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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Fourth Group.—Textile Fabrics, Clothing, and Accessories

Fourth Group.—Textile Fabrics, Clothing, and Accessories.

Cotton Thread and Fabrics.

Class 30.—Cotton, dressed and spun.

Pure cotton fabrics, plain and figured.

Mixed cotton fabrics.

Cotton velvet.

Cotton ribbons and tapes.

Thread and Fabrics of Flax, Hemp, &C.

Class 31.—Flax, hemp, and other vegetable fibres spun.

Linen and drills. Cambric. Linen fabrics mixed with cotton or silk.

Fabrics made from vegetable fibres as substitutes for flax and hemp.

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Worsted Yarn and Fabrics.

Class 32.—Carded wool, worsted yarn.

Muslins, delaine, Scotch cashmere, merinos, serges, &c.

Ribbons and laces of wool, mixed with cotton or thread, silk or floss silk.

Hair tissues, pure or mixed.

Woollen Yarn and Fabrics.

Class 33.—Combed wool and woollen yarn.

Cloth and other woollen fabrics.

Blankets. Felt of wool or hair for carpets or hats.


Woollen fabrics, unmilled or slightly milled; flannels, tartans, swansdown.

Silk and Silk Fabrics.

Class 34.—Raw and thrown silk. Floss silk yarn.

Silk fabrics, pure, plain, figured, brocaded. Silk fabrics mixed with gold, silver, cotton, wool, or thread.

Manufactures of floss silk, pure or mixed.

Velvet and plush.

Silk ribbons, pure or mixed.


Class 35.—Woollen shawls, pure or mixed.

Cashmere shawls.

Silk shawls, &c.

Lace, Net, Embroidery, and Trimmings.

Class 36.—Thread or cotton lace made with the distaff, the needle, or the loom.

Lace made of silk, worsted, or mohair.

Gold and silver lace.

Silk or cotton net, plain or figured.

Tambour embroidery, crochet-work, &c. Gold, silver, and silk embroidery.

Church embroidery. Embroidery, tapestry, and other work done by the hand.

Lace-work and trimmings of silk, floss silk, worsted, mohair, horsehair, thread, and cotton; laces.

Lace-work and trimmings, real or imitation; lace-work for military uniforms.

Hosiery and Underclothing and Accessories of Clothing.

Class 37.—Hosiery of cotton, thread, wool, cashmere, silk, or floss silk, pure or mixed. Elastic fabrics. Underclothing for men, women, and children; baby linen. Flannel and other woollen garments.

Stays, scarves, gloves, gaiters, garters, braces, fans, screens, umbrellas, parasols, walking-sticks, &c.

Clothing for both Sexes.

Class 38.—Men's clothes; women's clothes. Waterproof clothing.

Men's and women's head-dresses; artificial flowers and feathers.

Wigs and works in hair.

Boots and shoes.

Children's clothes.

Clothing peculiar to various professions and trades.

Native costumes of different countries.

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Jewellery and Precious Stones.

Class 39.—Jewellery in precious metals (gold, platinum, silver, aluminium), chased, filagreed, set with precious stones, &c.

Plated and imitation jewellery.

Ornaments in jet, amber, coral, mother-of-pearl, steel, &c.

Diamonds, precious stones, pearls, and imitations.

Portable Weapons and Hunting and Shooting Equipments.

Class 40.—Defensive armour: cuirasses and helmets.

Blunt weapons: maces, life-preservers.

Side-arms: foils, swords, sabres, bayonets, lances, axes, hunting-knives.

Missile weapons: bows, cross-bows, slings.

Fire-arms: guns, rifles, pistols, and revolvers.

Accessory objects appertaining to every kind of small arms: powder-flasks, bullet-moulds, &c.

Round, oblong, hollow, and explosive projectiles. Percussion-caps, priming, cartridges.

Hunting and sporting equipments,

Travelling Apparatus and Camp Equipage.

Class 41.—Trunks, valises, saddle-bags, &c. Dressing-cases and travelling-cases. Various objects. Travelling-rugs, cushions, caps, travelling costumes and boots, iron-shod sticks, grapnel-hooks, sun-shaded, &c.

Portable apparatus specially intended for scientific voyages and expeditions; travelling photographic apparatus and instruments for astronomical and meteorological observations; equipments and implements for geologists, mineralogists, naturalists, colonists, pioneers, &c.

Tents and camp equipage. Beds, hammocks, folding-chairs, &c.


Class 42.—Dolls and playthings; dolls and figures in wax.

Games for the amusement of children and adults.

Instructive games.