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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 45.—Agricultural Products not used for Food

Class 45.—Agricultural Products not used for Food.

117 Botanic Gardens. Brisbane.—Indigenous pasture grasses and fodder plants.

page 96

118 Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.—Collection of fibres.

119 Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.—Gum resins.

120 Bridgman, R., Mackay.—Collection of tobacco, manufactured from leaf grown in Queensland.

121 Corten, C. G., Glenora, Rockhampton.—Tobacco, grown and manufactured by exhibitor.

122 Cribb & Foote, Ipswich.—Sample of cotton, ginned, grown near Ipswich.

123 Cribb & Foote, Ipswich.—Sample of cotton in the boll, grown near Ipswich.

124 Hocker, J. H., Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.—Tobacco leaf.

125 Jones, A., Cawarral, Rockhampton.—Tobacco leaf.

126 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Collection of Queensland indigenous grasses, dried and mounted on frames by exhibitor.

127 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Specimens of Queensland indigenous grasses, growing in tubs.

128 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Perennial ryegrass, two varieties of New Zealand grasses, red clover, prairie grass, and Italian grass.

129 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Specimens of dried prickly comfrey and white and grey millet, in sheaves.

130 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Varieties (two) dried jute plants—Corchorus capsularis, 13 feet long; Corchorus oliotaris, 14 feet long.

131 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Glass case, containing wax figure, dressed with fibres collected and manufactured by exhibitor.

132 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Textile fabric, made from the inner bark of the Ficus macro-phylla.

133 Macpherson, A., Brisbane—Jute fibre.

134 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Flax fibre.

135 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Rosella hemp fibre.

136 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Sida retusa fibre.

137 Macpherson, A., Brisbane.—Collection of Queensland fibres, grown and prepared by exhibitor.

138 Soegard, H., Logan River.—Collection of tobacco, manufactured from leaf grown in Queensland.

139 Turner, F.—100 varieties of Queensland indigenous fodder grasses, dried and mounted by exhibitor.

140 Wickham, H. A., Lower Herbert.—Fibres.