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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

X. Mining Industries—Machinery and Products

X. Mining Industries—Machinery and Products.

Class 81.—Apparatus and Processes of the Art of Mining and Metallurgy.

236 Department of Mines.—Gold trophy; quantity, 9,066,601 oz.; value, £33,743,019.

237 Department of Mines.—Silver trophy; quantity, 661,270 oz.: value, £161,572.

238 Department of Mines.—Phototypes of the Binda or Fish River caves, New South Wales, taken by the electric light.

239 Purified Coal & Coke Co., Wallsend.—Model of coal-washing machine.

240 Herrenschmidt, H., East Kempsey.—Model of antimony smelting works.

Class 82.—Mining and Metallurgy.

241 Atkinson, J. J. O., Oldbury, near Berrima.—Block of iron ore.

242 Australian Asbestos Co.. Gundagai.—Asbestos and its connections; asbestos, in the crude and in its various prepared states.

243 Australian Kerosene Oil & Mineral Co.—Australian boghead mineral, from Goadja Creek.

244 Banks, J. M-, Royal Exchange, Sydney.—Specimens from tin lode, "Gulf Stream Mine," New England.

245 Barber, R. A., Yass.—Galena.

246 Barnett, J., Colonial Architect.—Building stones.

247 Barton, R., Sydney.—Copper ores, with gold, &c., from the Great Cobar Copper Mine.

248 Brown & Brown, City Iron Works, Pyrmont.—Trophy of bar and angle iron, tee and bridge nails, samples, &c.

249 Browne, T., Bishop's Bridge, West Maitland.—Sana stone, from Ravensfield quarries.

250 Beyers, H. L., M.P.—Gold, in quartz, from Beyers and Holterman's claim, Hill End.

251 Butchart, J. H., Sydney.—Tin ore, from The Gulf, New England, New South Wales.

252 Coal Cliff Colliery Co.—Vertical section of seam worked at the Coal Cliff Company's Colliery, county Camden.

253 Cochrane, A.—Marble, from Kempsey, Macleay River.

254 Cochrane, G., North Willoughby.—Bricks and earthenware clay.

255 Cook Brothers, Harris-st., Ultimo.—Antimony ore, star antimony, &c.

256 Co-operative Colliery Co.—Coke made from Co operative Colliery Co.'s coal, belonging to W. Laidley, Esq.

257 Copeland, H., M.P.—Quartz crystals, from Peel River.

258 Department of Mines.—Collection fossils of New South Wales, chiefly from the collection of the late Rev. W. B. Clarke.

259 Department of Mines.—Strata bored through by the diamond rock-drill to a depth of 2170 feet, on the Sutherland estate,

260 Douglas, W., 126 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Slate.

261 Eskbank Iron Co., Lithgow Valley.—Coal-coke, iron ores, limestone, fire-bricks, &c.; pig, iron, rails, and stampers.

262 Fountain, J., Brisbane Water.—Iron ore and fire-clay.

263 Francis, H., 201 Cumberland-st., Sydney.—Collections of iron ores, paint ochres, sandstone, fire-clay, &c.

264 Gibbs, W. R., Newtown, Wagga.—Flagging.

265 Great Cobar Copper Mining Co.—Copper ores, from the Great Cobar Copper Mine.

266 Greta Colliery Co.—Part of vertical section of seam worked at the Greta Colliery.

267 Hayton, G.—Iron ore, from Newbridge.

268 Herrenschmidt, H.—Natural oxide and sulphide of antimony, crude antimony, regulus of antimony, &c.

269 Herrenschmidt, H.—Different paints and chemicals produced from antimony ores.

270 Hume, J. K., Cooma House, Yass.—Auriferous quartz, from Dalton.

271 Hurley, J., & Shepherd, J., M's.P.-Auriferous and argentiferous sulphides of iron, copper, and lead.

272 Icke, C., Newcastle, New South Wales.—Nickel ore, from New Caledonia; ingot of pure nickel, ingot of German silver, and ingots of white metal.

273 Illawarra Coal Co.—Vertical section of seam worked at the Illawarra Coal Company's Colliery, Wollongong, county Camden.

274 Isaacsohn, M.. Mindlc.—Collections of gold, minerals, and fossils.

275 Liversidge, A., Professor of Mineralogy, Sydney.—Specimens of gems and precious stones, from New South Wales.

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276 Lucas, J.. M.P., Camperdown, New South Wales.—Stalactites, from Binda or Fish River caves.

