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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

VII. Alimentary Products

page 81

VII. Alimentary Products.

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them.

184 Brown, J. D. (care of Wells and Smith), 699 George-st., Sydney.—Wheat.

185 Clarence River Group (T. Page, Grafton).—Nino varieties maize, maize-meal, arrowroot, millet for cattle food.

186 Cole, W., & Sons, Fullerton Farm, Tomago.—Manufactured arrowroot.

187 Connell, J., Down Hill, Yass.—English and Cape barley, wheat, oats, rye.

188 Faint, G., Spring Valley, Armidale.—White wheat, red wheat, Mammoth rye, oats (1 bushel each), flour, rye flour.

189 Hawkesbury District (G. Davies, Windsor).—Maize trophy: six varieties maize, wheat, and other cereals.

190 Lawrie, A. T., Rawdon Vale.—Arrowroot.

191 Manning-, J., Bega.—Farm produce.

192 Munns Maizena Co., Merimbula.—Maizena.

193 Wade, J., & Co., 7 King-st., Sydney.—Corn flour and starch.

Class 69.—Fatty Substances used as Food. Milk and Eggs.

194 Candelo Butter Co. (W. F. Harris, 2 King-st., Sydney).—Butter, in tins and jars, preserved to keep in tropical climates.

195 Kiama & Geringery Milk Condensing, Butter, & Cheese Co. Limited.—Condensed milk.

196 Manning, J., Bega.—Farm produce.

Class 70.—Meat and Fish.

197 Manning, J., Bega.—Farm produce.

Class 71.—Vegetables and Fruit.

198 Hawkesbury District (G. Davis, Windsor).—Fruits of the district, pumpkins, &c.

199 Clarence River District (T. Page. Grafton).—14 varieties sugar-cane, 8 varieties potatoes; preserved fruits and pickles, 8 varieties each.

200 Giraud, L., George-st., Sydney.—Preserved fruits.

201 Manning, J., Bega.—Farm produce.

Class 72.—Condiments and Stimulants, Sugar and Confectionery.

202 Colonial Sugar Refining Co., Sydney.—Sugar.

203 Clarence River Group (T. Page, Grafton).—Sugar (1st and 2nd quality); jams and jellies (tomato, guava, rosella, melon).

204 Giraud, L., George-st., Sydney.—English and French confectionery.

205 Monk, D. J., 275 Sussex-st., Sydney.—Pure malt and wine vinegar, free from adulteration or acid.

206 Starkey, J., 156 Phillip-st, Sydney.—Cordials.

207 Watson & Young, Albury.—Cordials.

Class 73.—Fermented Drinks.

208 Bouffier, F., Sydney.—White Pineau and Madeira, red Hermitage, and light Claret.

209 Brecht, C.—Red Claret, white Pineau, red Hermitage, white Riesling.

210 Buchholtz, F., Mudgee.—Red Hermitage and Muscatel, white Verdeilho, and Riesling.

211 Carmichael, G. T.—Porphyry, Scaham, white light Porphyry (4 kinds).

212 Clarence River Group (T. Page, Grafton).—White Riesling, red Burgundy (1877 vintage).

213 Davies, A. & E., Mount Huntly, Lochinvar.—White light Shiraz, S. Riesling, Tokay; full-bo lied Riesling, Madeira, and Pineau, and other kinds.

214 Doyle, J. F-. Kaludah, Lochinvar.—White Verdeilho and Shiraz.

215 Drinan, J. J., Maryvale, West Maitland.—Red light Hermitage.

216 Fallon, J. T., Murray Vale and Albury.—Tokay, Riesling, Shiraz, Hermitage, Burgundy, Champagne, Port.

217 Fenn, J. J., Fern Hill, Port Macquarie.—Red full Isabella.

218 Forsaith, Mrs. E. M., Parramatta.—Rich orange wine.

219 Gow, J., Mulgrave.—Red Isabella, straw-coloured Tokay, red Greenhatche, and rose Traminer.

220 Greer, E., & Co., Albury.—Shiraz, Burgundy, Carbinet, Malaga, Muscatel, Verdeilho, Ducarot, Malbec, &c.

221 Hill, J., Hamilton Vineyard, Whittingham.—Red light Verdot, red light Claret, white light Riesling, white full-bodied sweet Riesling, &c.

222 Jack, D., Inverell.—Red Hermitage, white Shiraz, red Malbec, white Madeira.

223 Kelman, J-, Branxton.—Red Hermitage, Verdeilho and Blanquette, Pineau and Shiraz, Hermitage, Riesling.

224 Klauss, V.. Grafton.—White full-bodied Riesling, red full-bodied Burgundy.

225 Lindsay, H. L., Hay.—Beers, cordials, &c.

226 Macarthur, J. & W., Camden Park.—Red sweet Muscatel, red light Riesling, white light Riesling.

227 Milne, G. M., West Maitland.—Beers.

228 Meyer, S. A., Corowa, Midarro.—Red Shiraz and Malbec, white Ducarot and Tokay.

229 Munro, A., Rebeah Vineyard, Singleton.—Verdeilho, Shiraz, Riesling, Pineau, white Hermitage.

230 Powell, E., Richmond.—White full-bodied Sherry.

231 Schofleld, J., sen., Windsor.—Red full-bodied blaek Hamburgh.

232 Stephen, G. H., Ivanhoe, Hunter River.—Red Ivanhoe Hermitage, white Ivanhoe Riesling.

233 Vile Brothers, Coquon Vineyards, West Maitland.—Hermitage, Lambrescat, Burgundy, Verdot.