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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

III. Furniture and Accessories

III. Furniture and Accessories.

Class 17.—Cheap and Fancy Furniture.

18 Bowden, W., St. Helena.—Inlaid writing-desk, of woods grown on St. Helena.

19 Bowden, W., St. Helena.—Round inlaid table, of woods grown on St. Helena.

20 Carey, J. W., Brisbane.—Cedar show-case, in two parts, containing F. W. Wilson and Co,'s exhibit of biscuits, designed for centre or wall space.

21 Kasch, J., Rockhampton.—Inlaid table, showing varieties of timbers grown near Rockhampton.

22 Kasch, J., Rockhampton.—Cabinet, made of native woods.

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23 Macintosh,—, Rockhampton.—Dressing-table.

24 Pettigrew, Hon. WM M.L.C., Brisbane.—Cedar hall-door, with side panels, complete (£40).

25 Pettigrew, Hon. W., M.L.C., Brisbane.—Cedar and pine mantelpiece (£17).

26 Petrie, J., Brisbane.—One pedestal dressing-table, with looking-glass; made of silky oak and cypress pine.

27 Queensland Government.—Dutch wardrobe; sideboard, cedar and other Queensland woods; trophy of wood turnery and fret-work.

28 Rockhampton Committee.—Furniture.

Class 18.—Upholsterers' and Decorators' Work.

29 Hislop, J. & J.. Brisbane.—Drawingroom suite, Queensland oak, and ebonised black and gold, upholstered in crimson and gold, with springs.

30 Murdoch, J. S., Brisbane.—Specimens of graining and staining imitation woods.

31 Sturgess, H.. Rockhampton.—Hall chairs, made from varieties of timber grown in the Rockhampton district.

32 Thomle. P., Brisbane.—Small loo-table, inlaid with 50 distinct varieties of Queensland woods (value, £16).

33 Thomle, P., Brisbane.—Two chests of drawers, manufactured from Queensland timbers (value, £32).

34 Thomle, P., Brisbane.—Writing-table, with cabinet, designed and manufactured by exhibitor, of Queensland woods.

35 Thomle, P., Brisbane.—Jewel cabinet, inlaid with 34 varieties of Queensland woods.

36 Thomle, P., Brisbane.—Book-case, made of Queensland timbers (value, £80).

Class 20.—Pottery.

37 Fensom, D., South Brisbane.—Collection of pottery, manufactured by exhibitor.

38 Fischer, G., Breakfast Creek.—Fire-bricks.

39 Petrie, J., Brisbane.—Fire-bricks, building bricks (white, pressed), building bricks (red, pressed).

40 Simpson, A., Allanton Pottery, Clifton, Darling Downs.—Cement.

41 Simpson, A., Clifton, Darling Downs.—Fireclay goods, crucibles, retorts, bricks, &c.

42 Staiger, K. T., F.L.S., Brisbane.—Collection of fire-bricks (soft); will stand heat exceedingly well.

Class 21.—Carpets, Tapestry, and other Stuffs for Furniture.

43 Dunsdon, Mrs. George, Ipswich.—Patchwork quilt.

44 Rawlins, Mrs., Warroo.—Two marsupial rugs.

Class 33.—Woollen Yarn and Fabrics.

45 Queensland Woollen Manufacturing Co., Ipswich.—Assortment of white blankets, white flannels.

Class 34.—Silk and Silk Fabrics.

46 Chubb, C. F.. Ipswich.—Collection of reeled silk, grown by exhibitor.

47 Chubb, C. F., Ipswich.—Silk material, from the grain to the manufactured article; grown in Queensland, and manufactured at Macclesfield.

Class 36.—Lace, Net, Embroidery, and Trim-mings.

43 Kunzli, B., Rockhampton.—Hair-work.

Class 38.—Clothing for both Sexes.

49 M'Donald, J., Penal Establishment, St. Helena.—Warder's lace-up boots, blucher boots, warder's canvas shoes, prison blucher boots, &c.

50 M'Donald, J., Penal Establishment, St. Helena.—Women's lace-up boots, prison women's canvas shoes.

51 M'Donald, J., Penal Establishment, St. Helena.—Native police duck trousers, dress trousers, serge jumper, warder's serge coat, and other clothing.

52 Shields, M., Gympie.—Collection of boots and shoes.

Class 41.—Travelling Apparatus and Camp Equi page.

53 Lade, N., Brisbane.—Assortment of portmanteaus, Queensland leather, made by exhibitor.

Class 42.—Toys.

54 Thomle, P., Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.—Automatic boy, entitled "The Successful Beggar" (£15).

55 Thomle, P., Brisbane.—Automatic theatre.