277 M'Callum, A., Good Hope, Yass.—Copper ore and galena.

278 Magrath, P., Yass, New South Wales.—Specimens of soils.

279 Mackenzie, W. H., Exchange Corner.—Crystallised blue, carbonate of copper, azurite.

280 Mackenzie, Dr. W. F., & Moore, C. K.—Boghead coal, from Sugar Loaf, Mount Victoria.

281 Mackenzie, Dr. W. F., & Moore, C. K.—Boghead coal, from Bathgate, near Wallerawang.

282 Mining Department.—Specimens of auriferous quartz, from the goldfields of New South Wales.

283 Mining Department.—Specimens of silver ores, from New South Wales.

284 Mining Department.—Specimens of silver ores, from Boorook silver mines, near Tenterfield.

285 Mining Department.—Specimens of copper ores, from New South Wales.

286 Mining Department.—Blocks of coal from the seams worked in New South Wales.

287 Mining Department.—Specimens of marbles, from New South Wales.

288 Mining Department.—Specimens of refined tin, in ingots, bar and grain. New South Wales.

289 Mining Department.—Refined copper, in ingots. New South Wales.

290 Mining Department.—Specimens of antimony ore, star antimony. New South Wales.

291 Mining Department.—Collection of gem stones of New South Wales.

292 Mining Department.—Infusorial earth, from Barraba, New South Wales.

293 Mining Department.—Specimens of lode tin, from New South Wales.

294 Mining Department.—Specimens of stream tin, from New South Wales.

295 Mining Department.—Specimens of lode tin, from Bolitho Mine, Cope's Creek, New England, New South Wales.

296 Mining Department.—Specimens of ores of antimony, from New South Wales.

297 Mining Department.—Specimens of ores of lead, bismuth, &c., New South Wales.

298 Mining Department.—Specimens of various rocks and minerals of New South Wales.

299 Mining Department.—Specimens of iron ores, from New South Wales.

300 Mining Department.—Specimens of coal, from the coal seams of New South Wales.

301 Newcastle Wallsend Coal Co.—Vertical section of coal-scam, worked at the Newcastle Wallsend Colliery.

302 Newcastle Coal Mining Co.—Vertical section of seam worked at the Newcastle CoalMining Company's Colliery, Burwood.

303 New Lambton Colliery Co.—Vertical section of seam worked at the New Lambton Colliery, near Newcastle.

304 New South Wales Shale & Oil Co.—Australian boghead mineral, or torbanite.

305 North, J. B., 105 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Section of coal, from Katoomba.

306 O'Neil, D. J.—Flagging, from Burrowa.

307 Osborne Wallsend Colliery Co.—Vertical section of seam worked at the Osborne Walls-end Colliery-

308 Powrie, J., Sydney.—Antimony ore and star antimony, from Gara Antimony Mine, near Armidale.

309 Purified Coal and Coke Co., Wallsend.—Small coal and coke.

310 Rudder, E., sen., East Kempsey, Macleay River.—Collection of pigments, made from minerals.

311 Rudder, E., jun., Oaklands, Macleay River.—Collection of lead and silver ores, and marble.

312 Samuel, S., M.L.C.—Vesicular basalt, containing opal, from Rocky Bridge Creek.

313 Saunders, R., Ultimo, Sydney.—Freestone (12 blocks).

314 Suttor, W. H., Alloway Bank, Bathurst—Gold in quartz, part of the "Kerr Hundredweight" found at Ophir in 1851.

315 Towns, R., & Co., Sydney.—Bismuth lode stuff, from the "Bruce Mine," New England.

316 Towns, R., & Co.—Tin lode stuff, from "Silent Grove Mine," New England.

317 Towns, R., & Co.—Tin lode stuff, from "Cameron's Lode," New England.

318 Towns, R., & Co.—Tin lode stuff, from "Dutchman's Lode," New England.

319 Vale of Clwydd Coal Co.—Coal, from Vale of Clwydd, Lithgow, Western district.

320 Osborne Wallsend Colliery Co.—Vertical section of seam worked at the Waratah Company's Colliery, Waratah.

321 Young, J., Contractor, Sydney.—Samples of sandstone, from Mr. J. Young's quarries, Sydney.

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