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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 44.—Products of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, and Spontaneous Products, Machines and Instruments connected therewith

Class 44.—Products of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, and Spontaneous Products, Machines and Instruments connected therewith.

75 Alder, A., Brisbane.—Natural history specimens—"In Extremis" (group, native bear and wedge-tail eagle).

76 Alder, A., Brisbane.—Natural history specimens—"No Laughing Matter" (group, carpet snake and laughing jackasses.

77 Alder, A., Brisbane.—Natural history specimens—"A Surprise at the Mid-day Camp" (group of three wallabies),

78 Alder, A., Brisbane.—Natural history specimens—"The Successful Piscator" (white-bellied sea eagle, with bream).

79 Alder, A, Brisbane.—Natural history specimens—Two lyre-birds.

80 Alder, A.—Moreton Bay turtle, preserved with shell complete.

81 Blakeney, C. J., Brisbane.—Autographs of celebrated men.

82 Boyd, A. J., Brisbane.—Collection of aboriginal curios.

83 Coxen, Mrs. C., Brisbane.—Six birds, mounted by the late Charles Coxen, C.M.Z.S.

84 Coxen, Mrs. C.. Brisbane.—One case male and female bower-birds and playground (Chlamydo-dera nuchalis).

85 Coxen. Mrs. C., Brisbane.—One case spotted bower-birds (C. mainluba)—two males, with playground.

86 Coxen, Mrs. C., Brisbane.—Regent birds (Seri-culus melonus)—two males in full plumage, two youngmales, one female, bower and ornamentation.

87 Coxen, Mrs. C., Bulimba, Brisbane.—Pair of nautilus shells, carved; also cowries.

88 Crate, J. S., Brisbane.—Collection of vegetable sponges, colvandoth or bitter cucumber; also seed of same.

89 Diggles, S., Brisbane.—Cabinet collection of Queensland beetles and butterflies (£250).

90 Digfgles, S., Brisbane.—One case foreign beetles.

91 Diggles, S., Brisbane.—Two volumes—"Birds of Australia."

92 Gulliver, T. A., Thornborough.—Collection of native birds from the Norman River.

93 Hartmann, C. H., Toowoomba.—Collection of insects injurious to trees and plants.

94 Johnstone, R., Sub-Inspector, Herbert River.—Collection of aboriginal weapons and utensils.

95 Palmer, Hon. A. H., M.L.A., Colonial Secretary of Queensland.—Collection of native implements and aboriginal curios.

96 Palmer, Hon. A. H., Colonial Secretary of Queensland.—Collection of New Guinea curiosities.

97 Palmer, Hon. A. H.—Two mummies, from the coast of New Guinea.

98 Parbury, Lamb & Knox, Sydney.—Collection of pearl shell, from the Torres Straits fisheries.

99 Pilcher, G. L., Secretary School of Arts, Rockhampton.-Six cases entomological specimens, found near Rockhampton, preserved by exhibitor.

100 Queensland Government.—Collection of coral, from the Great Barrier reef.

101 Queensland Government.—Collection of shells

102 Queensland Government—Four rams' heads, preserved and mounted by A. Alder, taxidermist, Brisbane.

103 Queensland Government.-One stuffed dugong or sea cow (Halicore Australis), estimated to be 40 years old when caught.

104 Queensland Commission-—Scented iron-bark gum leaves, from Maytown; and essence extracted therefrom.

105 Rockhampton Committee.—Natural history specimens.

106 Rainbird, J., Bowcn.—Collection of land and marine shells (£6 10s.).

107 Robinson, W. R., Toowoomba.—Queensland scrub birds.

108 Sachs, F. L., Brisbane.—Mummy, from Central Queensland.

109 Sandrock, G. F., Bowen.—Collection of coral and shells.

110 staiger, K. T., F.L.S., Brisbane.—Collection of Queensland spears, shields, swords, nullah nullahs, and other aboriginal curios.

111 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Native cats, water rat, scrub wallabies, opossum, &c., mounted by A. Alder, Brisbane.

112 Trustees Queensland Museum.—Collection of conchologic specimens.

113 Trustees Queensland Museum.—One pair of Aquita andax (wedge-tailed eagle), mounted by A. Alder, Brisbane.

114 Trustees Queensland Museum.-Stuffed specimen of Ceratodus Forsferii, with preserved lung; and contents of stomach.

115 Wickham, G. J., Rosenthal.—Opossums' fur, 1½ lb., the produce of two opossums.

116 Williams, A., Eight-Mile Plains, near Brisbane.—Cinnamon bark, from 4-year-old trees.