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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

VI. Machinery—Apparatus and Processes used in the Mechanical Industries

VI. Machinery—Apparatus and Processes used in the Mechanical Industries.

Class 49.—Agricultural Implements and Processes used in the Cultivation of Fields and Forests.

129 Drysdale & Roberts, 397 George-st., Sydney.—Automatic pump.

130 Forsyth, J., Ryde Bone Mills.—Bone dust, and bone and animal manure.

131 Manners, J., Taree, Manning River.—Double-wheeled plough, corn-sheller.

132 Wolsely, F. G., Eureka, Walgett.—Earth-scoop.

133 Wright, J., Sussex-st., Sydney.—Ploughs, whipple-trees, and zig-zag harrow.

Class 50.—Apparatus and Processes used in Agricultural Works, and in Works for the Preparation of Food.

134 Bryerley, G., & Co., Botany.—Gelatine used in preparation of food.

135 Johnston, W. J., 120 Gipps-st., Surrey Hills.—Two colonial ovens (1st and 2nd class).

136 Lewis, C., 173 Phillip-st., Sydney.—Patent steam cooking apparatus.

137 Smith & Hamilton, Sussex-st., Sydney.—Soda-water machinery and fountain.

138 Warren, W., Eden, Twofold Bay.—Oscillating cylinder chum, without a dash.

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Class 52.—Machines and Apparatus in general.

139 .Alderson & Sons, 101 York-st., Sydney.—Machine belts, hose-leather; fire-buckets, solid leather and riveted.

140 Forster, S., & Sons, 106 Harrington-st., Sydney.—Mackenzie's patent differential compound steam-engine.

141 Hack, H. J. C., 74 Bay-st., Glebe.—Electric machine for doing away with quicksilver and acid.

142 KnibbS, J. H., Municipal Stores, Market-wharf, Sydney.—Leather mill-belting, fire-engine hose, laces, fastenings, &c.

143 Marshall, A. A., & Co., 8 Macquarie-place, Sydney.—Couplings, brass castings, patent window fastenings.

144 Mort's Dock & Engineering Co., Sydney.—Compound launch-engines, 12-h.p. (nominal), non-condensing, compound.

145 Pitkethly, R., 210 Bourke-st.—Windmill.

146 Smith & Hamilton, Sussex-st., Sydney.—Gas machinery, plumbers' and engineers' work.

147 Warren. W., Eden, Twofold Bay.—Compressor washing-machine.

Class 53.—Machine Tools.

148 Drysdale & Roberts. 397 George-st., Sydney.—Togle-riveter, horizontal engine, drilling-machine, shearing-machine, swing cut-off saw.

149 Lasseter, F., & Co., 417 George-st., Sydney.—Pyramid or trophy of grindstones.

150 Milham, R., & Sons, George-st., Sydney.—Saws and tools, plasterers' trowels, joint-rules, chaff and machine knives.

Class 57.—Apparatus and Processes for the Manufacture of Furniture and Objects for Dwellings.

151 Millson, A., 121½ Liverpool-st., Sydney.—Turnery for builders.

152 Tall, G., 268 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Locks, saws, and plasterers' tools.

Class 58.—Apparatus and Processes used in Paper-making, Dyeing, and Printing.

153 Bailey, C-, 612 George-st., Sydney.—The Bailey model printing-press.

154 Williams 6s Murray, Collingwood Paper Mills, Liverpool.—Various papers, in reams and reels.

Class 59.—Machines, Instruments, and Processes used in various Works.

155 Barratt & Co., Buckingham-st, Sydney.—Patent stoppers for bottles.

156 Jones, E., 11 Hunter-st., Sydney.—Stampinsr-press for medals

157 Stevens, J., Darling Point. Sydney.—Machine newly-designed and made for bottling aerated waters.

Class 60.—Carriages and Wheelwrights' Work.

158 Angus, W. T., Castlereagh-st, Sydney.—Two "Angus" buggies (1st and 2nd class).

159 Drysdale & Roberts, 397 George-st., Sydney.—Buggy hood.

160 Fitzgerald & Collins, 209 Castlereagh-st., Sydney.—Sociable, cubunder buggy, Hampshire buggy, patent safety.

161 Haining & Schimmel, 207 Castlercagh-st., Sydney.—C-spring buggy.

162 Keary Brothers, 252 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Cubunder buggy, patent two-row top.

163 Marshall, J. C., 147 Palmer-st., Sydney.—Battlesden car.

164 Ristoul, R-, 147 Palmer-st., Sydney.—Two-wheeled car, in varnished wood.

Class 61.—Harness and Saddlery.

165 Alderson & Sons, 101 York-st., Sydney—Carriage and buggy harness, collars, saddles, bridles, &c.

166 Dadd, E., 117 Darlinghurst-road, Sydney.—Horse-shoes of various kinds.

167 M'Eacharn, J. T., Albury.—Horse-shoes.

Class 62.—Railway Apparatus.

168 Commissioner for Railways, New South Wales.—Gjedsted's tramway rail and chair, G. T. Evans' paten I self-acting tramway points, &c.

169 Hudson Rrothers, Botany-road, Kedfern.—Sleeping-car, tram-car.

170 Icke, C., Wickham, Newcastle.—Locomotive side-valves; phosphor bronze bearings, invented and produced by exhibitor.

171 Wearne, T., 386 Sussex-st., Sydney.—Tram-car, patent chilled tram-car wheels and axles.

Class 63.—Telegraphic Apparatus and Processes.

172 Smith, J. M., 17 Hunter-st., Sydney.—Scape or patted wheels for telegraphic instruments.

173 Superintendent of Telegraphs, Sydney.—Telegraphic, philosophic, and scientific instruments; torpedo apparatus.

Class 64.—Apparatus and Processes of Civil Engineering, Public Works, and Architecture.

174 Gardner, J., Young.—Patent keyless lock for safes.

175 Marshall, A. A., 8 Macquarie-place, Sydney.—Water cocks.

176 Palmer, H., Railway Department, Sydney.—Model of centre span of railway bridge over River Macquarie, Bathurst.

177 Parrott. T. S., 57 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Plans, section, and elevation of proposed high-level girder-bridge connecting Sydney and North Shore.

Class 65.—Navigation and Life-saving.

178 Buckingham, W., 90 Forbes-st, WoolloomooIoo.—Model of 10-ton yacht, scale 1 inch to the foot.

179 Kinnermann, E., Little Stcphn-st., Balmain.—Sailing-boat.

180 Marshall, A. A., & Co., 8 Macquarie-place. Sydney.—Port light for ships, diving gear.

181 Mort's Dock Co., Sydney.—Models of vessels built by the Company, river steamers, surf-boats, launches.

182 O'Dwyer, E., 601 Bourke-st., Sydney.—Model of self adjusting, feathering floats, for paddles of steamships.

183 Stephenson, M., & Son, 19 Princes-st., Sydney.—Oars, sails, and steering gear.