133 Macpherson, A., Brisbane—Jute fibre.

134 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Flax fibre.

135 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Rosella hemp fibre.

136 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Sida retusa fibre.

137 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Collection of Queensland fibres, grown and prepared by exhibitor.

138 Soegard, H., Logan River.—Collection of tobacco, manufactured from leaf grown in Queensland.

139 Turner, F.—100 varieties of Queensland indigenous fodder grasses, dried and mounted by exhibitor.

140 Wickham, H. A., Lower Herbert.—Fibres.

Class 46.—Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products.

141 Baker, T., Maryborough.—Glass case, containing coralline.

142 Berkley, Taylor & Co.—Dugong oil, refined.

143 Berkley, Taylor & Co.—Dugong oil, unrefined.

144 Boldemann, W., Rockhampton.—Plain soap, one block (2 cwt.).

145 Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.—Essential oils, tinctures, &c., prepared by L. Carmichael, Chemist

146 Clarke, D., Warwick.—Collection of essences, perfumes, and tooth-powders.

147 Ruddell, R., Bundaberg.—Sample bars first quality soap.

148 Staiger, K. T., F.L.S.—Samples of pyroligneous acid, acetic acid, methyllated alcohol, wood tar, acetate of soda, kerosene, paraffine.

149 Staiger, K. T., F.L.S.—Essential oil, made from the leaves of the Eucalyptus citriodora, found near Gladstone.

150 Staiger, K. T., F.L.S.—Essential oil, from leaves of ironbark tree on the Palmer River (not yet named); samples of the leaves therewith.

151 Staiger, K. T., F.L.S.—Essence made from the leaves of the ironbark tree on the Palmer River (not yet named); samples of the leaves therewith

152 Staiger, K. T., F.L.S.—Essence made from the leaves of the Eucalyptus citriodora, found near Gladstone.

153 Staiger, K. T., F.L.S.—Duboisine, extract from duboisa leaves.

154 staiger, K. T., F.L.S.—Crystalline alkaloid, alstonine crystals, like quinine.

155 stiller & Co., Amity Point, Moreton Bay.-Dugong oil.

156 Yeo, C. H. F., Brisbane.—Collection of essences and perfumes.

Class 47.—Chemical Processes for Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, and Dressing.

157 Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.—Collection of dyeing materials.

Class 48.—Leather and Skins.

158 Alderson & Sons, Brisbane.—Dugong leather.

159 Hatton, W., Maryborough.—Specimen of dugong leather.

160 Mortimer, W., Stan thorpe.—Collection of kangaroo and wallaby skins.

161 Queensland Government.—Collection of rugs and mats, manufactured from marsupial skins.

162 Queensland Government.—Collection of skins, tanned with hair on, consisting of wild horse, kangaroo, wallaroo, native bear, opossum,

163 Queensland Government.—Collection of marsupial skins, tanned with the hair on.

164 Queensland Government.—Collection of leather, comprising harness, bridle, bag, grain, kip, cow tweed, horse tweed, calf, kangaroo, fee.